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What is the role of cosmetic tube


1. Good cosmetic tube design is one of the important means for companies to create profits. The cosmetic tube manufacturer’s strategic positioning is accurate, and the product cosmetic tube design in line with consumer psychology can help the company stand out from many competing brands and make the company win the reputation of "reliable".

2. The cosmetic tube design has the marketing function of building brand awareness, that is, using the cosmetic tube design to present brand information and establish brand identity, so that consumers can know the brand name and brand attributes of the product, and then establish the brand image. In the structure of brand knowledge, the cosmetic tube of the product is also regarded as one of the sources of brand image association.

3. It is understood that the brand image is mainly composed of the image of the manufacturer, the image of the user, the image of the product itself, and the personality image of the brand itself. The visual design of cosmetic tubes must be able to convey the brand message that includes these four in order to constitute a complete brand image.

4. In today's days when the products are extremely rich, consumers pay attention to each product for a very short time, and they must grasp the moment when the consumer's eyes are swept across the shelf. Only cosmetic tubes can make comprehensive use of color, shape, material and other elements, and at the same time show the connotation and information of products, brands and other enterprises, highlighting the common interests of products and consumers.

It has a more intuitive impact on consumers, which in turn affects consumers' impressions of products and enterprises, and makes products stand out on shelves, effectively accomplishing the purpose of attracting consumers. The cosmetic tube of the product firstly demonstrates the sales force and assumes the main function of attracting consumers.

5. As the external performance of a brand, the cosmetic tube is how the company hopes its brand will give consumers a feeling. The difference it produces and the "brand characteristics" that it exhibits make it a dominant factor in attracting consumers.

The material and spiritual benefits carried by the cosmetic tube are what consumers buy. The brand represented by the cosmetic tube must be branded in the mind to fully demonstrate the connotation of the brand. If the connotation is not or is not prominent, and consumers hear and see cosmetic tubes without association, the brand becomes a source of water.

Like any kind of product, cosmetics need to rely on cosmetic tubes to achieve the final sale, and it is a product that is extremely dependent on cosmetic tubes. Not only the characteristics of cosmetic ingredients determine the need for a reasonable cosmetic tube that protects the safety and stability of the product, but also because the cosmetic itself is a special product that carries people's desire to beautify themselves.

In order for cosmetic tube manufacturers to achieve successful design results, cosmetic tube manufacturers need to systematically and methodically design cosmetic tubes.

Brand positioning expression

Brand positioning refers to the needs of the target market and the psychological needs of the target consumers to establish their own market position or the psychological position of consumers, and determine a distinctive proposition for the brand, which should have a huge attraction to the target consumers Strength, and can establish a unique market position

In the process of establishing this status, there is a need for a carrier to speak for the brand. The cosmetic tube design, as a representative of the brand’s image, can enable consumers to recognize the brand's value concept and product quality through visual channels. After clarifying the brand's positioning, the cosmetic tube design can be targeted, can serve the brand more effectively, and become a meaningful design.

Cosmetic tube design itself is a discipline based on brand and culture. This requires cosmetic tube manufacturers to design cosmetic tubes not only to pursue the temporary benefits of creativity and fashion, but to Through accurate grasp of brand positioning, cosmetic tube design is transformed into an important way to establish brand connotation and create lasting brand value.

Rules for the series of cosmetic tubes

There are an unprecedented variety of cosmetics, and consumers have more and more choices. As a company, it is necessary to classify and design product cosmetic tubes through product efficacy and ingredients to facilitate consumers' identification and purchase of cosmetics. In the classification and design of the product cosmetic tube, it is mainly through the regular design of the changes in the shape, color, bottle stickers and other elements of the cosmetic tube. Generally, the following combination methods can be used for the design of cosmetic tubes for a series of products:

①The same cosmetic tube container shape, but different cosmetic tube container colors. Cosmetic tube suppliers can implement such a design plan for cosmetics with similar efficacy but different usage time.

②The same cosmetic tube container shape and cosmetic tube container color. Bottle stickers with the same design style, but one or several design elements on the bottle stickers are changed and implemented. This design scheme is usually used for a series of cosmetics with the same function but different ingredients.

③Complementary shape cosmetic tube container. Most of the products that implement this design plan are products with supporting functions. In order to reflect the unity of the two and suggest that consumers should use them as a set to increase sales, the two cosmetic tubes are usually designed as a whole, and the combination is A new overall shape.

Final shape design

The appearance design of cosmetic tube container. According to the degree of decent change of cosmetic tube containers, cosmetic tube suppliers can divide them into concise and lively type, moderately variable type and complex decorative type. The simple and bright cosmetic tube container usually adopts a combination of plane and curved surface in shape, and the surface of the cosmetic tube container has no relief effect, so the molding process of the cosmetic tube container is relatively simple.

In some cosmetics, the design of the cosmetic tube container often adopts complex shapes, and the decorative effect is strong, and it is full of symbolic meaning. Although the shape of cosmetic tube containers is ever-changing, in the specific design, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the positioning characteristics and attributes of the product, the complexity of the cosmetic tube container process and the ergonomic satisfaction of consumers when using the product to obtain a beautiful and beautiful appearance. Practical design.

Selection of cosmetic tube container material and use of printing technology. This is due to technical considerations. Different materials have different degrees of color realization. For example, plastic materials are not only easy to shape, but can also present any color.

Surface decoration design of cosmetic tube container. The surface decoration of the cosmetic tube container usually has two ways of texture and pattern. The texture usually covers the entire surface of the cosmetic tube container, and the texture can also be composed of words, which not only decorates the product itself, but also strengthens the brand. The pattern will appear selectively on the part of the cosmetic tube container, and the composition effect is more emphasized. There are many forms of expression of patterns, which can be lines rich in formal beauty. Such lines are usually soft and beautiful and appear in conjunction with text. The pattern can also be in the form of graffiti with a sense of personality and fashion. The pattern can also be in the form of color blocks, and the shape of the color blocks can be regular or arbitrary, which is closely related to the product quality expressed by the product.

Cosmetic tube design is an orderly and systematic process. The clear brand positioning and the appeal of the brand concept should be the primary design prerequisites for cosmetic tube manufacturers. When carrying out specific and in-depth designs, wholesale cosmetic tube suppliers must adjust the type, color and surface decoration of cosmetic tube containers. As well as bottle stickers and other elements have been fully thought and refined, and finally reached the perfect cosmetic tube design.

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