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Eco friendly packaging for cosmetics is boosted by eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers


The wholesale cosmetics packaging industry is moving forward in the direction of high-tech products, convenient and fast functions, and green and environmentally friendly materials for cosmetic packaging. There are many cosmetic tube manufacturers that are converting themselves into eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers. The main work of cosmetic packaging material factories is to establish a cosmetic packaging green packaging evaluation system, promote key technological breakthroughs, boost the combination of eco friendly packaging for cosmetics production, education and research, and drive the cosmetic packaging green packaging industry to leapfrog style development, etc.

An increase of eco friendly cosmetic packaging suppliers are committed to bringing more environmentally friendly innovations to customers. It also shows that cosmetic packaging factories have taken a big step forward in the process of developing fully renewable and sustainable cosmetic packaging. "

The cosmetic packaging material manufacturer will be the first to use sugarcane to produce sugarcane cosmetic packaging, and sugarcane material of low-density polyethylene is used to produced into cosmetic tube by cosmetic tube manufacturer packaging. The aseptic composite paper packaging of cosmetic tube manufacturer is mainly composed of three materials: cardboard, plastic and aluminum foil. The use of renewable plastic cosmetic tube & bottles made with sugar cane is an important step for cosmetic tube manufacturer to develop 100% sustainable packaging. The new biomass plastic procurement plan means that the proportion of renewable resources in the packaging raw materials produced by cosmetic tube manufacturer in Brazil will be as high as 82%. And sugarcane tubes are very popular in the market. And there are many cosmetic tube manufacturers in China, which have started to import sugarcane to manufacture sugarcane cosmetic packaging.


In fact, cosmetic tube manufacturer is a cosmetic packaging supplier who uses biomass plastics in the production of cosmetic packaging. Since 2011, cosmetic tube manufacturer has launched a variety of biomass plastic openings. In 2012, the number of sugarcane makeup packaging opened with biomass plastics reached 610 million packages worldwide.

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers use ethanol extracted from sugar cane to produce ethylene, which is then converted into low-density polyethylene or high-density polyethylene. Biomass plastics produced through this process not only have the same technical performance as plastics made from fossil resources, but also have low-carbon, renewable environmental protection characteristics. Currently in Brazil, sugar cane is the only resource that can be used for commercial sugarcane cosmetic packaging production of renewable polyethylene, and the biomass plastics used by the cosmetic tube manufacturer come from sugar cane plantations independently certified by a third party to ensure that its operations comply with the environmental principles of the cosmetic tube manufacturer .


Cosmetic tube manufacturer adopts the concept of product life cycle assessment, from the extraction and use of raw materials, cosmetic tube product design, packaging production and application, logistics and transportation, and even the recycling and reuse of the packaging of sugarcane cosmetic tube after consumption. Everything about cosmetic packaging manufacturing is run around reducing the impact on the environment. 

Renewing, Reducing, Recycling and Responsibly 4R principles. Increasing the proportion of renewable cosmetic packaging resources used is precisely one of the important measures taken by the cosmetic tube manufacturer to achieve its "2020 environmental goals". In the future, through continuous technological innovation and multi-party cooperation, cosmetic tube manufacturer will further expand the scope of use of renewable cosmetic tube raw materials, and promote the realization of the goal of producing "100% sustainable cosmetic environmentally friendly makeup packaging".

Recycling technology in cosmetic packaging discharge has initially matured, and cosmetic packaging waste is increasing day by day. Eco friendly cosmetic packaging suppliers put forward that under the condition that solid waste is disposed of in the direction of reduction, harmlessness, and resource utilization, it is not only feasible to invest in the recycling of cosmetic packaging waste, but also to promote the development of green cosmetic packaging.


The ever-increasing increase in bulk cosmetic packaging waste not only wastes resources, but also becomes a problem on the road to environmental protection. The most important thing is the active participation of eco friendly cosmetic packaging suppliers. Only by reducing the volume from the source and taking green cosmetic packaging as the direction of logistics development, can eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers leave enough space for sustainable development.

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