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Wholesale cosmetic squeeze tubes



Today, plastic squeeze tubes are ordered upon more exceeding than ever as the medium of option to produce cosmetic and personal care products. This is because tube packaging is a low-cost, effective, shelf-stable, and aesthetically delightful process to create a product. Squeeze tubes are developing the "go-to" package of selection over multiple makeup packaging manufacturers today.

Squeeze tubes are a flexible option to keep and dispense a broad range of products and be easier and less costly to manufacture, fill, and seal than other packaging solutions like glass jars and bottles. Plastic tubes are also recognized for their endurance and opposition to breach. Since tubes offer an air-tight sealed system, they can increase product shelf life. They are also considered convenient by the end consumer, which is essential in the beauty business because dispensing the product with ease is a part of the experience as the formula itself.

Benefits of Using Wholesale Tube Packaging for Specialty Cosmetics

With the increasing value of fashion for both men and women, there is a tremendous cosmetics requirement in today's market. However, a squeeze tube manufacturer of specialty cosmetics requires an impact on the consumer and ensures that they operate the excellent product first. Additionally, customers now see more than an immense cosmetic; they need it at a more economical price and are also eco-conscious. Utilizing squeeze tube packaging for specialty cosmetics satisfies various needs of companies.

1. More economical Price

Wholesale squeeze tube packaging can be an affordable approach to giving specialty cosmetics to customers. Advancements in technology have made this packaging system more economical. It is also relatively simple to identify the products to produce custom brands for even small cosmetics deals.

2. Packaging Versatility

Wholesale squeeze tube packaging gives more excellent versatility for companies. The best squeeze tube manufacturer can prepare tubes to carry as little as 3 ml of a specialty makeup or as much as 270 ml. This indicates that the squeeze tube manufacturer can give small specimens or smaller tubes of expensive specialty cosmetics to address first-time users while giving larger volume tubes of the identical product.

The tubes can be designed to have various heads, such as needlepoint tips, slanted needlepoint tips, and so on. You can also change the external appearance of the tube to show the product and label. One can pick from metallic covers, printed, and silkscreen designs in various colors to guarantee that the specialty cosmetic stands out even on congested cosmetic counter racks.

Relying on the cosmetic being packaged, the squeeze tube companies can include a brush tip applicator, a metal tip applicator, or a single-use twist top to guarantee that customers can use the product with comfort. This versatility improves the utility of tube packaging for both companies and customers.

3. Eco Friendly

Wholesale squeeze tube packaging can be an eco-friendly alternative that permits the squeeze tube manufacturer to add this in their branding purposes. When utilizing tube packaging, it is feasible to fulfill specific amounts into the packaging, recycle and reuse remaining packaging material. Moreover, tube packaging's raw elements have grown to become more eco-friendly with improvements in technology.

4. Durable Packaging

Cosmetic squeeze tubes packaging is durable and guarantees that specialty cosmetics and their novel compounds will persist durable for the product's shelf life.

5. Ease of Transportation

Tube packaging makes the transportation of specialty cosmetics easier. Squeeze tubes are less heavy when contrasted to the older plastic jars and pumps; they weigh less and cost less to carry to the distributor.

6. Ease of Usage

Customers favor the assistance that wholesale squeeze tube packaging gives. While squeezable tubes have initially been utilized for food goods such as jams, jellies, and add mayonnaise, cosmetics companies are now being utilized. Customers love the ease of tube packaging that begins with many heads that make dispensing cosmetics much more comfortable. Customers can easily manage the right number of cosmetics they want, diminishing wasted products.

Squeeze tubes, by form, are more comfortable to endure as they are smaller and thinner than jars. A smaller package diameter, more flexible material, and lighter weight support for hands of nearly any size, age, and power to dispense the enclosed product. Jars and bottles are composed of glass, which of course, is hard, demanding a firmer, more extended grip on the more substantial container.

7. Less Product Waste

Using squeeze tubes for your packaging is all about keeping your customers happy. Not only do squeeze tubes help reduce waste by providing your products with a longer shelf life, but squeeze tubes make your products easier to dispense than jars. Even if a lotion or oil, for example, is running out in a squeeze tube, a tube is designed to allow for every bit of its contents to be extracted. There are even new gadgets and tools available to extract anything packaged in a squeeze tube easier and much more efficiently. Having less product in a container when the end-user tosses the container out gives the user a much greater value and makes the product last longer.

8. Longer Shelf Life

Plastic does a much better job protecting a tube's contents from oxygen and light than glass jars. Also, to use a jar's contents, you have to undo its lid entirely, exposing all of the product to air and other contaminants that can degrade many ingredients rather quickly. Retinol and other antioxidants used in skincare and anti-aging products are pretty unstable and packaging these cosmetics in squeeze tubes gives the product a better chance of not being contaminated and lasting long after a customer purchases it.

Not only do plastic squeeze tubes protect their product from light and air, but also yourself. When you utilize a lotion or cream packaged in a jar, your fingers can carry contaminants to the goods considerably. 

With a squeeze tube, you only touch the lotion or product you are about to apply and leave the rest in the container untouched. By not touching any of the contained products, you're significantly reducing the chance of bacterial growth, which is a common issue with many products contained in jars. 

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