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Top makeup brand uses eco-friendly cosmetic packaging


We live in an era where most customers see natural, eco-friendly, zero waste, and sustainable goods. This partially acknowledges the increasing concern about global warming and the devastating influence that various synthetic goods have on the planet. The quickly increasing clean beauty movement is a clear sign of changing customer concerns.

It is worth seeing that many of these eco-conscious customers are also conscious that for a product to be genuinely green, its packaging should also be as sustainable as attainable. With the surge of this drift, plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers have begun taking environmental duty using packaging materials that profess the slightest danger to the environment. 

A 2017 study revealed that 24 percent of current beauty products arrive in eco-friendly packaging. Other manufacturers are in the method of choosing more sustainable packages. Still, one thing is for assured, if a brand isn't doing an effort to decrease the amount of wastage and contamination created by its packaging material, the brand is operating at the risk of losing many of its eco-conscious consumers.

In this article, we'll examine what sustainable packaging means and why it's necessary. You'll find out precisely what materials are supposed sustainable and why they're more reliable than those traditionally utilized by companies. Please stick with us to the end, where we will also highlight some of the beauty industry brands that are delivering conscious attempts to utilize more eco-friendly makeup packaging.

What is Sustainable Packaging?

In a nutshell, sustainable cosmetic packaging products have been manufactured, provided, and utilized in a manner that doesn't add to environmental debasement. This indicates that the materials used to manufacture the packaging are sustainably sourced and that the production method employed has diminished the carbon print. When these products get to the customers, they can either be reused or recycled. Eventually, if they do end up in the atmosphere, they can decay without accumulating. 

Why is Eco-Friendly Packaging Significant in Clean Beauty?

A brand that wants to change to environmentally eco-friendly cosmetic packaging has a lot to profit from. Here are some of the motives why making this development is necessary for the industry:

Consumer Interest

Many studies have shown that, who build up a substantial part of the population that consumes many beauty products, are concerned about environmental protection. The surveys have revealed that this demographic is set to give up products and brands that don't consider their eco-conscious lifestyle.

Brand Reputation

Customers need to connect themselves with labels that support the same environmental and humane measures as they do. Currently, many non-profit corporations and multinational organizations are making attempts to decrease pollution on the planet. Such companies are commendable, and any beauty company that supports the same way will get a faithful following. Now many cosmetic tube packaging suppliers start to work on this mission.

Some reputable brands

Here are some brands that are making significant efforts towards maintaining sustainable cosmetic packaging and reducing the plastic waste on the planet:


This is a lip merchandise organization that gives lipsticks and lip crayons. The label utilizes only ten components in its formulas, including vital organic oils such as castor, avocado, and grapeseed. Axiology's sustainable packaging strategy immediately diminishes the number of paper waste on shores in Bali. In cooperation with the local women, the company utilizes paper received from schools, hotels, and offices, then reuses it through energy-efficient means. The recycled product offers boxes that package their organic lipsticks.

Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees is a skincare, makeup, and hair product company. The organization aims to produce at least 95 percent natural makeup and dodges toxic chemicals such as phthalates and petrolatum in their formulations. Burt's Bees exercises eco-friendly cosmetic packagingby utilizing paper, aluminum, steel, and glass instead of plastics. About 40 percent of the plastics that Burt's Bees utilize are post-consumer recycled (PCR), meaning they have been applied before. For labeling, the brand uses vegetable ink and utilizes stickers to lessen the amount of material utilized. 


Lush has taken many actions towards sustainable cosmetic packaging, including making shampoo bars to reduce plastic bottles' need bottles to package the liquid variation. They even have goods that can be taken home exposed, which means they do not need any packaging. For their packaging, they use 90 percent recyclable materials.

The brand also supports customers to deliver some of their recycling vessels by giving a complimentary fresh face mask in exchange. Lush is going towards refilling refillable vessels, which will decrease the quantity of new packaging produced. The brand's line of products comprises 100% vegan handmade cosmetics, cleansers, and fragrances. Lush largely provides face, body, and bath personal care things. 


Ăether is one of the sustainable cosmetic packaging labels that decrease plastic contamination in the environment while also encouraging environmental foundations. When producing their packaging, they evade mixing plastics and metals, making it hard to reuse plastic. They also drive clear of intoxicating plastics, which may profess the same challenge.

The brand uses FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper sourced sustainably without endangering forests. For printing, Ăether Beauty uses soy ink. When it gets to forming their goods, Ăether satisfies European Union measures by eliminating more than 1,300 toxic substances from their components listing. The label produces color cosmetics that are a combination of naturally derived components and non-toxic synthetic ingredients. 


Aveda is a personal beauty care label that gives natural hair and scalp care goods. The manufacturer has various products to cater to different needs, such as dry hair and hair loss. Aveda has put a lot of effort into ensuring that more than 85 percent of their jars and bottles are made using 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials. They also utilize bioplastic, which is 96 percent obtained from plants such as sugarcane tube packagings.


Farmacy is a body and face care goods company, including moisturizers, creams, oils, and deodorant sticks. The organization adheres to the EU guidelines on toxic chemicals to avoid when making their products. Farmacy has packaging that is sustainably sourced and safe for the environment. The paper they use is FSC certified, which means that its sourcing did not contribute to deforestation or other permanent harm to tree coverage. The brand also uses recyclable metal jars. 

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