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Design of squeeze tube for cosmetics


Squeezable tubes are certainly more noticeable in almost every business today because of their versatility to carry and dispense an extended variety of products. It is more comfortable and less expensive to make, fill and cap over other containers like jars and bottles. The cosmetics and personal care industries have significantly increased their use of plastic squeeze tubes for the above reasons. Better durability increased resistance to breaking, airtightness, and longer product shelf life.

As squeeze tubes are growing great, many squeeze tubes are prepared, like plastic tubes, laminate tubes, extruded and inject molded tubes, and metal tubes. Of course, that indicates there are many more options to execute when determining which variety of squeeze tubes is best for your product line.

To make more desirable options for your product or products, you should understand some basics about the different squeeze tubes' benefits.

Picking either matte or bright varnish depends on your choice for the look. There are two points to keep in memory; first, a gloss finish can be less costly, and second, some varnishes can supplement a bit of structure if required to the tube. However, most importantly, you will require to estimate what kind of cosmetic tube is required for your product. The tube wants to suit the product in terms of adaptability, artistic, and product removal. 

Extruded Plastic Squeeze Tubes

Plastic squeeze tubes are throughout and for many big objects. Extruded plastic tubes are lightweight, non-breakable, long-lasting, and permanently waterproof. There are about six various kinds of elements to get plastic tubes. Each material guards the product in the tube to significantly increase its shelf life over other boxes like jars or bottles. Plus, altogether the life of the tube's contents, when you press a plastic squeeze tube and free it, the tube recovers to its original form without deforming any printing or labeling on the surface of the tube. Many products you utilize every day arrive in plastic squeeze tubes, products like hand lotions, shampoos, cleansing cosmetics, facial masks, tanning solutions, and many other kinds of cosmetics and toiletries. Other businesses in the food, pharmaceuticals, household, and industrial trades extensively utilize plastic squeeze tubes.

Laminated Squeeze Tubes

When it gets to laminate squeeze tubes, you should think of toothpaste tubes since laminate tubes were leading utilized fundamentally to package toothpaste. Nevertheless, today laminate tubes are utilized for numerous other products like artists' paints, medical ointments, hair care products, and even oral care products because of their flexibility, durability, and low costs.

Laminated tubes are pretty similar to plastic squeeze tubes but with a couple of combined benefits. Laminate tubes are constructed with different aluminum and plastic layers, giving a more reliable barrier inside the tube that provides its characteristics like a metal squeeze tube.

tube packaging

This gives the packaged product the best protection from oxygen and provides the squeeze tube soft and enduring while maintaining its beautiful external form throughout the packaged product's application. The squeeze tube manufacturer pays special attention to the quality of materials that are being utilized in production.

There are two kinds of laminated tubes: ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate) and PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate). ABL laminated tubes are open in base finishes of white, silver, and pearl, while PBL laminated tubes are ready in white, transparent, PMS colors, and pearls.


Aluminum Metal Squeeze Tubes

Metal squeeze tubes, or aluminum pressure tubes, are composed of many light layers of 99.9% genuine aluminum that produce an impermeable, air-tight tube with the principal benefit of giving excellent protection to its contents. The sealing end of aluminum tubes is lined with latex to avoid leakage of the contained product, while interior lacquering limits your product from responding with the aluminum.

Metal tubes are seamless and are great at fulfilling products like cosmetics, paints, adhesives, foods, and pharmaceuticals fresh and uncontaminated over a long period of off-and-on usage.

There are several distinct kinds of choices for aluminum squeeze tubes:

• Base coat plus 4-color print

• Open vent, closed nozzle (piercing), and long end (applicator)

• Shoulder painted tubes

• Custom caps of any form, size, and color can be produced


Special designs for cosmetic tubes

The designs of squeeze tubes are followed:


Diameter 40mm adjustable plastic tube usually can be implemented on large size cosmetics, skincare products, facial cleansing, cream, or some fluid products.

Companies can customize the range of diameter 40 tube packaging through varying tube lengths. Volume ranges from 50ml~180ml. (1.69oz~6.087oz)

As to the squeeze tube packaging design, many tube manufacturers can make custom tube colors and give private printing or labeling on the tube body, and lid color can also be customized or metalized.

Typically, the tube sealing part can be either tail sealing or foil temper sealing. It depends on wherever do you fulfill your specifications in the tube packaging.


Diameter 40mm flexible plastic tube commonly can be applied on large capacity cosmetics, skincare products, facial cleansing, cream, or some moist products. The design of this squeeze tube is unique and eye-catching. The flip-flop cap of this tube makes it different from the other traditional tubes.

With this tube, squeeze tube manufacturer also can customize the range of diameter 40 tube packaging by adjusting tube length. Volume limit from 50ml~180ml. (1.69oz~6.087oz)


Cosmetic tube containers with acrylic caps typically can be applied on luxury cosmetics, facial cream, toning cream, lotion, gel, foam, and some liquid masks. Elements of cosmetic tubes can be LDPE, HDPE, and EVOH. Companies can customize the size by modifying the tube length to have various dimensions to the same degree. Take a 130ml skincare tube as an example, and we can choose 35 or 40 Dimension. One is 170mm long; another is 135mm long. (Doesn't include the cap)

The squeeze tube manufacturers can make five layers tube that contains an EVOH in the center of the tube cover. The finish can make as identical to the mono layer tube. When your product formula is effective, five layers tube can have better barrier characteristics.

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