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Development of cosmetic packaging


Cosmetics actually include skincare products, beauty salons, perfume and so on. All kinds of eye cream, night cream, SOD honey and sunscreen can be classified as skincare products; Shampoo, conditioner, hair colouring water, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, nail polish and other cosmetics can be classified as beauty salons. Perfume can always make itself. Cosmetic packaging plays an important role in the value of cosmetics. It has been a compulsory course for many makeup manufacturers to discuss cosmetic packaging from cosmetic packaging manufacturer, cosmetic tube supplier esp..

1、 Main functions of cosmetic packaging

General cosmetics are mostly liquid, emulsion or paste, and do not have a distinctive appearance. Only through exquisite and unique packaging design can it show its own characteristics. Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging in order to sell well. From the perspective of consumers' mind, we should first arouse consumers' attention, and then arouse consumers' desire to buy. That is to say, only when people pay attention to cosmetic packaging can a series of subsequent behaviours occur. According to the study of human eye movement, people respond to colour the fastest. The power of cosmetic packaging may depend on how to reconcile colour contrast, make it lively and eye-catching in the store, and soft but not dazzling after buying a home. When consumers are attracted by advertisements to stop and linger in front of cosmetics display shelves. If the cosmetic packaging makes it buy, then the cosmetic packaging design is a failure.

The fashionable, eye-catching, energetic and interesting outer packaging design and the adoption of new models are one of the decisive means for cosmetic manufacturers. Taking the well-known P & G as an example, the bottle body material of the newly launched "Jishuang" bath brand changes the previous hard plastic texture and chooses more humanized soft plastic. In this way, the affinity of its products is increased. It can be said that the successful launch of "Joshua" has something to do with the choice of packaging materials.

2. Improve the quality

In people's daily life, cosmetics are becoming indispensable supplies, cosmetics beautify life at the same time also formed huge business opportunities, can not be ignored consumer market. All kinds of skincare concepts are emerging endlessly, and all kinds of packaging are dazzling. Many products sell not only efficacy but also fashion and culture. The fashion and culture of cosmetics are usually what we call taste. How to reflect the taste of cosmetics, in addition to product advertising and product counter display, the packaging is an important link. Proper packaging can not only directly stimulate the senses of consumers, but also reflect the taste of products incisively and vividly. Therefore, as the "coat" of products, our packaging should not only have the function of blooming and protecting products but also have the function of attracting purchase and guiding consumption.

Taking the crystal products produced by Dalian eco Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. as an example, because of its unique paste manufacturing technology, the first case is made of automatic computer ointment machine, and various kinds of the essence of different efficacy are made into spherical shapes, filamentous flowers and other shapes, placed in a slightly transparent gel, not only in appearance, but also in the crystal clear, fashionable and beautiful, and because of its complete sealing of essence. And the use of active metal ions conduction function, make it that the general cream skincare products can more quickly and effectively restore the natural vitality of the skin, eliminate skin problems. In consideration of the beauty of the past, the designers tend to choose the plexiglass materials with good transparency, strong plasticity, and the same handle as glass, together with the gold and silver caps with high quality and gloss, which endows the crystal series cosmetics with the connotation of luxury and fashion. Since its launch, the products have been favoured by young and middle-aged female consumers.

3. Increase value

The psychological value of cosmetics plays an important role. Shiseido, CD, Lancome, Givenchy and other lipsticks with the same size of 4G are sold for hundreds of yuan, while lipsticks of domestic brands are generally sold for tens of yuan or even lower. This includes the psychological value of the product's appearance, packaging, trademark, corporate image and other factors.

2、 Main packaging materials of cosmetics

Cosmetics as fashion consumer goods, it needs high-quality packaging materials to improve their value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetics packaging, among which glass, plastic and metal are the main materials, and cartons are commonly used for outer packaging. Continuous development of new materials and new processing technology, the pursuit of new modelling has been the industry's focus on the development of cosmetic packaging containers.

1. Glass cosmetic bottle

Glass has a great advantage in the field of high-grade cosmetic packaging. Its transparency and smoothness are incomparable with plastic bottles. The charm of glass bottles lies in its thoroughness, purity, nobility and elegance. For high-end cosmetics or volatile, easy to lose fragrance, such as perfume, commonly used glass bottles. Whitening, nutrition series cosmetics, but they are extremely oxidized. This puts forward high requirements for the sealing of packaging materials. Glass bottles have strong barrier property, and are undoubtedly more competent than plastic bottles in protecting the contents.

However, the variety of cosmetic bottle container is single, even if there is a better design idea, due to the limitations of technology and materials, it often can not be realized. Due to the inherent disadvantages of glass (heavy ratio, easy to get drunk, etc.), plastic containers or composite containers are often used for general cosmetics.

At present, most of the middle and low-grade cosmetics packaging has been replaced by plastic bottles, bags or tubes. The application ratio of glass bottles is less than 8%. Glass has irreplaceable advantages and is still the first choice of high-grade cosmetics in the short term.

In recent years, with the improvement of glass processing technology, using computer CAD glass bottle mould design, enhanced lightweight technology for production, the quality of glass bottles is improving, the weight is reducing, and the transparency and surface finish are also further enhanced. In terms of post-processing, the glass surface can be frosted, painted, colour printed (up to 7-8 colours), carved and so on, greatly improving the glass bottle and added value.

2. Packaging of cosmic plastics

Plastic is light and cheap, easy to form large-scale production, can be made into a variety of specifications, transparent, opaque and various colors of the bottle. Printing performance is very good, can use heat transfer printing, inkjet, printing and other methods to directly print the instructions, identification, bar code on the surface of the container; It can be made into bottles, cans, boxes and other plastic containers with various structures and shapes. Cosmetic capsules have various shapes, such as the sphere, olive, heart and crescent. Their colors are various, including crystal clear and transparent, and colorful pearlescent. The appearance is very popular. These packages bring consumers a safer and more convenient way of consumption.

The disadvantage of plastic cosmetic container is that their transparency is not as good as that of glass. However, at present, the technology of extended blow moulding of polyhexene overcomes the disadvantage of low transparency of polyolefin blow moulding bottle, and its crystal clear property is close to that of glass bottle. At Cosmoprof 2003 held in Italy in March 2003, the cosmetic plastic bottle launched by lisson imitated the texture and appearance of glass bottle. This kind of plastic bottle adopts pet injection molding technology, which is the first plastic bottle with a wall thickness of mm in the industry. With crystal-like transparency and brightness, the appearance of the bottle is very similar to that of a glass bottle, and the wear resistance is getting higher and higher.

In the past few years, the packaging industry has been committed to developing a product that can not only effectively protect the quality of skin products, but also meet the needs of luxury, novelty and appearance. The emergence of multi-layer composite technology can meet the above two requirements at the same time. It enables multiple layers of different types of plastics to be combined and moulded at one time. With multi-layer composite technology, our plastic packaging can completely isolate light and air, which make skincare products oxidize. On the other hand, we can obtain the wonderful visual effect and unique feel in appearance. The most popular packaging of skincare and dairy products is tube and glass bottle. Hose was only the packaging of medium and low-grade products 15 years ago. Now even the most famous brands have begun to use it. Hose production is economical and convenient, easy to carry, suitable for accommodating emulsion and colloid. Due to the above excellent properties, plastic materials and composite materials are widely used in cosmetics packaging. Plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the cosmetics packaging market and become the main packaging containers of cosmetics.

3. Aluminum tube for cosmetics

With the increasing improvement of national living standards, the consumption of cosmetics and health care and skincare products has increased year by year. In recent years, consumption has increased significantly. Aluminium packaging materials for cosmetics have the advantages of lightweight, bright color, elegant luxury, durable, easy processing, molding and painting, which are favoured by the cosmetics packaging industry. Nowadays, vacuum coated paper has many advantages, such as metallic lustre, easy to print, beautiful, fashionable, high-grade and environmental protection. It greatly meets the requirements of cosmetic packaging and has become the focus of high-grade cosmetic packaging materials. The main consumer group of cosmetics is women, and the pursuit of beauty is a natural characteristic of women. Whether the cosmetic packaging is exquisite or not greatly affects the status of cosmetics in women's minds and their preference for specific brands. The transparent and colourful ink printed on vacuum aluminized paper can show a rich metallic lustre. At the same time, it gives people a psychological hint that they can shine after using this kind of cosmetics. The vacuum aluminized paper is also easy to be processed by laser holography, which has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. According to the needs of different cosmetics, the flashing laser logo or specific beautiful patterns can be printed on the outer packaging, which is not only beautiful and fresh, but also easy to identify, and also makes fake and shoddy products shy away. Vacuum aluminized packaging material is a new type of composite environmental protection packaging material, which gradually replaces aluminium foil composite paper as aluminium paper substrate. The word itself has the green environmental protection characteristics of recyclability and degradation in soil, and saves metal resources. It is a kind of green cosmetic packaging material beneficial to environmental protection. Lisson as a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer also offers wholesale and custom aluminium tubes for beauty products.

3、 New features of cosmetic packaging

With the increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics market, the cosmetics business to expand the sales share of their products, it is hard to work on the packaging of cosmetics. For the middle and low-grade cosmetics, in order to meet different needs, the capacity of packaging containers is diversified to facilitate the choice of consumers; For high-end products, small capacity packaging is adapted to meet the needs of low-income people, especially to meet the consumption psychology of young girls due to curiosity, and so on.

1. Greening

In order to meet the needs of customers, manufacturers produce preservative-free products. Manufacturers fill them in tiny containers, and customers can use them all at once, for example, the essence of many brands is the way of packaging. Because of its high price, this kind of cosmetics will not become the mainstream product in the market, but it is the symbol of the future fashion and luxury lifestyle, so there will be a stable consumer group. Many cosmetic manufacturers have begun to pay attention to environmental protection. They also consider the environmental protection in the selection of cosmetic packaging materials and consider whether the packaging materials can be recycled, which is in line with the increasing attention to environmental awareness. The two are cosmetic capsule packaging, which refers to the cosmetics whose contents are sealed in various granular soft capsules. The skin of the capsule is relatively soft, with various shapes, such as spherical, olive-shaped, heart-shaped, crescent-shaped and so on. The colors are various, including crystal clear and transparent, and colorful pearlescent. In addition to skin care capsule products, there are also many kinds of cosmetic capsules for bath and hair. The cosmetic capsule will not appear secondary pollution in use. The package of cosmetic capsule is small, and its content is designed as a single dosage. In this way, consumers can use one capsule at a time, to avoid secondary pollution in the use of other packaging products, and ensure that the products used by consumers are clean every time. In order to prevent the second pollution of traditional bottle and box products in the process of consumer use, which may lead to the deterioration of the contents, manufacturers should add long-term antiseptic and bactericide into the product formula, and the general antiseptic is irritant to the skin. The safety of cosmetic capsule is greatly improved because there is no secondary pollution.

2. Serialization

Series packaging is a kind of commodity packaging design of the same category, which is based on the premise of unified trademark pattern and text font, and with different tones, water lines or different shapes as the keynote. It requires the same in the same, the difference in the same, the diversity and the sense of integrity. In the practical application of cosmetic packaging, there are generally two cases. First, the cosmetics of the same brand and different functions should be packaged in series to facilitate the purchase of consumers, and at the same time, the overall price should be lower than the total price of individual purchase. For example, a series of cosmetics of a certain brand should maintain the overall design style, and then use a large circle of containers to package all kinds of cosmetics,

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