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development trend of cosmetic packaging design


The 21st century is an era of rapid development. With the development of the market economy and the improvement of science and technology, the process of commodity informatization has been promoted. In today's society, commodity packaging plays an extremely important role in people's daily life. It occupies the stage of people's life with a unique personality. With the development of material civilization and spiritual civilization, people's appreciation level and appreciation ability are constantly improving, and the choice of goods tends to be knowledgeable, beautiful and personalized. In particular, the packaging design of cosmetics should show its artistry, culture and uniqueness on the basis of paying attention to protection, transportation and convenience, so as to maintain its infinite charm on this colorful stage.

1. Publicity of personality

Personality has become a commonly used and often new word, so is the design field. Products and packaging are full of "personalization" and "fashion". Only by continuous innovation can we design products with distinctive personality and extraordinary taste. Innovation is not only the life of design, but also the foundation of design. Any kind of artistic creation should pursue a "new" word. For cosmetics with strong characteristics of the times, the unique personality image is favored by consumers. The design of many famous designers is to design works of art with unique personality and charm with their visionary vision and innovative spirit. The "age wind" designed by famous designer Mark Ralik is one of the best selling perfume in France. It is precise with its unique bottle shape design that it has captured the hearts of the people. A pair of peace pigeons made of crystal are flying, crystal clear and lifelike, expounding the human desire for peace. The gentleness of love and the fragrance of perfume complement each other. Peace and eternal youth, forget the shadow of war, carefree life, is the most perfect interpretation of this romantic brand. It is firmly sealed by hand catgut on every bottle of perfume, bringing luck to the owner of the first perfume bottle. Such a wonderful design, coupled with elegant and meaningful fragrance, has successfully made this brand a real international star. It is also like the packaging design of "LANEIGE" sunscreen, which uses bright yellow like sunlight, and the figure is a simple and exaggerated sun shape, showing its luxurious, fresh and elegant personality, catering to the needs of consumers and winning people's hearts. Also like "Chanel" noble, "Live Jazz" Jazz men's perfume free, bold and unrestrained; The mystery and romance of "flower deeau" are masterpieces of personality. Personalized package design will become the leader of the cosmetic packaging design industry in the future.


The fusion of pluralism

The word "culture" has existed in ancient China. There is a saying in the ancient book Zhou Li that "the view of humanity is to turn into the world". Westerners talk about a wide range of culture. They call all the unnatural things created by human beings "culture". Edward Taylor of England and ogben hengens of America describe culture as "culture is a complex body, including the material object, knowledge, belief, art, morality, law, custom made by people, as well as the ability and habit learned from society." It can be said that culture is everywhere, in the design can not ignore the embodiment of culture. Designers need to have a profound cultural heritage, which is the origin of the design. Professor Wu Guanzhong, a famous Chinese painter, pointed out: "in artistic creation," Lu Yao knows horsepower. "The word" Li "of horsepower is often hidden in the cultural heritage." With profound cultural heritage, it is the basis of commodity packaging design. Today's cosmetics packaging design pursues the unity of traditional national culture, modern culture and world culture, adopts the essence of historical culture, spreads the spirit of the design culture of the times, guides the public with new posture and comprehensive artistic cultivation, and guides the public with excellent aesthetic taste. It reflects the unique flavor of the times and wisdom of design, reflects the soul of design, and achieves the high unity of form and connotation. For example, the scientific, logical, rigorous and rational style of German design, the elegant and romantic style of Italian design, and the novel, dexterous, light, exquisite and full of human feelings of Japan are all born in their different cultural concepts. Another example is the smooth and complete implication of Chinese packaging design style, and the integrity and symmetry of form, which is also the psychological commonness of the whole Chinese nation. In 1998, to celebrate China's lunar year of tiger, China's designers launched a "Jungle" jungle series Oriental perfume. The shape of the perfume bottle is wild but gentle. On the top of the bottle is a silver tiger and a song of nature with the leaves surrounding it. The bottle body is made of transparent glass with modern texture. The combination of the three elements complements each other, which not only reflects the ancient Chinese traditional customs, but also shows the vitality of love, and fully shows the Oriental women's soft and hard personality and positive, brave and enterprising qualities. Arabia perfume "Amonge" is known as "the most valuable perfume in the world". Its bottle shape design is a series of expensive Islamic style perfume bottles, full of exotic customs, and showing the architectural characteristics of the Arabia nationality. The top of the bottle is inlaid with silver crystal. The glittering top and gold decoration set off each other. In addition, the transparent glass bottle body made by modern technology makes the whole package noble and rich. This kind of pluralistic combination has both scientific and rational preciseness and artistic romance; Both the essence of western culture and the broadness of traditional culture are both the needs of the nation and the needs of the times, and also the direction of future design.

3. Improvement of quality

With the continuous intellectualization of social productive forces, the socialization of production, the development of globalization, and the continuous improvement of human living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the packaging quality of goods. As we can see, the works of Qigong, Ouyang Zhongshi and the paintings of Michelangelo and bona Romon in Renaissance Europe all belong to high-grade works. One of the basic characteristics of these works is their profound attainments. Packaging and decoration design, should also reflect its attainments and taste, reflect its elegance and extraordinary. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the high quality of cosmetic packaging design while emphasizing the use-value of cosmetics. Design is the dialogue between the soul and the world, and the way of the designer's understanding of the world. A good design work can not only show the humanistic spirit and cultural outlook of a country and a nation but also reflect its economic level, scientific and technological level and the quality of Chinese people. For example, Britain's "holy price" perfume packaging, with its novel, unique, fresh and elegant design style, has poured countless consumers. The unique feature of its packaging is that it is decorated with a very eye-catching white bow on the top of the box, which is made of a kind of recycled paper rope. It has the function of light absorption, unlike other bows. It is the rough and natural appearance that matches the simple and elegant design, elegant and unique; The font of brand name is arranged carefully with a kind of non-decorative font, which runs through the whole box, and is printed with gravure to make the effect more elegant, implicit and pleasing to the eye; The bottle shape of straight-line bar is simple and generous, with a new style and flavour; The packaging materials used are all environmental protection materials. The whole package is pure and different from others, reflecting the designer's wisdom, creativity, advanced cultural concept and unique taste. The reappearance of taste will become the spokesman of the cultural heritage and aesthetic level of the designer and his country in the field of cosmetic packaging design tomorrow.

Care of human nature

The concept of humanized design is the goal that human beings have been pursuing in the world of design. It has always been a bright star in the design sky. Full of humanized design will bring endless aftertaste, give people unparalleled care and care, create a kind, warm feeling. Such as "water of life" perfume design, it contains two series of perfume for men and perfume for women. Bottle shape design is unique, it uses the principle of asymmetry to depict a "M" shape on the surface. Under it, a "V" shape appears naturally. The bottle wall of the perfume bottle is treated as frost like "M" and "W". It is the abbreviation of English "Men" and "Women". They are romantic, sweet and full of human feelings. They are deeply loved by young men and women. For example, the packaging design of AVON Cologne is a square composed of two triangles, which is similar to China's Taiji picture and combines two affirmative and triangular bottles into a pair of intimate partners. The peculiar shape is full of deep human feelings. Like our common NNA SUID Secret wish (wishing spirit) perfume, at the top of the special three faceted crystal bottle, there is a beautiful, dreamy shimmering elf sitting softly on the delicate crystal ball. This elf is the embodiment of fairies, symbolizing confidence, magic and feminine charm and strength. Perfume bottles are like an exquisite carving art. Humanized design is also reflected in the deep concern for human and nature, considering whether it will affect the "regeneration" of human beings and not cause "white pollution" to harm the earth and our living environment, that is, the design of commodity packaging always reflects the awareness of environmental protection. This is also the result of the general trend of the current market economy and social development, and also the point of view put forward by standing at the forefront of the world trend and the international stage. At present, it is more and more urgent for people to advocate environmental protection, love the environment, return to nature and advocate green, especially in western developed countries. The design concept of environmental protection is not only the embodiment of the humanized design, but also the call for green packaging design. The concept of green design began in the mid-1970s.


With the enhancement of the whole society's awareness of environmental and ecological protection, design institutions introduce ecological protection into a new round of design thinking process from the consideration of human's vital interests and sustainable development. This kind of green trend will be more and more fierce. It is not only reflected in the addition of natural raw materials, but also in the development and design of packaging materials. Designers should not only consider the publicity and protection of packaging materials, but also consider whether these materials can be easily recycled to the maximum extent. They should try their best to choose materials that are easy to decompose as the carrier of packaging materials. For materials that are difficult to decompose, such as some plastic products and materials that are difficult to degrade, they should not use them if they can, or useless if they can, For example, tea is packed with corn leaves, rice is packed with brown leaves, liquor is packed with bamboo tubes, pickles are packed with pottery pots, and so on. Cosmetic packaging design reform extends the most fashionable beauty to the eternal topic of environmental protection. This is humanity's yearning for returning to nature and protecting nature.

It will become the mainstream of global cosmetic design. We are living in a society with diversified information dissemination. In the face of the arrival of global marketization, especially after China acceded to the WTO, the volume of foreign trade is increasing, and commodities need to cross countries and regions with frequent exchanges. Therefore, our commodity packaging, whether graphic or text, needs to represent the designer's quality and cultural background to a certain extent. Cosmetics packaging design will also have more real significance of the times and cultural connotation, and will affect people's lives with its unique charm and inherent cultural charm. Our cosmetic packaging designers are telling Oriental stories in the language of the world. I believe that the future of the cosmetics packaging industry because of the integration of multiple, designed packaging will be more distinctive, more thought-provoking, from the spirit of "capture" consumer. Enter people's heart, in the world's big garden of decoration and design; Because of the publicity of personality, the design works will be more personalized, distinctive, innovative and always different; Because of the improvement of taste, all kinds of designs are more elegant and elegant; Only with humanized care can we keep pace with the world and cater to people's needs of returning to nature, yearning for nature and advocating nature. 

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