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Plastic instead of glass future cosmetics packaging market


Although the wide variety of cosmetics, different function, but in the context of its external form and the adaptability of packaging, mostly liquid, emulsion or paste body, does not have a bright appearance, must through the exquisite, unique cosmetic packaging design, to show its features, so cosmetics generally rely on the packaging, can well realize the sale, in addition to the metal, Plastic cosmetic packaging and glass cosmetic bottles are the main container materials for cosmetics packaging. Opinions vary on who will lead the trend of the cosmetics packaging market in the future.

The advantages and disadvantages of glass as cosmetic packaging material and its application

Glass is a traditional packaging material, its characteristics are: bright and transparent, good chemical stability, airtight, easy to shape, but the weight is large, easy to break. 80 % ~ 90 % of glass packaging containers are glass bottles and cans. Usually, the density of sodium-calcium glass bottles is 2.5 ~ 2.6g/cm3, and the brittleness and thermal conductivity are low. The use of metal ion coloring agent can be made into emerald green, dark green, light blue, amber and other colors of glass.

1. The advantages of glass cosmetics packaging container:

① Good chemical stability, non-toxic and tasteless, sanitary and clean, without any adverse effects on packaging materials;

② good barrier, can provide good quality conditions;

(3) good transparency, the contents can be clearly visible;

(4) good rigidity, not easy to deformation;

(5) forming good processing, can be processed into a variety of shapes;

⑥ good temperature tolerance, high-temperature sterilization, can also be low-temperature storage;

⑦ Rich in raw materials, can be recycled and reused, no pollution to the environment.

2. Disadvantages and limitations of glass packaging containers:

(1) brittleness, easy to break;

(2) large weight, high transportation costs;

(3) high energy consumption during processing, serious environmental pollution;

④ Poor printing performance.

Use limitation: although the chemical stability of glass bottles is good, not easy to react with the contents, high transparency, can be added in the raw materials of iron, cobalt, chromium colorant, the production of a variety of colors of glass bottles; Good heat resistance and not easy to deformation, compressive strength, resistance to internal pressure, high density, weight sense, barrier, health and preservation, easy to seal, can be sealed again after opening, but at the same time, because of the glass bottle impact resistance is poor, fragile, high filling cost, molding process is more complex; Single variety, even if there is a better design idea, because of the limitations of technology and materials often can not be realized. This limits the wide use of glass bottles. Glass bottles are often used for high-grade cosmetics or some special requirements of the packaging of cosmetics.

3. Widely used

Glass still plays an important role in cosmetic packaging. Especially in high-grade cosmetics packaging, such as high-grade perfume packaging, glass bottles still have a great advantage. The use of lightweight process to reduce the wall thickness of glass, reduce weight, increase transparency and surface finish, the glass surface for grinding process processing, painting, color printing (up to 7 ~ 8 color) , sculpture, etc., can improve the added value of the glass bottle, so that the use of this kind of process glass bottle packaging cosmetics, perfume, etc., not only has the use of beauty function, but also the process decoration function, elegant and luxurious, play a role in beautifying life. This is a plastic bottle can not match.

Two, plastic as cosmetic packaging materials advantages and disadvantages and application

1. Advantages of plastic cosmetics packaging containers:

① Good mechanical properties, light weight, convenient storage and transportation, easy to carry and use;

(2) permeability resistance, good sealing, high transparency;

(3) good processing performance, can be manufactured into a variety of sizes of bottles, caps, films, bags and composite packaging materials;

(4) Good decorative coloring and printing performance, drug labels, instructions, signage, bar codes can be directly ink-jet or printed on plastic materials, and will not fall off;

⑤ good chemical stability, weak toxicity, health, safety.

2. Disadvantages and use restrictions of plastic cosmetic packaging containers:

(1) easy with static electricity;

② the surface is easy to pollute;

(3) Disposal will cause environmental pollution;

(4) it is difficult to recycle.

Use restrictions: for general cosmetics, if plastic materials or composite materials can replace the glass container for makeuo packaging, often use plastic containers and composite containers for packaging, but for high-grade cosmetics or volatile, easy to lose fragrance cosmetics such as perfume, generally still use glass bottles for packaging.

3. Widely used makeup packaging

For different types of cosmetics, the packaging materials used are very different. Plastic cosmetic bottles are mainly used for oil products, such as hair oil, hair wax, sunscreen oil, bath oil, massage oil, etc. Emulsion products, such as cleaning cream, cleaning milk, moisturizing cream, nutrition cream, snow cream, cold cream, hair cream, etc. Surfactant solution products, such as shampoo, bath fluid, etc. Its consumption accounts for 40 % of the total consumption of cosmetic packaging. With the development of rural cosmetics market, plastic flexible packaging skincare, hair care cosmetics market prospects, cosmetics small capacity flexible packaging will have a rapid development.

Analysis of the application and current situation of cosmetic packaging materials at home and abroad

Cosmetic packaging materials are mainly composed of glass, plastic and metal. Recently, countries in the world have carried out new research and development on the processing technology of cosmetic packaging container materials, in order to achieve the pursuit of new shapes, thus highlighting the novel and elegant characteristics of commodities.

At present, glass has a great advantage in the packaging field of high-end cosmetics. Its transparency and smoothness are incomparable to plastics. In the speciality line and perfume markets, glassmakers remain optimistic about the prospects of the glass packaging industry. A lot of people think glass serves as cosmetic packing material to be able to attract the customer better and the brand of performance commodity, grade. However, in recent years, the glass packaging industry in the cosmetics market growth rate is only 2%, the reason for its slow growth is competition from other materials and the global economic growth is sluggish.

1. Plastic will probably become the main development trend of cosmetic packaging materials in the future

The cosmetic packaging market has always been dominated by glass, but the diversity and plasticity of plastic make plastic become increasingly popular packaging materials, the market demand will increase. World Cosmetic Packaging 2000-2005 points out that for multinational cosmetic companies, the packaging is an integral part of product design, and plastic packaging is gaining favor.

In addition, China's cosmetics market has been growing at an average annual rate of 15% in recent years, with annual sales reaching nearly 50 billion yuan. By 2005, the number of packaged products will increase to 73 billion, among which plastic products will account for 61%. It is predicted that annual sales will reach 80 billion yuan by 2010. Relevant data also shows that in recent years, plastic packaging has occupied more than eighty percent of the packaging market share of cosmetics, become the most important packaging containers for cosmetics. The packaging of middle and low-grade common cosmetics is mostly replaced by plastic bottles, plastic bags or plastic tubes. The proportion of glass bottles in cosmetic packaging containers is not more than 8%.

The international market research firm said the popularity of plastic was due to its advantages over glass in a range of bath products, and its versatility could support an increasing variety of products for end-users.

① Plastic bottles have various varieties and different functions

Plastic bottle specific gravity is small, easy to coloration, strong plasticity, can be made into a variety of bottle shape and the price is low, suitable for mass production. In order to increase the decorative effect of plastic bottles, in addition to the bottle body printing, can also be added in the production of coloring materials for coloring processing, made of various colors of bottles, but also can use metal steam dyeing method, gold plating method and hot stamp method for surface decoration, in order to meet the needs of different grades of packaging.

When packaging all kinds of make up water with a plastic bottle, the bottle type, color, transparency and all kinds of decoration and decoration change a lot. To highlight the characteristics of the product, promote sales. Such as the use of transparent glass bottles for packaging, generally only simple line printing, in order to highlight the clear and transparent characteristics of the product, to attract consumers. The use of a variety of colors of plastic bottle packaging, the general use of bottle printing or sticker way for decoration. To convey the message of the product. Winning the consumer's favor.

Along with the new technology and new products constantly, plastic material and composite applications in cosmetics packaging range is bigger and bigger, the container design tends to diversification, especially plastic containers made previously only some transparent glass features, make the plastic products in the cosmetic packing market.

A. Clear polypropylene (CPP) plastic bottles

The development of transparent polypropylene (CPP) packaging bottle is the hot spot of plastic packaging at home and abroad in recent years. Compared with other clear plastic resins, CPP has a good gloss and transparency, strong appreciation, quite popular.

B. Transparent polyPET plastic bottles

The transparent polyPET plastic bottle has become the packaging container that daily chemicals and cosmetics manufacturers are competing to use. For example, some enterprises and brands such as Naez, Blue Moon, Kemi and Watsons have taken the lead in using PET packaging containers for their shower lotions, skin care products and washing products. PET after tensile blow molding process production of high strength, high transparent plastic bottles, commonly used capacity range can be from dozens of milliliters to several liters of bottles; Its advantages are good transparency and gloss, good plasticity, impact resistance and dimensional stability, good chemical properties, good gas resistance, soft touch.

C. Petg plastic bottles

PETG plastic bottles have good application prospects in the packaging of cosmetics and personal care products. Its outstanding advantages are: surface luster, feel comfortable, with gorgeous color and transparent tone, chemical resistance, impact resistance and good toughness, after anti-UV treatment, transparency is still the same. And it is easy to process, recycling and environmental performance, more in line with the requirements of modern manufacturers. At present, consumers have higher and higher requirements on the appearance of the packaging of goods, which makes the packaging design of cosmetics more and more important. In order to achieve a beautiful appearance, good texture and durability, designers put forward high requirements, and the good processing performance of PETG makes the design idea possible.

D. Nanomaterial plastic bottles

Adding a certain proportion of nanomaterials into the raw materials of plastic containers can improve the chemical properties of plastic containers, especially the resistance to chemical erosion and UV resistance, the toughness of the containers has also been strengthened, and the cost can be reduced at the same time, and the products are competitive. Such as polyamide 6 nano plastic, it is a high-grade packaging film materials; Polyester PET and PBT nano plastic, with flame retardant properties, the barrier is pure, instead of the expensive polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin, meet the requirements of food packaging, can be directly used to blow beer, cosmetics packaging bottles.

E. Antibacterial plastic bottles

The development of antibacterial plastic bottles for packaging can inhibit the production of bacteria on the surface of containers. The antimicrobial plastic container produced by the improved blow moulding technology is uniformly dispersed with inorganic metal (AG) antimicrobial agent in the blow molding bottle, which has the characteristics of long antibacterial time, good antibacterial effect and good antibacterial spectrum. The antibacterial rate of this product is more than 99%, and it is very popular in the market. Can be widely used in the packaging of cosmetics.

F. Glassy polymer plastic bottles

Glassy polymer materials have a crystal-clear texture, can be coloured almost at will, and require less processing than glass products, And the price is not high can greatly save costs, its high strength and not easy to break, is a safe packaging material. Using this material can be produced like glass products, the wall thickness of the product can be changed, but also keep the characteristics of clarity and transparency, so that people often mistake it for glass packaging. The vitreous polymer is truly the only bottle packaging material that has the requirements of transparency, variable wall thickness and chemical resistance.

② Plastic bottles are widely used

As far as the current situation is concerned, because the plastic is light and cheap, it is easy to form large-scale production and can be made into a variety of sizes. Transparent, opaque and various colors of bottles, and printing performance is very good, can use heat transfer printing, inkjet printing, printing and other methods to print instructions, logos, bar codes directly on the surface of the container, can better meet the needs of people.

A. The variety of plastic bottle specifications meets different consumption levels.

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