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Why Your Brand Should Switch to Sugarcane Cosmetic Packaging


Eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers all know that the environment is a hot topic these days. With all the ongoing news about climate change and scarcity of resources, it's important to make eco-friendly choices when eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers can. Other than being our moral duty, customers are also demanding eco friendly packaging for cosmetics. But what does this mean for your beauty brand from financial point of view? If you think you will have to sacrifice the quality of your products for the sake of sustainability, you are utterly wrong! Because with the arrival of Sugarcane cosmetic packaging, you will have both sustainability and quality at your disposal.

Using natural materials like sugarcane in the production process, eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers have been able to create products that look great while being better for nature at the same time. In this blog post, eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers'll be talking about how sustainable cosmetic packaging suppliers have succeeded in satisfying eco-conscious customers with the sugarcane cosmetic packaging. And also why sugarcane tube has the potential to skyrocket your sales! 

What is Sugarcane Cosmetic Packaging?

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging suppliers use Bagasse to manufacture a sugarcane tube. Sugarcane Bagasse is the dry pulpy residue left after the juice has been processed. It is used for biofuel and is also a basic ingredient in making sugarcane-based packaging. It biodegrades easily, meaning it can be recycled easily too.

Moreover, bagasse has unique characteristics such as high-temperature tolerance, excellent durability, good dimensional stability, low moisture absorption, natural flame resistance along with its slow-burning rate. It comprises about one-third of the plant's entire volume and its properties make it a suitable raw material for a wide range of products, from paper and pulp to biofuels and engineered building materials. 

Advantages of Sugarcane Cosmetic packaging:

Big players like Nestle, Johnson&Johnson, Pantene, etc are shifting to Sugarcane packaging. There are bound to be some benefits of such packaging if such massive industries are heavily investing in this. In this article, you will find out a few of the many benefits that sugarcane cosmetic packaging has!

Zero-waste production:

Sugar cane is a renewable resource which is capable of regrowing very quickly. In 2017, about 1.8 billion tonnes of sugarcane was harvested worldwide. 30% of this crop yields sugar products which make up 95% of the revenue from the harvest. The other two-thirds left after harvesting have little economic value and are largely treated as waste. Utilizing bagasse for eco friendly  packaging for cosmetics further maximizes the value of the crop and aligns with the principles of a circular economy. Sugarcane cosmetic packaging can be useful because it helps save up on resources while also supporting circular economy principles. 

While Aluminum squeeze tube packaging is renewable, but it creates a lot of pollution during its initial production. This is the main reason why sustainable cosmetic packaging suppliers prefer sugarcane tube over Aluminum tube.


A sugarcane tube will degenerate in 30-90 days, so it won't stay around for a long time. Plus, no toxic residue is left behind, which makes it good for the earth! Instead of polluting, sugarcane cosmetic packaging leaves behind compost which can be used to grow plants. So it is a win-win situation! The packaging and leftover food can go straight into the compost bin instead of the trash.


The sugarcane cosmetic packaing have unique characteristics compared to standard plastic containers that make them the ideal alternative to plastic cosmetic tubes or cardboard containers. While standard pulp products cannot sustain liquids and oils,  Sugarcane tube is oil-and water-resistant and avoids any absorption or leakage.

Sugarcane material absorbs very little water, which makes it resistant to germs and bacteria growth. Also, since sugarcane is naturally antimicrobial, this means one more layer of protection against food spoilage by bacteria.

Carbon absorption:

Sugarcane absorbs carbon. It is a carbon-negative crop, which means that it can absorb 3 kg of carbon whenever 1 kilogram of sugar cane is grown and harvested. This means that the carbon emitted during the process of creating a sugarcane tube is offset by the amount sugarcane has absorbed, which leaves the total net amount to be zero (or neutral). Simply an eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers some!


Sugarcane is an incredible renewable resource that has so many benefits for the environment and your brand. It’s durable, biodegradable and can be used to absorb carbon emissions while also being sustainable. eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers supply sugarcane cosmetic packaging for brands all around the world who are looking for a green way of marketing their products. If you want to know more about this wonderful alternative to plastic or how eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers can help your business grow with their innovative sustainable cosmetic packaging solutions, then get in touch!

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