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by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Jinzhou city cosmetic packaging manufacturer PETG with the same degree of glass, close to the glass density, good gloss, resistance to chemical corrosion, impact resistance, easy processing. It can be a injection molding, injection blow molding and extrusion blow molding. It can also produce unique shape, appearance and special effects, such as bright color, grinding, marble texture, metallic luster, and so on. Other polyester, elastic plastic or ABS overlapping can also be used for injection molding. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 According to the report, we need to promote resource saving and recycling, to establish a conservation-minded actions. In the new era, the status and importance of energy saving and emission reduction increasingly prominent. With the deepening of the policy implementation, the enterprise needs to energy conservation and emissions reduction technology, accelerate the construction of ecological civilization. 2, double tube is relatively common, also can use single layer belong to medium, hose diameter for 13 # - 60 # a variety of caliber, elected a certain diameter of the hose, the capacity of different characteristics in different length, capacity of 3 ml - 360 ml can, in order to beautiful and coordination, the calibre of the commonly used below 35 # below 60 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml usually use 35 # - 45 # caliber, more than 150 ml capacity is more than 45 #. On sale for the environmental protection enterprise, not only means will get through the 'ren and the second pulse' of capital, will also bring multiple points, such as brand, the market is regarded as the important objectives of the development of enterprises. 'Environmental protection enterprise project scale, capital demand, long cycle and low level of profitability. 'Sun-fly federation of industry and commerce chamber of commerce, points out that the characteristics of environmental protection industry itself, determines the listed is the important way of enterprise development. Among them, the 'resolutely play blue sky battle' has become the focus of debate, all the year round how to iron gas. How to guarantee the air. How to realize the normalized the blue sky. Throughout the review of the year, it's not hard to find, the blue sky battle has is deeply integrated into the local governance. All parts use the prehistorical powers, the sources of pollution. 2 blow molding technology on the specific operation, and social capital in accordance with the principle of market mechanism, affirmatory PPP implementation. Clear rights allocation and risk sharing mechanism, and through the establishment has the legal personality of the PPP, implementation projects business risk isolation. Notice requires that the local governments at various levels shall actively promote the transformation of financial capital, sewage and garbage disposal field to subsidies as the main financial investment, can also be upfront fees from financial capital reward support, capital investment and investment subsidies gradually. 9, open mould cost: manual mode is controlled in 2500 yuan, automatic mold is in commonly 4000 yuan a, 1 out of 4 or 1 to 8 to 16000 yuan - 32000 yuan, specific depending on the manufacturer conditions. 3, color box, color printing after first framed workers can do modelling of different specifications, color printing paper framed layer for the single copper and aluminum plating paper, can choose different specifications of the grey board or MDF, manual is more, the cost is higher, with his hands are always holding bag, blister/sponge/paper, silk used together. 1, when designing type plastic bottles, if the material is high density polyethylene or polypropylene, plastic bottles of cross section should be rectangular or oval, low density polyethylene or other flexible material for plastic bottle, its round cross section as well. Such facilitating contents from out from the plastic bottles. Used with plastic bottle of the plastic parts mainly for cap and seal. Should focus on the design of the plastic bottle, about how to make the plastic bottle can better with the bottom of the cover and sealed with plastic bottles, plastic mechanics performance of weak positions. Therefore, the plastic bottle at the bottom of the general design into inside concave. Plastic bottles of the corner, and inner sunken place, all do larger arc. Piled up for ease of plastic bottles, plastic bottles of stacking, plastic bottles should be designed at the bottom of the groove. The inspectorate is asked a question, mainly concentrated in air pollution control, surface water pollution, urban thirty-three and risks and a series of problems. As during the second batch of environmental supervision to comb, found that Beijing meet problem, which is passed by inspectorate noise nuisance, dust pollution and some of the restaurants around the outstanding problem is concentrated. Since pain inevitable, so we meet a what kind of pain is particularly important. First, deepen the reform for the renewable industry provides new opportunities for development. Environmental protection and energy conservation and emissions reduction policy of pressure and the concept of enterprise innovation, cost by eliminating backward production capacity and replace the old equipment, provides new opportunities for the renewable industry. At the same time, strengthen supervision capability. Under the support of central staffing department, environmental protection supervision office is established. Ji-ning Chen said, 'all inspectorate and future DuZheng tasks are borne by the inspector's office, and to plan as a whole. So we should put the corresponding internal transfer some of the human to the environment, promote local faithfully implement and all protection requirements. PET of vitrification transformation temperature about 165 ℃, the crystallization temperature range is 120 ~ 220 ℃. PET at high temperature has a strong hygroscopicity. For glass fiber enhanced PET material, also very easy to bending deformation at high temperature. In the identification of the goods, urged to test in the oven. Special introduction, PET reel in the whole market is very lack of supply of goods, generally above 80 cm to 120 cm in length, 3 - in thickness 5 wire film price is very high, White) 。 Enhance PET melting point 260 ℃, in order to prevent the nozzle blocking, power larger heater should be installed. In addition, the nozzle hole processed into figure - The inverse cone type 1, make the flow channel and the nozzle in the molten material can be easily cut.
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