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Pros and cons of aluminum tubes for cosmetics



We all know that it is utilized historically following the mid-1800s, and following another metal, has long accommodated all sorts of goods from a diversity of sectors. Usually used for cosmetics (or, as may be recognized by some, specifically toothpaste), aluminium tubes are also utilized for foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, industrial goods, and more innumerable. Nowadays, aluminium tubes for cosmetics are widely being used in the market.


Many companies utilize their superior abilities to fill a range of packaging models, from tubes to jars and sachets with any liquid products. That is why getting together with this article on aluminium tube packaging illustrates some of the advantages they provide and why they are so prevalent in cosmetics.

Could you find out more about their abilities?


Aluminium Tube Packaging in Cosmetics

As a sustainable cosmetic packsging, aluminium tubes are a kind of cosmetic metal tube and have been utilized for a variety of goods across ages, and however, with the arrival of extensive plastic use, aluminium was ignored. In modern years, aluminium tube packaging retrieves traction, particularly over social media, with online influencers frequently supporting aluminium tube goods on Instagram.


While aluminium tube packaging's aesthetic value may be responsible for its recent popularity, the benefits afforded by aluminium tube packaging are timeless. Looks are essential for sales, but other important considerations for using aluminium tube packaging include product volume, tube fold type, material recyclable, cap type, colors, and more.


Aluminum packaging and the atmosphere                                              

The point is: as with nearly any other sufficient packaging element, the generation of aluminium tubes also needs enormous amounts of raw components and energy. On the other hand, aluminium can be blended down as often as wanted without any feature and can thus be reused very well.


A big part of German aluminium is therefore made from reused aluminium. The recycling performance of aluminium is high, as only five percent of the energy is needed related to the actual recycling method. Aluminium tubes for cosmetics are extensively used in today’s era.


This does not include plastic bags. However, a huge portion of it is also reused. However, “recycling” in this case does not imply that it is recycled, but that more than half of it is “vigorously recycled,” i.e., burned. Also, plastic is produced from petroleum and, if it is plant-based, needs many acreages. In contradiction to aluminium, bacteria can generate faster in plastic packaging. As a result, the product is shorter long-lasting, which in turn denies the idea of sustainability. 


What also talks in support of an aluminium tube packaging form is that – related to the glass, for example – more underweight, which, among other things, has a beneficial effect on the co2 discharge during transportation. Aside from the reality that glass can, of course, split faster and in cosmetics, never reused glass is used

  • Benefits of Aluminium Tube Packaging

  • The extended use of aluminium tube packaging for cosmetics is a testimonial to the many advantages provided by this packaging material.

  • Here are some of the top advantages of aluminium tube packaging for cosmetics:

  • Infinite recycling

  • You can reuse aluminium over and over without dropping quality. Where other packaging materials may not be recyclable or are for fewer uses, aluminium can be extremely recycled. This is fundamentally important to environmentally alert customers who may actively utilize recyclable packaging.

  • Product protection

  • Aluminium tube packaging is astonishingly airtight and challenging, creating an impassable obstacle to outside elements and preserving the product. For sensitive products, such as cosmetics or pharmaceutical goods, solid protection from light, moisture, and oxygen are critical for preservation. Reliable products (from hair dyes to industrial products) may also contain harsh chemicals housed in solid and suitable materials such as aluminium.

  • The pressure tape perspective of many aluminium tube packaging is also fundamental for product safety. Ensuring that the tube does not suck air back when the product is dispensed, aluminium squeeze tube packaging prevents bacteria from coming into contact with the product.

  • Shipping

  • Although strong, aluminium tube packaging is still comparatively lightweight, an outstanding benefit for transportation. Also, the tube appearance guarantees area efficiency, providing more products to be exported in the equivalent amount of area.

  • As the tube packaging is opposing to knocks and greatly difficult, there is a slight concern over transportation loss

  • Customizing

  • Commonly, aluminium tube packaging for cosmetics has a silver, complex finish. However, there are numerous customizing choices available, including shine and colors. This means you can create the tubes to fit your branding necessary to develop acceptance and consumer loyalty.

  • Sizing

  • Aluminium tube packaging for cosmetics is not very controlled and can be obtainable in multiple sizes to suit needs/demands. Standard dimensions may vary from 7ml, 15ml, 30ml, up to 200ml.

  • Smaller aluminium tube packaging may be perfect for cosmetic units or travel-size products. It is normal to get small aluminium tube packaging for sensitive air products, such as eyelash and nail glue, which last better in smaller, more preserved loads.

  • Applicators

  • Lids and closures can significantly affect user experience; therefore, picking the right one for the product is vital. Aluminium tube packaging usually houses gels and creams with varying thickness, difficult to dispense correctly. Users can check the allocated quantity specifically with their fingers, most closures act. Taking out too much product can bother customers, who may seem reckless and dropping costs.

  • An essential concern, particularly for breakable products, is tamper-proof. Aluminium tube packaging for cosmetics often has seals over the tube neck to prevent the development from spoiling. You can strip off latex seals, and aluminium seals are often pierced using a point combined with the lid.

  • Complete product use

  • With aluminium tube packaging for cosmetics, consumers can get to every drop of the stock by wrapping the tube. Other materials do not support the consumer in such a comfortable way.

  • Luxurious feeling

  • Aluminium may feel more luxurious to consumers than plastic; plastic may feel cheaper or mass-produced, aluminium handles slightly heavier, sturdier, and exclusive. Aluminium tube packaging may also ignite nostalgia feelings or invoke a company's heritage by reflecting the historical materials and product versions.

About Lisson cosmetic aluminium tube

Aluminium for cosmetic packaging meets your delicate acrylic with a yield of 100ml and eco-friendly plastic.

Store your favorite cosmetic in this Alumnium Squeeze Tube. This eco-friendly and reusable aluminum tube has a 100ml apacity and is perfect for any makeup. This aluminum cosmetic tube combines strength, durability and flexibility. A new soft type of squeeze tube is to eliminate the impact on the environment that traditional boxes create. Products like these are made of aluminum that can be recycled and with a new glue, they won't stick to dust and dirt as they're being shipped to your door.

Alumnium Squeeze Tube has come in many shapes and sizes since their inception in 2013. It is a smooth, easy to use and absorbent squeeze tube that was designed for use with high temperatures. Alumnium Squeeze Tube’s wide size options allow for the tube to accommodate all different types of items.

Squeeze tubes are a simple way to reduce your packaging waste and protect the environment. A squeeze tube is a tube with a rounded open end and a closed rounded end. It fits around a product and is applied using heat. Squeeze tubes are a form of heat sealing (or joining) and are essentially flexible cosmetic tubes.

Alumnium is potent, packable, and sustainable. It's also very squeezable. In other words, it's perfect for filling up your purse and taking with you on the go!

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