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Choose appropriate cosmetic packaging material to design cosmetic tube


Cosmetic tube design from cosmetic tube manufacturer refers to the selection of appropriate cosmetic tube manufacturing materials, the use of clever craftsmanship methods to match with the product's own characteristics and audience preferences and other related factors to design the makeup container structure and cosmetic tube beautification decoration.


The cosmetic tube of a product directly affects the purchase psychology of customers, and the cosmetic tube of a product is the most direct advertisement. Good cosmetic tube design is one of the important means for companies to create profits. The product cosmetic tube design with accurate strategic positioning and in line with consumer psychology can help companies stand out among many competing brands. Therefore, it is very necessary to order custom cosmetic tube design from cosmetic tube supplier when it comes to wholesale cosmetic tube packaging. And there are different elements to factor in, such as what kind of cosmetic tubes you need to display your products best.

Different cosmetic tube manufacturing materials create various looks and performances.

The cosmetic tube design covers product container design, internal and external cosmetic tube design, tag, label design, cosmetic tube transportation, and gift cosmetic tube design, bag design, etc., which are important factors for product promotion and sales. An excellent cosmetic tube will not only attract the attention of customers in the store, but will also further enhance the products image. It is a marketing strategy that any well-known company cannot ignore.

Essentials of cosmetic tube design:

1. Cosmetic tube label

The cosmetic tube label refers to the text, graphics, engraving and printed instructions attached to the cosmetic tube on the product sales. The label can be a simple label attached to the product, or it can be a well-designed pattern as a part of the cosmetic tube. The label may only be marked with the surface of the product, or it may contain a lot of information, which can be used to identify and inspect the product inside, and it can also play a promotional role.

Usually, the product label mainly includes: the name and address of the manufacturer or seller, the product name, trademark, ingredients, quality characteristics, the number of products in the cosmetic tube, the method of use and dosage, the number, the matters needing attention in storage, the quality inspection number, Contents such as production date and expiration date. It is worth mentioning that labels printed with color patterns or physical photos have obvious promotional effects.

2. Cosmetic tube logo

It is the graphics, text and numbers and their combinations printed on the outside of the cosmetic tube. There are mainly three types of cosmetic tube signs: transportation signs, indicative signs, and warning signs. The transportation mark is also called the mark, which refers to the geometric figures and specific letters printed on the cosmetic tube outside the product that reflect the consignee and consignor, destination or transit place, part number, batch number, place of origin.

The indicative mark is a mark made with eye-catching graphics and simple text for some products that are easily broken, damaged, or deteriorated according to the characteristics of the product. Indicative signs instruct relevant personnel to draw attention during loading and unloading, handling, storage, and operations. Common ones include "this end up", "fragile", "handle with care", and "lift from this". Warning signs refer to the printing of special words on the cosmetic tube of dangerous goods such as flammable, explosive, corrosive and radioactive materials to show warnings. Common ones are "explosives", "flammables", "drugs" and so on.

3. Conception

Idea is the soul of cosmetic tube packaging design. It is difficult to formulate formulas such as fixed conception methods and conception procedures in cosmetic tube design creation. Creation is mostly from immature to mature. In this process, it is normal to affirm some or deny some, modify some or supplement some. The core of the idea is to consider the two issues of what to express and how to express. To answer these two questions is to solve the following four points: performance focus, performance angle, performance technique and expression form. Just like combat, the focus is on attacking the target, the angle is the breakthrough, the technique is the tactic, and the form is the weapon. If any one of these links is not handled well, all results will be lost.


With the rapid development of market economy today, the most talked about in marketing is branding cosmetic tube, channel planning, and product launch. Searching for relevant marketing keywords on the Internet will reveal a lot of information. The intensity of market competition can be seen, but the market When the competition reaches a certain stage, the role of some details of marketing will be highlighted. Losing points in the details of marketing may affect the overall planning. Product cosmetic tube design is one of the most important steps that cannot be ignored.


Product cosmetic tube packaging design still needs to be based on product positioning. Different product positioning, the style of the product cosmetic tube design will be very different. The design of cosmetic tube is not only beautiful, the key is to show its beauty on the basis of marketing, and fully express the positioning orientation of the product from the overall cosmetic tube design of the product. Only in this way can it be more easily accepted by consumers, and the product will be more popular and stand out on the market. The product cosmetic tube design is a creative conception and work process for the overall formation of the product cosmetic tube. It is a means to protect the product, transmit information, promote the product, and promote sales. The cosmetic tube design methods and principles that cosmetic tube manufacturers use feature with styling structure design and visual image design according to the different classification of the product cosmetic tube.

The external shape of the cosmetic container is mainly to arouse visual pleasure. And its internal structure is in order to provide the most reasonable and economical space for the product. For some products, such as different cosmetics, it is necessary to consider the convenience of being used and repeatedly used, the comfort of the hand, and the movement. Factors such as aesthetics, that is, the consumer's sense of contact and self-psychological satisfaction that both cosmetic tube suppliers and cosmetic companies expect to achieve.

It can be said that the cosmetic container and its materials and technological means are complementary and inseparable.


On the other hand, before the product meets with the consumer, it is necessary to prepare a cosmetic tube with pictures and texts that express the instructions for use and beautify the product. However, the use of accurate and appropriate graphics and text to beautify and explain the product is a deduction of consumer psychological needs, and can even achieve the added value effect of enhancing the value-added needs of consumers. This cosmetic tube design effect must be able to arouse consumer interest in the product. Therefore, this requires continuous development in the field of practical psychology. The successful graphic design of cosmetic tube must have a sales landing effect.

In response to different needs, the cosmetic tube design of the product has to be separated into different sales levels. It can be seen that studying and learning cosmetic tube design is to think about solving such problems, that is, how to maximize the sales of goods as the ultimate goal.


For cosmetic tube manufacturers, it requires not only knowledge of modeling, craftsmanship, technology and appreciation of beauty, but also the ability of advertising planning and graphic cosmetic tube design. Under the premise of familiarity and understanding and a deep understanding of the advantages of the product, it needs to understand the wishes of customers and the demands of the market. Then make the corresponding choices of cosmetic tube materials, structural modeling, graphics, and text. The integrated design of these integrated elements can be called a cosmetic tube design in the true sense.


The appearance design of cosmetic tube, also known as commercial cosmetic tube design, is also an important platform for brand promotion. A designer and entrepreneur who truly understand the design function of cosmetic tube will never give up this stage of display easily. Because of its large number, wide spread, and close contact with consumers, it will become a showcase company. The best carrier of image, as cosmetic tube suppliers said in the definition of modern cosmetic tube design: "It can be explained like this: cosmetic tube is a salesman, cosmetic tube is an advertising tool, cosmetic tube itself is a commodity, cosmetic tube is also a trademark, cosmetic tube It is the epitome of sales strategy. Cosmetic tube is a means to make a product unique. Cosmetic tube creates corporate and product image. Cosmetic tube brings convenience. Cosmetic tube determines the prosperity and decline of product marketing. Meet your ideal cosmetic tube manufacturer that can level up your brand!

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