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importance of green cosmetics packaging


With the emergence of environmental problems, green cosmetics packaging design is also ready to emerge. Cosmetic packaging factories come to talk to you about green cosmetics packaging design. Green cosmetics packaging design is closely related to each of us. Since human society has commodity circulation, there has been cosmetic packaging design. At the beginning, the packaging of cosmetics was primitive and simple, and its role was limited to protecting goods and facilitating transportation. With the development of society, brand identity has been added to cosmetic packaging. Various functions such as conveying information and promoting sales. Moreover, cosmetic packaging plays an increasingly important role in product sales. Sometimes a good cosmetic packaging design will make the product sell well.


The impact of green cosmetics packaging design is more reflected in the ideas it contains and the impact on peoples concepts. Green concepts continue to convey to people the concept of "caring for the environment and caring for health", leading people to abandon lifestyles that are harmful to physical and mental health. Individuals and groups of life explore more meaningful living spaces. As a result, the concept of green design survives, and the difficulty of life is once again connected with the humanistic and humanistic spirit.

Green cosmetics packaging design can boldly alleviate the dual pressure of resource crisis and pollution prevention. For example, the standard for cosmetic packaging in the department store industry formulated by the Japan Department Store Association Committee: cosmetic packaging raw materials or finished products must not harm human health, and use as little as possible the use of difficult-to-degrade cosmetic packaging materials after discard; minimize the volume of cosmetic packaging and the free volume in the container It should not exceed 20% of the product volume. The committee also advocates adopting the simplest cosmetic packaging method, and even requires efforts in the direction of zero cosmetic packaging design. From the above environmental protection points, we can see that the focus of green cosmetics packaging design should be on the benefits of human health, pollution prevention, and the reuse of resources. Its foothold is still on the sustainability of human society.

The multiple connotations of green cosmetics packaging design belong to the "green design" concept on the cultural concept of cosmetics packaging design, covering many aspects: ecological care, environmental awareness; human health and safety awareness; sustainable development design ideas; nature Its comfortable and simple design concept. Starting from environmental protection, it aims to create an ecological environment that is pollution-free, conducive to human health, and conducive to human survival and reproduction through design. Therefore, green cosmetics packaging design is not only a technical consideration, but more importantly, a conceptual change. It requires designers to abandon the practice of overemphasizing product design and focus on the true meaning. In the innovation, we use a more responsible attitude and method to create the form of the product, and use a more concise and lasting shape to extend the products service life as much as possible. The two levels of spirit and spirit make their own contributions to the development of society.

With the development of the world economy and the progress of the society, the green cosmetics packaging design standards are becoming stricter and stricter. However, cosmetic packaging is closely related to environmental protection. As more and more consumer goods enter people's lives, it enriches and facilitates people's lives, and at the same time produces a large amount of cosmetic packaging waste.

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to green cosmetics packaging. The scope of green cosmetics packaging design is gradually expanding, and people are beginning to pay attention to humanistic value and long-term value. Under the sustainable development strategy, environmental protection policies have been continuously improved, and with the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, "green cosmetics packaging" will eventually become a reality. As a designer, we must advocate green cosmetics packaging design. In the cosmetic packaging design, we should establish the ethical concept of green design, choose non-toxic, harmless, and easily decomposable materials, and achieve green, ecological, and humane design in the whole process of design. The dual combination of material and spirit contributes to the natural environment and sustainable development.

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