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Why convenience in cosmetic squeeze tubes is becoming more important


The convenience of cosmetic squeeze tubes is one of the main reasons why it has become a billion dollar industry. Cosmetic tube containers are designed to make the product easier to use, apply, and store. The way people apply their cosmetic products is changing. Increasingly, consumers want to be able to use their products anywhere, at any time and in multiple places. This is why convenience is such a high priority for custom tube packaging.

The way packaging is designed can make a huge difference in the ease of use of a product. For example, consider face lotions. Consumers want to be able to dispense a small amount of lotion with each pump, but they also want to ensure that they're not wasting any product by over-pumping. So there is a lot of pressure on cosmetic tube suppliers to design tubes that are easy to pump but also don't waste any product.

Convenience has implications for the entire supply chain. To understand more about convenience as a feature, keep reading!

How cosmetic tube suppliers are prioritizing convenience?

Cosmetic tube containers are needed to protect the product, as well as make it more appealing to the consumer. While there are many different types of packaging, convenience is a key factor in making sure that consumers are able to use the product easily.

In order for custom cosmetic tube packaging to be considered convenient, it needs to have several features:

Easy-to-open tubes – Custom cosmetic tube packaging should be easy to open so that users can get the product out without having to struggle with it. If a consumer has trouble opening a tube, they may not buy it again or recommend it to others.

Easy-to-use containers – Cosmetic squeeze tubes should be easy to use so that users do not have difficulty using it. If a person has difficulty getting their hands inside of a container or squeezing something out of it, they may not buy that product again or recommend it to others.

Easy-to-clean containers – A container should be easy to clean so that users do not have difficulty cleaning it after using it.

Another aspect of convenience is portability. How easily can people take their beauty products with them when they're traveling or going out? Some companies have started selling single-use cosmetic squeeze tubes containing individual doses of cleanser or moisturizer.

Why convenience first?

The increasing demand for cosmetic products has led to a rise in packaging innovation. To make it easier for consumers to buy and use their products, cosmetic tube suppliers are focusing on designing more portable and functional packaging.

Innovative designs are creating new ways to package cosmetic products that consider how they will be used, how they can be carried around, and which features will make them more convenient to use.

This is especially true for millennials, who are more likely than other age groups to say they feel pressed for time and money when it comes to caring for themselves or loved ones. A research also found that more than half of all Americans are concerned about being able to afford basic necessities such as food and housing over the next five years. As a result, they're looking for ways to make their dollars go further, including buying smaller versions of personal care products that can be taken with them on the go.

Custom tube packaging that allows consumers to use their favorite products on the go is increasingly important for both premium brands and mass-market brands. More than ever, convenience is a priority in personal care packaging. Consumers want to grab their favorite products and get moving.

Travel-friendly cosmetic tube containers are especially important for those who like traveling a lot and go on frequent vacations where they might need extra supplies of their favorite beauty products at hand at all times. 

Dual-chamber cosmetic tube packaging

The packaging industry is evolving to meet the needs of modern consumers, who have become more accustomed to a high level of convenience. In addition to providing convenience, personal care custom tube packaging must also help protect and preserve the product inside. To accomplish this, cosmetic tube suppliers are turning to dual-chamber packaging.

The trend toward dual-chamber packaging is one way that brands are making their products easier to use. With dual-chamber packaging, there are multiple compartments within the same package, which allows consumers to open one compartment and apply the product without having to open another. This makes it more convenient for them because they don't have to go through multiple steps when applying their makeup or skincare products each day, such as applying moisturizer first, then putting on their foundation or sunscreen afterward. 

A good example of this type of packaging can be seen with Benefit Cosmetics' Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel Brow Gel Mascara. It comes with two separate chambers: one has a brush applicator and the other has fiber gel that can be used on brows for volume and definition.

Nowadays, dual-chamber packaging is used by many brands and product categories such as lipsticks, mascara and even toothpaste. This type of cosmetic tube containers allow consumers to apply both products at once without having to switch between them or mix them together before application.

In the case of beauty companies, dual-chamber tubes are often used for makeup brushes because they allow consumers to easily apply their foundation and concealer at the same time, without having to dip their brush into more than one container or use separate brushes for each step in their makeup routine.

Dual-chamber cosmetic tube packaging offers a number of benefits to consumers and manufacturers alike. It allows products to be stored at room temperature while protecting them from moisture, UV light and other damaging elements. The inner chamber can be kept cool or frozen, ensuring that your product maintains its quality for as long as possible. In addition, dual-chamber packaging allows you to separate ingredients from each other so they do not react with one another before you are ready for them to do so.

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