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best cosmetic tube packaging in 2021


Cosmetic tube packaging design has become the most important link in the development of cosmetics.

According to the Marketsand Markets report (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"), the global cosmetics tube packaging market is expected to grow from USD 49.4 billion (approximately RMB 345.51 billion) in 2020 to USD 60.9 billion (approximately RMB 425.94 billion) in 2025. The compound annual growth rate is 4.03%.

The huge cosmetic tube packaging market cannot avoid homogeneity. Now that we have entered the era of live streaming, which is called exquisite e-commerce, how can we achieve innovative cosmetic tube packaging while meeting mass demand?


Packing material + instrument

Redefine cosmetic tube packaging

In the "Internet" era, competition in the cosmetic tube packaging industry has become increasingly fierce. With the increasingly saturated market space, the industry has entered a stage of stock transformation. The cosmetic tube packaging material also starts from the most basic carrier function and combines higher technological intelligence. For many traditional cosmetic tube packaging material companies, it can be regarded as an innovative breakthrough.

Among them, high-tech functional packaging materials are more embodied in the explosive CP of "package materials + instruments". Cosmetic tube factory predicts that China's home beauty equipment market will reach 10 billion yuan in 2021 and exceed 20 billion yuan by 2026. The rapid growth of market share and demand has attracted many cosmetic tube packaging companies.

I am very optimistic about the future development of high-tech smart cosmetic tube packaging materials from cosmetic tube supplier. The promotion of a cosmetic tube packaging material attracted a large group of people. Its head is grafted with a pulse instrument, and at the bottom is a cosmetic tube packaging material hose. It is divided into three levels according to the degree of vibration from weak to strong, and it is mostly used for massage creams and other categories.

Under live e-commerce

The rise of visualization and batch cosmetic tube packaging  for cosmetic tube manufacturer

With the advent of the 5G era, the development of live e-commerce is in full swing. Compared with luxurious and expensive cosmetic tube packaging, consumers prefer personalized and trendy "visual" cosmetic tube packaging.

The so-called visualization includes not only the eye-catching cosmetic tube packaging of the product, but also the effect that consumers can visually see the product through the screen.

Talking about what kind of cosmetic tube packaging from cosmetic tube manufacturer can stand out, the cosmetic tube foreman believes that cosmetic tube packaging with certain ethnic trends and traditional cultural elements is more popular in the market at this stage.


Styled cosmetic tube packaging continues to emerge in the market. The traditional culture that was once "hidden in the boudoir" is being presented in everyone's field of vision through various cosmetic tube packaging carriers.

The rise of new channels such as live e-commerce has dealt a heavy blow to traditional cosmetic tube packaging companies to a certain extent. High-volume, fast iteration, short delivery, and customization are becoming new demands in the cosmetic tube packaging market. Companies that have been transformed early will seize market opportunities.

From green cosmetic tube packaging to environmentally friendly materials from cosmetic tube supplier

Green environmental protection is the eternal topic of cosmetic tube packaging for cosmetic tube factory

According to a report from Marketsand Markets, from 2020 to 2025, skin care will become the largest segment of the cosmetic tube packaging market. In order to match the concept of natural and harmless products, cosmetic tube manufacturers also tend to adopt environmentally-friendly cosmetic tube packaging. Recently, "natural and organic" and "clean and beautiful" have come to the forefront, which has further promoted the growth of demand in this segment.

As far as the cosmetics industry is concerned, the cosmetic tube packaging design carries the value of beauty. The cosmetic tube packaging design is essentially to give consumers better vision, touch and even smell, so as to attract and link consumers, and ultimately win more markets for brands and products.

In the future, with the application of more new scenarios, the grafting of new technologies, and the exploration of consumer pain points, the innovation of cosmetic tube packaging materials will also create more possibilities from catering to the market to guiding consumption

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