Binzhou city skin care products packaging printing

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Binzhou city to protect skin to taste how to print a packing, plastic material categories of the environmental protection enterprise awarding meeting won the prize of science and technology in 2017. Recently, the science and technology awards conference held in Beijing, field, a total of 17 awards, involving the ultra-low emission, water pollution control, soil restoration, solid waste treatment, clean production, and other areas. In science and technology awards conference speech pointed out that enterprise is the main body of market economy, also should become the main body of technological innovation. 3, material: no. 78 of sewage and garbage, waste, medical waste, sludge treatment and other environmental protection enterprises, the tax policy, no longer implement exemption, instead of which carried out policy, tax rebate percentage to 50% 70%. The impact on the enterprise (a, change after 1) Corporate tax, profits have even losses in New Deal not only the VAT tax, also along with value-added tax of pay the surcharge. Among them, especially the soil heavy metal pollution. So heavy metal pollution control problems of cultivated land resources needs to be solved, the heat of the soil remediation technology topics are also rising. With the constant progress of science and technology, the current soil remediation technology innovation and upgrade. Facing the grim situation, large scale, complex farmland soil pollution problems left over by history, soil remediation technology development, for the protection of land resources has brought the Gospel. 2, lotion bottle: the lid, shoulder sleeve, emulsion pump,. For internal equipped with hoses. Outside is yakeli, PP material. The lid is yakeli of ABS. Second, in terms of carbon trading market, most of the market out low liquidity, activity characteristics; There is still no complete Angle into based on market price mechanism; The market degree is low, the control of the line of business and investors in the carbon market confidence. In addition, so far, the carbon market does not provide a relatively, scale of financial products. L/D is too big material within the cylinder for a long time, heat is easy to cause the degradation, affect the product performance. Compression ratio is too small shear heat generating less, easy plasticizing, product performance is poor. Vice can make glass fiber fracture, more mechanical performance degradation. When processing glass fiber reinforced PET and cylinder wear more severe, cylinder use wear-resisting material or have wear-resisting lining material. If the mould temperature control is not good or improper material temperature control, easy to produce white mist and not. Die temperature low and uniform, cooling speed, less crystal products. 5, non-woven fabric containing chemical fiber composition is easy to cause the user skin, so don't advocate using, less use of other materials. By 2017, a total of 2 in field. 200 million yuan, including 1 will be funded. 127, 4. 3 billion yuan, environmental protection class project has around 80 environmental protection organization, hand in hand in 14 provinces and municipalities to carry out and promote water conservation management work together. Department of environmental protection department of zhejiang province on April 8, also for ali platform of public. And if the industry are subject to compulsory, even the rising cost of the whole cost of industry overall rise, the cost could be passed on to the product. At the same time, the responsibility scope narrow, less cases, loss ratio is too low, supporting technology and service security system lag has become a problem. After compulsory, also can bring certain burden, how to reduce as far as possible extra burden of enterprises also need to consider one of the problems. Cooperate with related legislation to promote nature reserve related legislative work, for the healthy development of protected areas to provide legal support. To push forward the pilot Cheng Lifeng park system is introduced, the establishment of the park system, is the important content of construction of ecological civilization system. It is understood that the park will be stricter protection, in addition to not damage the ecological production facilities renovation of indigenous life and natural tourism science education tourism, prohibit other construction, protect natural ecology and the natural and cultural heritage of the original true, integrity. 6, because of the mold cost-sharing, general requirements for a larger quantity of finished products unit price will lower the economic order quantity. 2, rolling A) In order to avoid the finished product and design color sample, the deflection should be recognized when computer printing proofing and as a quality inspection.
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