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Plastic cosmetic tube production of raw materials and spray plastic cosmetic tube cycle


A plastic cosmetic tube is a cosmetic container made from PET, PE or PP with the corresponding solvent added, but heated by a high temperature manufacturer and then blown, squeezed or injection moulded by a plastic mould. The plastic cosmetic tube is not easy to break, low cost, high transparency, raw materials and so on.


Consumers should pay special attention to the use of plastic products, do not contact vinegar, detergent, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, so as to avoid chemical reactions. In addition, when buying wholesale Cosmetic tubes, you should choose plastic products with PE or PP labels, less decorative patterns, colorless, tasteless and smooth surface.

The plastic cosmetic tube is a kind of plastic cosmetic soft pipe, and has a special production process, is a vertical injection process design, so as to be able to the tube wall thickness and quality is very consistent and very accurate, so as to increase the high permeability of plastic cosmetic soft pipe, Has a relatively high sealing performance and the appearance appears to have high mechanical strength, plastic cosmetic tube mouth is very beautiful and tidy, and there is no front, no scrap, the size of the thread is very stable, the precision is very high, the outside look very shiny, use up very temperament, especially grade. The characteristics and performance of plastic cosmetic tubes are thus able to have a very good value when used, and can be widely used and promoted in the corresponding field.

The use cycle of spray plastic cosmetic tubes is generally long. In the process of repeated use, the surface of plastic cosmetic tube is easy to breed, which affects the health of users. Cosmetic tubes can be produced on the surface all the time. That is, when cosmetic Tube suppliers process, the inorganic metal cleaner is evenly dispersed in the raw material of cosmetic tubes. After improved blow molding production process, the cosmetic tubes with cleaning function are produced. It has the advantages of long cleaning time, good cleaning effect and good cleaning spectrum performance.

Spray plastic cosmetic tube is a spray of plastic cosmetic tube out of the liquid, which can reduce waste, increase the contact area, more suitable for the use of modern cosmetics industry needs. In the production of spray in the production of plastic tube cosmetics raw material, add the corresponding proportion of nanometer materials, it can improve the physical and chemical properties of the spray plastic tube cosmetics, especially has a good barrier performance, chemical corrosion resistance and uv resistance performance, the corresponding spray plastic tube toughness also corresponding increase cosmetics, It also reduces the cost of processing so that the Wholesale Cosmetic Tube can be competitive.

A plastic cosmetic tube factory for you to outline the four principles of production:

(1) plastic cosmetic tube choose what main material and additives formula, play a crucial role in the quality of its high bottom. There are many kinds of main materials in the selection, which requires us to investigate its inductive function when choosing wholesale Cosmetic tubes. Usually, high-density polyethene and polypropylene plastic cosmetic tubes are used for tablets. If the demand is transparent, PET plastic cosmetic tubes can be used, such as high isolation function of cosmetic products demand. And light resistance, opaque, choose brown PET plastic cosmetic tube, isolation function is better for PEN plastic cosmetic tube. Liquid plastic cosmetic tubes usually choose polypropylene plastic cosmetic tubes or polyester plastic cosmetic tubes as the main material.

(2) stability and compatibility: the selection of plastic cosmetic tubes, especially the selection of new plastic cosmetic tube (or new raw materials, new technology) about the cosmetic experiment to investigate the stability of cosmetic and plastic cosmetic tube and compatibility between. , plastic cosmetic tube raw materials between the infiltration, dissolution, adsorption, chemical reaction, denaturation need to be detected to determine.

(3) Product quality and system: Cosmetic Tube manufacturer probably has the relevant national and industry standards. Make a complete and correct evaluation of the cosmetic Tube Manufacturer's hardware and software equipment, technical equipment, and quality.

(4) sealing, permeability: sealing and water vapour permeability are two important skills of plastic cosmetic tube indicators, they play an important influence on the stability of cosmetics.


Two, plastic cosmetic tube factory for you to outline two kinds of plastic cosmetic tube-design process:

(1) Injection and blowing process: the plastic raw materials are injected into a tubular blank by injection molding machine, and then put into a plastic cosmetic soft tube mold after stretching and blowing molding, and finished after cooling. This process is mainly used to produce PET plastic cosmetic tube, such as plastic cosmetic tube. With the changes in the world economy, the industrial structure of Wholesale Cosmetic tubes is also in the upgrading stage. In the current industrial upgrading process, some low value-added enterprises have encountered a variety of business difficulties and challenges unheard of, facing a variety of difficulties.

(2) Extrusion and blowing process: add plastic raw materials into the extruder, melt and plasticize the molten billet, and then put it into the plastic cosmetic soft tube mold, blow and form it, take it out from the mold after cooling and shaping, remove the waste edge and finish the product. The cosmetic Tube manufacturer is used to make polyethylene or PVC plastic cosmetic tube.


Now, Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer talks about plastic cosmetic tube companies in the midst of a transformation storm. There are various problems with plastic cosmetic tubes. Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer to carefully analyze. At first, cosmetic tube is a labor-intensive industry, but now the labor cost is rising. For cosmetic tube companies, the cost of artificial production of Cosmetic tube manufacture has become a huge pressure. Secondly, the price of raw materials is rising, subject to the rise of various costs in the market, the rise of raw materials is obvious, which gives plastic cosmetic tube enterprises caused another layer of pressure. Again, with the weakness of the debt crisis in Europe and the world economy, the plastic tube cosmetics trade orders gradually decline, many foreign trade companies into the domestic market, this to the already fierce competition in the domestic plastic tube cosmetics market has brought greater pressure, price competition is more and more severe, corporate profits is becoming more and more low. For plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers, under the current various pressure, should take the road of industrial upgrading, take the road of innovation in the field of plastic packaging, and strive to improve the added value of plastic cosmetic tube. From the plastic cosmetic tube design, production and sales of all aspects of continuous improvement.

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