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Cosmetic tube packaging for new fashion


Plastic cosmetic tube from cosmetic tube supplier is an international advanced packaging container, the product is non-toxic and tasteless, convenient to use, bright and beautiful surface color, low price. Cosmet tube is widely used in cosmetics, medicine, food, detergent and other daily necessities packaging, which can highlight the value of products.

Cosmetic tube packaging is becoming a mainstream packaging method in the daily chemical industry with its convenience, diversity and relatively low cost, and this trend has also appeared in other industries. Therefore, cosmet tube packaging technology has attracted more and more attention from the industry users. The plastic cosmet tube packaging is also favored by the majority of consumers because of its light weight, convenient use, good quality and low price. We will talk about the cosmet tube packaging that detonates the new fashion in the future to see where it is outstanding?


As the name implies, the raw material of the plastic cosmetic tube is plastic, and more specifically, it is mainly polyethylene material. According to the structure, the packaging cosmet tube can be divided into single layer tube, multi-layer tube and composite pipe with various raw materials. The single layer cosmetic tube includes metal cosmetic tube and plastic extrusion cosmet tube; The multilayer cosmetic tube includes aluminum plastic composite cosmetic tube, plastic composite cosmetic tube and Plastic Co extrusion cosmetic tube.

According to the processing technology classification, wholesale and custom cosmetic tube from cosmetic tube manufacturer can be divided into seamless tube and slit tube. Seamless pipe includes cold stamping, rolling and extrusion forming; The joint pipe includes high frequency welding, ultrasonic welding, hot welding and other forming methods. The extrusion can be used to process the cosmet tube of multi-layer or single layer plastics. At present, the advanced plastic cosmetic tube production line in the world has the remarkable characteristics of automatic color printing, lighting, drying, rapid drawing and injection head.

Custom modern cosmetic tube is similar to magnetic card, and it is integrated with "printing" and "system". Cosmet tube printing enterprise is also a cosmetic tube manufacturing enterprise, printing is just one of the processes. Cosmet tube printing is generally four-color printing, some designs only have one or two colors, the most of which are 16 colors. There are three printing methods of cosmetic tube: offset, embossing and silk printing. Among them, offset printing accounts for the largest proportion, some of them are infrared drying, some are UV drying. Because of the thick layer and strong covering force, the silk screen is mainly used for printing the cosmet tube with background color. At present, the common technology of cosmet tube printing is: dust removal - surface pretreatment printing (UV ink) - polishing - UV curing (or heat curing) of light oil.


The printing process and problems of plastic cosmetic tube The case study of cosmet tube labeling technology (upper) (lower) the paper analyzes the sealing technology and common problems ※ the packaging application of cosmet tube is becoming a mainstream packaging mode in the daily chemical industry with its convenient, diverse and relatively low cost. And this trend has also begun to show its beginning in other industries. Therefore, cosmet tube packaging technology has attracted more and more attention from other industries (medicine and food, etc.). The choice of cosmetic tube material needs to be determined according to the corrosion of the product to the material. Different industries have different choices on the cosmetic tube material.

In general, the traditional aluminum cosmetic tube and composite tube from tube supplier will be selected for pharmaceutical products; Most food products with high anticorrosive performance are composite pipes; Cosmetics products are focused on the selection of full plastic cosmetic tube. The successful application of cosmet tube packaging requires the cooperation of users, equipment suppliers and packaging materials suppliers. Sometimes the main reason why the end sealing effect of the product is not good is that the heating temperature of the packaging material is not consistent with the heating temperature of the equipment. It is likely that the proportion of chemical particles in each batch of products provided by the packaging material supplier is not accurate, and this small change will affect the sealing effect. Therefore, the user, equipment supplier and packaging material supplier shall "sit together" to determine detailed packaging and production plan according to the chemical composition, corrosiveness, selection of cosmet tube material, stability of cosmet tube material, adjustment and control of heating temperature of equipment, etc, In this way, the best quality of cosmet tube packaging can be guaranteed.

Packaging application custom cosmetic tube packaging technology and application cosmetic tube packaging green tea: three formulations into healthy "new favorites" to explore toothpaste cosmetic tube packaging new cosmetic tube packaging in shape and color requirements for higher cosmetic tube packaging: create a new cosmetics in the toothpaste tube structure: metal cage packaging, four seasons "peanut peanuts" new concept of the Automation of cosmet tube packaging for etic tube packaging daily chemicals The characteristics of cosmet tube packaging aluminum plastic composite cosmet tube packaging require the new product development of self tanninggel of Oreal é Skincrackointmentcosmet tube of ecosmetic tube Johnson & Johnson Co., Ltd. uses cosmetic tube to position and flip over the oval cosmetic tube high quality cosmetic tube:poly type to make Colgate vertical toothpaste. The traditional packaging of cosmet tube breaks through the traditional packaging of cosmostatic tube, and the cosmet tube products are well dressed with new clothes, and the 3D printing cosmetic tube can absorb good packaging stability Cosmet tube packaging, which is easy to open, * cosmet tube packaging "future meta quantity" was only the packaging of medium and low-grade products 15 years ago. Even the most famous brands are now in use. Cosmetic tube packaging is economical, convenient and easy to carry. It is suitable for accommodating emulsion and gelatin. In recent years, with the rapid development of packaging industry and the continuous optimization of plastic cosmet tube packaging, the development of cosmet tube packaging has been strong.

Since the appearance of custom plastic cosmet tube packaging, it has been the exclusive party in the field of packaging. In recent years, with the hot development of packaging industry and the continuous optimization of plastic cosmet tube packaging, the development of cosmet tube packaging is "promising". New trend of market trend: cosmetic tube packaging cosmetic tube detonates the new packaging, tomorrow's cosmetic tube plastic cosmetic tube packaging development is changing. In summary, it is easy to see that cosmet tube packaging is a kind of widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics, cosmetics, and the development of modern cosmet tube packaging The packaging form of seasoning and other industries. It has been used in the world for many years, but in China, cosmet tube packaging is not widely used, and it is widely used in medicine and daily chemical industry. However, we believe that with the further recognition of the cosmet tube packaging form by end-user enterprises and the increasing understanding of cosmet tube packaging technology, the packaging form of cosmetic tube will surely lead to the new fashion of packaging

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