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Cosmetic tube design tips


Nowadays, the quality of many commodity cosmetic tubes is not improved, which makes consumers feel dissatisfied and even bored, which directly affects the sales of commodities. Under the current market conditions of cruel competition, it cannot but be said to be a kind of containment for merchants or manufacturers. Naturally, it also affects the economic benefits of businesses or cosmetic tube manufacturers. This is mainly because the basic quality and design level of the product cosmetic tube designer cannot improve, which leads to the inferior quality of the cosmetic tube design. The taste of cosmetic tube design is mainly the mastery of cosmetic tube design skills. If the cosmetic tube manufacturer grasps the skills, there will be no problems of quality up and down.

A pattern needs to be expressed through the contrast of different colors, but this kind of pigment is an indispensable object that constitutes the pattern element of the entire cosmetic tube. Some patterns are even a clever combination of different pigments. Therefore, in the process of researching cosmetic tube design, if the cosmetic tube manufacturer does not pay attention to the contrast between color and color itself, there is no way to design a good cosmetic tube pattern.

Commodity cosmetic tubes should consider the following psychological skills when designing:

1. Mental shoppers want convenience. For example, cosmetics with transparent or window-opening cosmetic tubes can be easily selected, gift boxes with combined cosmetic tubes can be easily used, and cosmetic tubes can be easily carried. The convenience and ease of use of the cosmetic tube add to the attractiveness of the product.

2. Realistic psychology When consumers are pursuing the actual use value of products such as "practical" and "beneficial" as their main purpose, they will pay attention to the quantity and effectiveness of the products when purchasing products, and emphasize economical benefits, durability, low prices and good quality. , The goods are genuine at a reasonable price, their consumption behavior is relatively stable, and they are not easily affected by external factors. At this time, the corresponding product cosmetic tube design must clearly indicate the product's trademark, component measurement, price, and use instructions, so that consumers can see at a glance. Excessive cosmetic tube products with "form is greater than content", even if they can attract casual purchases from consumers, it is difficult to win their loyalty.

3. Innovative psychology This refers to a psychology of consumers tube main purpose is to pursue the novelty and fashion of commodity cosmetic tubes. Consumers with this kind of psychology are mostly young people with better economic conditions. They are full of vigor, love to catch up with trends, and are easily affected by external factors. Practicality and price are high and low, but they are often attracted by the fashion and novelty of commodity cosmetic tubes, which leads to purchasing motivation.

For example, cosmetic tubes generally use green and blue tones, while a cosmetic tube in the United States is unconventional and adopts a bright red tint. This color tone has the psychological characteristics of color that arouses people's excitement, so it strongly attracts the attention of consumers.

4. The cosmetic tube design of psychological products is the crystallization of art. Exquisite cosmetic tubes can arouse high-level social needs of consumers. Cosmetic tubes with deep artistic charm are a kind of beauty enjoyment for buyers, and they can prove the aesthetic value of cosmetic tubes. The exquisite cosmetic tube is the driving force that promotes potential consumers to become visible consumers, and then into permanent and habitual consumers. Every cosmetic tube in the world, its cosmetic tubes are very elegant, this is the most elegant and most successful cosmetic tube promotion.

5. The psychology of seeking fun. People especially need relaxation and humor in a stressful life. To attract the attention of consumers and encourage them to consume, the products must also pay attention to cosmetic tubes. Only in this way can cosmetic tube manufacturers increase sales and increase profits.

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