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Product design and cosmetic tube design reinforce each other


When it comes to cosmetic tube design and product design, which is more important? product design or cosmetic tube design? Production for cosmetics tube manufacturer, sometimes it is really very entanglements, such as tube cosmetics manufacturers struggled, their own product design is very good, but in the face of cosmetics tubes puzzled when manufacturers was at this stage, they don’t know cosmetics tubes should elaborate design, Even some cosmetics tube manufacturer or customer in the tube cosmetics investment in the design of the above special big, more strange is that some customers even cosmetics tube design budget is more than the budget of product design, which makes a lot of cosmetics tube manufacturer in a more embarrassing situation, or trapped in a dilemma, and cosmetic tube manufacturers don't know how to balance the two. So today we will introduce how to make a choice between cosmetic tube design and product design.

First of all, product design and cosmetic tube design are not a contradiction, the two should be a mutually promoting relationship, so customers do not feel that cosmetic tube design and product design to make a trade-off, good cosmetic tube design, to product sales. And brand promotion and the propaganda of cosmetics tube manufacturer culture greatly promote role, and a product if you want to sell well, first of all, their own product design must pass, so that consumers in the use of this product will think the product easy to use, or is to be able to meet the needs of the consumers. 

Second is in the cosmetics tube design, to take into account the style of product design, to reflect some of the characteristics of product design above the cosmetic tube, so that the selling point of this product can be more reflected in the cosmetics tube. Again, good product design can make the added value of the product greatly improved, and good cosmetic tube design can also make the added value of the product increased, so customers should pay attention to the design of cosmetic tube, but also to pay attention to the design of the product.

Products and cosmetics tube design the question of what is more important is to introduce to here, now there is a very popular view is that the product of cosmetics tubes can be moderate, but excessive tube is no need to cosmetics, cosmetics tubes so that customers a friend on the design aspects of the budget as long as it doesn't make dramatically increases the cost of the product. Then such a design budget is a reasonable budget. A good cosmetic tube design can increase sales and make customers leave a good impression on this product.

The key to the vitality of the product's cosmetic tube design is that it has a distinct personality and can't attract consumers without features. Product use is an indispensable element in the design of cosmetic tube. In the cosmetic tube, the use method, use procedure and product efficacy must be accurately explained, which is the concern of every consumer. If the label is not clear, it will lead to improper use by consumers, resulting in adverse consequences, the label should be clear, consumers can be guided by text description and highly indicative logo to prevent exaggeration and fraud, do not consider the grade specification of the cosmetic tube design is equal to no goal. Grade positioning requires consistency of product and cosmetic tube design form. It requires that the ratio of product and cosmetic tube value should not be out of balance.

Cosmetic tube design products involving the preferences and preferences of the sales object, considering the visual image of the design positioning and design of functional elements, cosmetic tube designers respectively grasp the different preferences and requirements of consumers, so that the sales target touches the goods, can fully associate with the goods.

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