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Glass transparent texture rich cosmetics packaging


In the competition between plastic cosmetics packaging and glass cosmetic packaging, cosmetic packaging is one of the most stable positions that glass packaging adheres to. With the development of plastic materials,  plastic cosmet bottle and tube manufacturer, plastic packaging with the same transparent texture of glass is quietly entering the market of high-grade cosmetics packaging with more colorful effect and more convenient processing performance than glass packaging, and it is showing the charm of cosmetics with more abundant image.

With the emergence of various new materials, new technologies and new technologies, cosmet packaging manufacturers provide more abundant choices for cosmetic packaging design. In order to achieve the desired effect, designers and cosmetic packaging manufacturers make unremitting efforts to develop the most perfect packaging design.


1、 Transparent packaging

Transparent texture is one of the important trends in cosmetics packaging. Crystal clear like crystal appearance effect, rich and imaginative modeling, make cosmetics suppliers favor transparent packaging. High grade cosmetics are more popular. Transparent packaging gives people a sense of purity and is full of modern flavor. Special structural design can also create wonderful effects. When it comes to whoelsale cosmetic tube, even plastic cosmetic tube suppliers started to offer transparent cosmetic tube from plastics.

Cosmetic tube has designed a package for color eye shadow. The design of the PMMA inserts on the lid and bottom must be well matched with the color of the eye shadow. The engineer compensates for the slight color difference in the two molding by carefully adjusting the color of the inserts. The top and bottom inserts are perfectly matched, as if a delicate sphere floats inside the cube.

The technology involved in manufacturing this product is quite complex, including secondary injection, ultrasonic welding, hot melt bonding, hot foil bonding and special customized automatic control technology. "Because of the excessive wall thickness and drastic changes, it is very difficult to process. We have to strictly control the tolerances to ensure the functionality and appearance of the package. " Although the manufacturing process and process are quite complex, the results achieved are incomparable. In order to provide another similar product to makeup, cosmet packaging company did not adopt secondary injection molding technology, but chose the assembly technology with lower cost. The small packing box has transparent outer bottom and cover, and the inner part is an inner cover and inner bottom of electroplating bottom. Cosmet packaging company has developed a special process to complete the connection of internal and external parts. The material used is Eastar copolyester of Eastman. The process of the process is to inject transparent parts into the first place and then assemble them. Welding or bonding is not used in the assembly process. Because it is not feasible to weld the electroplating parts in technology, the use of adhesive bonding may affect the transparency. Transparent packaging is one of the most important trends in cosmetics and perfume packaging. Transparent packaging gives people a sense of purity, and designers give modern sense to such design. The aim of Eastman Chemical Development of transparent materials is to achieve "crystal like aesthetic effect".

2、 Challenges of transparency in cosmet packaging

The trend of transparency is a challenge for the entire packaging, manufacturer. Cosmetic packaging offers a perfume bottle with a small pump. The plastic driver and ring of the pump select a special material to achieve the transparency effect. The cap and cosmetic bottle body matched with it are also completely transparent. "It's a challenge to achieve the transparency required by victonia's secret," cosmet packaging said. We have never done a pump body and a completely transparent structure before, so we have to do a lot of experiments on different materials to achieve the desired results. "

The  cosmetic bottle cap can also show the noble packaging effect. Cosmetic packaging said: "the Chance perfume company hopes that the ring of the bottle symbolizes a ring, and the cap looks more like a diamond on the ring." The chance cover is completed by two injection molding with an angle similar to the assembly hole cut on the diamond. The assembly of transparent parts is also a huge challenge. It is almost impossible to adopt traditional bonding methods to avoid affecting transparency. To solve this problem, cosmet Packaging Co., Ltd. is working with suppliers to develop a UV curing adhesive, which can not affect the transparency effect at all. It is reported that the material must be transparent even when exposed to the outside, so chemical resistance is also very important.


Cosmetic packaging to achieve luxurious noble effect, usually will use gold, silver and other colors, as a transparent packaging decoration. The basic color is mostly milky white. The color of cosmetic glass bottle packaging in the past is very limited, so plastic packaging has become the main choice. There are two ways for manufacturers to obtain plastic color: one is to spray UV paint or pigment on the surface; Another method is to develop a new resin mixture. Cosmet packaging company has been committed to developing resin products with special properties for many years. Today, cosmet packaging can be directly molded with new materials to produce products with metal appearance or pearl color or neon flash effect. These rich color effects can only be achieved by heavy metal filling when using glass packaging, and the color types are very limited.

The early metal or pearl resin will produce streaks, and now the formulation and process improvement will no longer produce similar defects. Cosmet packaging company has developed a UV sensitive material, which can produce different color effects in indoor and outdoor. Cosmet packaging company can provide new resin with metal, pearl, fluorescence, stone, fog and other metal appearance effects. Its polymer products can be colorless and transparent, but also have bright colors. Today, plastic bottles can realize all the dreams of color glass bottles. Electroplating is still one of the most important metallization methods. By increasing its color effect, the unparalleled appearance can be obtained, such as black pearl color, silver white, etc.

3、 Cosmatic packaging "no label" effect

Cosmetics label not only plays the function of labeling, but also sells images while selling cosmetics. Transparent label can be used as the ornament of products while it can transmit product information clearly. The product is still the center of the whole package, and the effect of "no label" is just the best decoration for the display of high-end products. On the one hand, the label content plays an important role in communication with consumers, on the other hand, the effect of "no label" is more fresh and attractive compared with the pure and transparent packaging“ The effect of no label has become the favorite of high-grade cosmetics packaging. At present, the label material used to achieve the effect of "no label" is transparent pressure sensitive film, and the effect of "no label" is realized by the fine pattern and text printed by soft or concave.

4、 The balance between reality and aesthetics of cosmet packaging

No product can pay more attention to the aesthetic effect of cosmetic packaging than cosmetics. But there are still many problems to consider in practice: cost saving pressure, more protection for products and high performance alternative materials. In fact, even the most expensive cosmetics face cost considerations. In the early days, people mainly reduce the cost of products by reducing the weight of packaging and reducing complex design. Glass occupies a large part of the perfume bottle market, but the plastic cover is the main reason, because plastic is more economical than metal. Plastic instead of glass, cost reduction is actually one of the main factors. Because of the easy processability of plastics and the promotion of new materials, it can achieve the same transparent effect as glass packaging, and the molding property is better, and the design of complex structure is easier to realize. The new plastic material can be directly formed and has a strange color effect, which makes the processing cost significantly reduced. Because of this, the application of plastics in cosmetics is increasing gradually.

But for cosmetic packaging, the cost is still second. Physical protection is a more important factor. Many cosmetics that provide hydrogen oxygen particles need to keep more water, so packaging is required to have good air tightness. The contents that need to be protected often may include chemical composition, moisture, fragrance, etc., but also convenient for consumers to open. The method of protecting water can be to add a layer of PP, or to realize it by thickening the wall. There are many ways to achieve air tightness, which can be selected according to the components of different cosmetics. Plastics are quietly taking the special position of glass in cosmetics. However, for high-end cosmetics, it is the most important factor to establish its own brand and product image characteristics and attractive packaging effect. Therefore, the higher performance of the plastic materials have become the first choice in the packaging design of high-grade cosmetics.

For cosmetic packaging, the balance between aesthetic pursuit and reality is quite delicate. New processing methods, materials and engineering technology can provide different quality and different price choices for gorgeous cosmetic packaging design. In order to achieve the desired effect, designers and cosmetics packaging manufacturers jointly complete the packaging design, and maintain certain flexibility to achieve the final perfect cosmetic packaging.

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