Plastic packaging products industry status quo: PET plastic bottles into big popular

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Beverage industry plastic packaging with attractive business opportunities, in 2002, beverage production has reached 20. 24 million tons, soda, juice, vegetables, drinks the increasing demand for plastic containers. Today's beverage market, PET in tea, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, bottled water containers applications has a major position, the good prospect. If let a person see admire watsons 'ring' bottle, gentle and graceful huiyuan plastic bottles, but person 'he + she -' yanjing 'east east' conical flask, etc. , PET make beverage packaging modelling diversity. Nearly two years, the new packaging of Chinese beverage market gradually more up, at present, used in the beverage packaging plastic type mainly has several kinds: 1, PE ( Polyethylene) : PE is one of the world's production of synthetic resin, and consumption of plastic packaging materials. Polyethylene products is divided into three of low density, medium density and high density. High density polyethylene ( HDPE) Due to the high crystallinity, the hardness, air tightness and mechanical strength, good chemical resistance are so heavily used blow molding hollow container such as made into bottles. Using PE heat sealing performance is good, the production of a variety of containers made of composite materials, can be dressed up the lemon juice, fruit juice and other drinks. 2、PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) : PVC can be roughly divided into three classes of hard ware, soft ware and paste products. With note blow method production PVC bottles without stitches, bottle, bao hou uniform can be dressed up gas beverage such as cola, soft drinks, etc. ; Adopting extrusion blow molding production PVC bottle is only applicable to holding fruit juice and mineral water. 3、PP ( Polypropylene) : the development of polypropylene transparent bottles is a hotspot at home and abroad in recent years, plastic packaging. With transparent modifier - — Successful development of the nucleating agent in PP. 0. 1% ~ 0. Sorbitol 4% shrinkage xylene ( Benzaldehyde) Nucleating agent, produced by the high transparent PP bottles can be widely used in thermal sterilization, such as concentrated juice needed hot filling beverage packaging, the price is appropriate, compression resistance to temperature, PS, ABS, PET, PE bottle of new rivals. 4, polyester ( PET or PETP) : the use of biaxial stretching PET bottle blow molding production, has the good transparency, high gloss surface, the glass shaped appearance, is the most suitable plastic instead of glass bottles. PET bottle production in recent years, our country has developed rapidly and widely used in all kinds of tea drink, fruit juice and so on need to hot filling beverage, such as PepsiCo 600 ml, 1. 25 l, 2 l and 2. 5 l PET bottle, different volume according to the different needs of individuals, families, praised by the great majority of consumers. From around the world drink big market share, the share of PET bottles are more than 70%. A survey results show that by 2007, Europe's food and beverage packaging plastic market sales by 2000, 49. The $100 million increase to 71. 500 million dollars, with an average annual growth rate of 5. 5%. At present, our country also is in the midst of the PET beverage packaging of high speed development stage, the demand of polyester bottle double-digit growth every year. The application of PET bottle proportion in the domestic carbonated beverage packaging of 57. 4%, visible polyester bottle package has the main domestic beverage packaging market. Wide range of consumers think that PET bottle a 'large capacity, transparent, intuitive is strong, lightweight easy to open, cold storage, easy to carry, strong, recycled' wait for a characteristic, provides a broad market prospect for its development.
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