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Process characteristics of emulsion cosmetic aluminum tube


Cosmetic aluminum tube packaging, is a special process of organic metal packaging from cosmetic tube manufacturers. This metal cosmetic tube has the "metal packaging queen" reputation. The research and development of aluminum has a history of more than 100 years.


1, the aluminum of emulsion cosmetics aluminum tube manufacturer contains polar side methyl, has obvious hygroscopic, water absorption rate is generally in 0.3%-0.4%, the aluminum plate must be dried before forming, drying condition is 80 deG C -85 DEG C drying 4-5h.

2. Aluminum has effective and obvious non-Newtonian fluid characteristics in the temperature range of forming process of aluminum tube manufacturer of emulsion cosmetics. The melt viscosity will decrease significantly with the increase of shear rate, and the melt viscosity is also very sensitive to the change of temperature. Therefore, for the molding process of POLYmethyl methacrylate, increasing the molding pressure and temperature can obviously reduce the melt viscosity and obtain better fluidity.

3. The temperature of cosmetic tube packaging is about 160℃ at the beginning of flow and higher than 270℃ at the beginning of decomposition, which has a wide range of processing temperature.

The viscosity of aluminum melt is high, the cooling rate is fast, and the product is easy to produce internal stress, so the process condition control requirements are strict when forming, and the product needs post-treatment after forming.

5. Aluminum is an amorphous polymer with small shrinkage and its variation range, generally about 0.5%-0.8%, which is conducive to forming the cosmetic metal Tubes with high dimensional accuracy.

6. Aluminum has excellent cutting performance, and its profiles can be easily machined to various required sizes. And its application so widely is our life indispensable a very popular material. The advantages and disadvantages of aluminum are that it is not easily damaged, its texture is soft, the manufacturing of cosmetic tube, scraps tube, lard tube is beautiful, its utility is very good, its surface is smooth, not easy to wear, easy to clean and so on. Its disadvantage lies in its high cost, production difficulty is also high, there are a lot of emulsion cosmetics aluminum tube on the market. Compared with the traditional Cosmetic Plastic Tube material, this new type of material has a higher gloss, is widely used and is greatly welcomed by people. It has a long service life and plays an important role in our life. Its advantages also determine that this material should be used in a large number of cosmetic tube manufacturers. In our daily life, aluminum emulsion, cosmetics and aluminum tubes are increasingly affecting everyone's ordinary life and have become a product that we should learn to use, which is the benefit of modern technology. All kinds of material products have been invented, which are really used by us, so that our life can be more convenient and comfortable.


Nowadays, more and more cosmetic Tube suppliers also realize the benefits of this aluminum. There are more and more metal squeeze tube manufacturers just because they are widely used by us and bring us more convenience. Aluminum cometic tubes have good aging resistance, all kinds of cosmetics and skin care packaging can also be used at ease, metal packaging tube variety, color rich, and has extremely excellent comprehensive performance, Cosmetic Tube Manufacturers offers designers a variety of options, including dyeing and surface painting, silk screen printing or vacuum coating.

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