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Prospect of plastic cosmetic packaging


With the development of rural cosmetics market, plastic flexible packaging skin care, hair care cosmetics market prospects, cosmetics small capacity flexible packaging will have a rapid development. Although the wide variety of cosmetics, different function, but in the context of its external form and the adaptability of packaging, mostly liquid, emulsion or paste body, does not have bright appearance, must through the exquisite, unique packaging design, to show its own features, so cosmetics generally relies on the packaging, can well realize the sale, in addition to the metal, Plastic and glass are the main container materials for cosmetics packaging. Opinions vary on who will lead the trend of cosmetics packaging market in the future.

For different types of cosmetics, there are great differences in the packaging materials used. Plastic cosmetic bottles are mainly used for oil products, such as hair oil, hair wax, sunscreen oil, bath oil, massage oil, etc. Emulsion products, such as cleaning cream, cleaning milk, moisturizing cream, nutrition cream, snow cream, cold cream, hair cream, etc. Surfactant solution products, such as shampoo, bath fluid, etc. Its consumption accounts for 40% of the total consumption of cosmetic packaging.

New concept plastic tube packaging

In most people's minds, glass jars are the perfect packaging for peanut butter or jelly products. And Unilever's famous food brand "Four Seasons" pioneered a whole new concept of peanut butter product packaging with its innovative use of flexible plastic packaging.


Four Seasons Peanut is one of the packaging products specially designed for children. The packaging is made of exquisitely-printed plastic material with four sides sealing. At the same time, the product is also designed on the top of one end of the four-sided sealing pouch with a tear notch, convenient for customers to squeeze out food. Compared with the traditional glass packaging, the advantages of this new packaging are self-evident: weight reduction, easy to carry and take at any time; Printing more exquisite, to achieve better shelf display effect to attract customers' attention.

Unilever currently has two different types of peanut butter products on the market: Butter Peanut Butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter. The 25-gram (0.9 ounce) flexible, portable bag is available in six bags in a multicolor printed folding carton. The product is being produced from existing facilities at Unilever's Georgia plant in Asia and is being sold on a trial basis in three U.S. locations.

The second Squeezeit innovative package is called "Squeezeit". The product is packaged in a flexible plastic tube with a unique wavy top design and a pop-up cap at the bottom to allow the package to stand upright on shelves. The plastic tube, used by many jelly and household products manufacturers, was used for the first time in peanut butter packaging, allowing customers to easily squeeze the product out through a design of holes in the packaging lid. The seal also had the function of a theft display. Wrap hoses with pressure-sensitive labels.

Unilever believes the packaged peanut butter snacks cater to customers' needs. Sikibao selects six bags of outer packing cartons for products with a total net weight of 5.4oz (150g) to better protect the quality of the products. It also costs the same as an 18-ounce glass bottle of Four Seasons Peanut Butter at $2.50 and does not add to production costs.

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