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Cosmetic tube packaging should be multi-performance development


"There is a growing interest in the cladding associated with Cosmetic Tube and the expectation is that the Cosmetic Tube manufacturer will change the barrier of the packaging in order to be able to provide a better product in the packaging in the form of Cosmetic Tube. Moving from a direct single layer of Cosmetic Tube to a multi-layer co-extrusion of Cosmetic Tube, which is a way of packaging material that would normally not be able to be placed, or that would be difficult to be placed, or that would affect shelf placement." -- Perfect (China) Cosmetic Products Co., Ltd. Perfect personal care products such as Aloe Gel, New Motion Hair Gel, Maryane Cosmetic Cosmetic Skin Care products such as Sensitive Cleansing Cream, Sensitive Repair Mask, Moisturizing Mask and Cleansing Cream all use the completely squeezedPlastic Cosmetic Tube. The person in charge said that because of the rapid increase in demand for its pressure-sensitive label materials, pressure-sensitive labels help to consolidate the identity of the brand. In addition to the obvious convenience factor of choosing the Cosmetic Tube package for the perfect personal care product, you get more color and lots of beautiful patterns on the Cosmetic Tube package as well as more content products to squeeze out of the package.

There is a growing interest in the composite layer associated with the Cosmetic Tube due to its printing quality. You can actually define the design and put it into practice. "We're seeing a lot of potential demand because of the freedom of color choice and the ability to go for a colorful effect." The person in charge said. At the same time, Perfect expects the Cosmetic Tube manufacturer to change the barrier characteristics of the packaging in order to provide a better product in the Cosmetic Tube form of packaging. Perfection believes that moving from a direct single layer of Cosmetic Tube to a multi-layer co-extrusion of Cosmetic Tube allows packaging of content that you would normally not be able to put in, or that would be difficult to put in, or that would affect shelf placement. Due to the decorative ability and the ability to better accommodate content products, the multi-layer composite Cosmetic tube has taken more market share from other Cosmetic tubes, as well as from plastic bottles, etc. The multi-layer composite Cosmetic Tube is expected to have a bright future with double-digit growth in the next few years.

Pearl tube packaging drives sales of cosmetics

The packaging of daily use and change things has always been to contend for strange and colourful, but still can not meet the high grade requirements of daily chemical products manufacturers, yearning for a wider and brighter sense of feeling and more shining decorative effect has become the common pursuit of some cosmetic products manufacturers at present. 'Pearl' pearl tube packaging provides cosmetic packaging manufacturers with an opportunity to develop new technologies and pursue innovation." -- Birou Deep Cleanser series, using delicate "pearl" pearl tube. The tube is a three-layer composite PEtube with a capacity of 50g and 100g. An arc of silver line runs diagonally from the end of the tube to the other side of the tube, adding to the floweriness of the tube design. The tube packaging is provided by Lisson, and the filling is completed by our company. They use the tube filling and sealing equipment made by Korea-Kerite Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. The equipment is KC-TB-I automatic tube filling and sealing integrated equipment, which adopts internal heating and sealing method, and sealing and coding are completed simultaneously.

The previous packaging, material form is single, nothing more than metal, plastic or glass three packaging materials. Now, any material, cut into any shape of the pouch, capsule and composite packaging can be found. As for the choice of packaging style and material, the market positioning of commodity brand is the most direct determinant. Sometimes, the birth of a new packaging technology can give birth to a unique packaging concept.

In order to attract customers of different age groups or classes, many cosmetics companies, including Kao, will launch a variety of brand products. As a result, manufacturers today have to constantly follow consumer demand. And the ever-changing needs of consumers also provide an opportunity for cosmetic packaging manufacturers to develop new technologies and pursue innovation. Demand for flexible packaging in the cosmetics industry. Take the cosmetics tube manufacturers as an example. Their products have developed from the previous color extrusion tube to the current four-color printing tube and hot stamping tube. In the selection of substrate, multi-layer co-extruded composite tube, soft touch tube, holographic tube, custom die cutting tube and mesh adjustment printing tube, etc. Both are good products to stimulate the audience's vision and purchase desire.  :

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