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The highest principle of cosmetic tube design: sales force


In the development of new products, the design of cosmetic tube is very important. But, in the important things, brand managers and designers often due to design problems between contrary opinions, investigate its reason is both sides stand on a different perspective on the issue by: designers usually stand on the Angle of aesthetics about cosmetic tube design, the brand manager is standing in the market's point of view on the products of cosmetic tube design. Stylist thought, idea, personality and aesthetic is the highest criterion of designers to suspend the tube cosmetics product design, the damage from the work of this criterion is a flawed work, while brand managers think that it is not in good condition is suitable for the market sales line, product cosmetics tube is not the embodiment of pure art, in product sales served as an important medium in the process of its role, In the theoretical brand operation, personality, aesthetic design is not the highest criterion, specific environment details lack, may be the best choice, product cosmetics tube design at the end of the display of sales force is the highest criterion of design. Brand cosmetics tube manufacturer had the position of manager experience, deepen to experience to similar differences, also unequivocally in this position: product cosmetics tube is help sales, after product cosmetics tube catch consumers' attention and convey the relevant product information, to produce static sales force, truly finished product cosmetics tube value and significance.

Product cosmetics tube is how to produce sales force? Let the cosmetic tube supplier use logical reasoning to evolve this behavioral process.

Cosmetic tube suppliers first look at the customer purchase process of the three steps: see the product - moved by the product - produce purchase. These three steps will determine the cosmetic tube supplier's product cosmetic tube focus on what function to show.

1, visual impact function. Goods that cannot be seen cannot be purchased! This is the well-known display theorem. On a dizzying supermarket shelf, cosmetic tube products can reach the eyes of consumers are likely to be sold, but not sold. Cosmetic tube suppliers may not realize that some of the brands on the shelves have never entered the eyes or minds of consumers. Cosmetic tube manufacturers once conducted a simple field test: when asked about a brand on the shelf, more than half of customers who had just walked out of the aisle said they had not seen one. Therefore, the visual impact as a cosmetic tube design to perform the first function is worthy, this is the premise and basis of sales.

2, information transmission function. Being seen is only the premise and foundation of completing sales. To impress customers, the brand has to rely on its own charm. Who is "I"? What can "I" bring to customers? Do customers like me? ... The cosmetic tube design needs to deliver these compelling messages to consumers. The information will be simple and prominent display to the customer, to give the customer a rational purchase reason.

3, aesthetic pleasure function. As the saying goes: goods sell a skin. "Skin" is very beautiful, not only can sell, and can fetch a good price. Ancient China has "buy casket and return pearl" allusion, visible cosmetics tube aesthetic importance. This begged cosmetics tube supplier products cosmetics tube do exquisite, can bring customers feel relaxed and happy, can lure customers desire, give customers a rational reason to buy.

4, personalized function. Assuming that your brand is not "alongside gens", not deliberately want to mix audio and visual, but also necessary in the personality of the next point. Personalized cosmetics tube often depends on your brand positioning, brand personality, brand segmentation, channel type and other factors. Distinctive product cosmetics tube helps customers in the same products in front of the decisive judgment, both saving time and easy to consume. Personalization not only differentiates your brand from competitors, it also gives customers a preconceived memory.

5, quality sense function. It's a very rational thing. In essence, the customer is most concerned about the quality of production, but the quality of the product is often the customer can not distinguish immediately, customers can only from the side to prove the quality of the product, such as brand background, brand precipitation, advertising, friends recommend. These judgments of customers are essentially the sense of quality shown by products. In addition to the above elements, product cosmetic tube is also an important evaluation index to bring customers a sense of quality.

6, value-added function. Cosmetic tube design is one of the ways to create added value of goods. "Cosmetics tubes are often more important than the products inside", which expresses the connotation of added value orientation of cosmetic tubes. "A good horse is a good saddle" also leads to the rational fallacy that "a good saddle must be a good horse". The most typical is mooncake marketing, which is more of a cosmetic tube war than a brand war.

7, bento customer function. The convenience of the cosmetic tube is also one of the factors that customers decide whether to purchase it. Cosmetic tube specifications can fit the customer's use and storage habits, the cosmetic tube can be easy for customers to take, because of the capacity of cosmetic tube or specifications and the price can exceed the customer pay the alarm line, can facilitate customers to try to buy and so on. The design of cosmetic tube can be done from these details "people-oriented", is the real good cosmetic tube.

8, self-sales function. In addition to advertising, shopping guide and other tricks, more time but through packaging and customers do face to face direct communication, so, a good packaging design must be found in the customer's 3 seconds of fast reading, and in 15 seconds through the comprehensive information of the brand to touch its purchase desire. Therefore, successful packaging design can make the goods randomly arrive at the purpose of self-sale. The self-selling function is also a result of the maturity of the above functions.

So, cosmetic tube suppliers should start from what aspects to show these functions of cosmetic tube products?

1, from the display environment, cosmetics tube color, pattern, style and other aspects to create the visual impact of the brand.

Color is the vanguard in grabbing customers' attention. In the many elements of the product cosmetics tube design, a relaxed and happy color is bound to jump into the eyes of customers first, followed by other design elements, therefore, the good color is the first element to create visual impact.

The choice of color must consider an important correlation factor - display environment. Having visual impact on your desk is not the same as having visual impact on the display shelf. Your brand colors must be removed from the colorful shelf areas. It should be said that this is a difficult thing to grasp, a little careless will be the same. How to avoid it? This begged cosmetics tube suppliers first familiar with the display environment, know what can be, what can not be; Next is to stop color innovation, not too popular and superficial.

Vivid patterns and unique styles are also effective tricks to differentiate competitors and stand out from the display environment. At the same time vivid design and style also induce customers to buy impulse. Without considering the display environment, only according to the brand personality or brand style to choose the color of the closed design is difficult to produce a sharp visual impact.

2, from the brand positioning, the current position of the brand to convey brand information and personalized appearance.

Through their own brand positioning, understand what factions they are, for what kind of people, choose which suitable channels, so as to determine the style of brand design and brand theme. The brand theme concentrates the important brand information that consumers care about, such as the brand title and the main interests of the brand.

The current position of the brand determines the attitude of the cosmetic tube supplier towards the elements of the brand theme. Different positions result in different primary and secondary elements. Generally speaking, enterprises that cultivate brand awareness will highlight the brand title as the main element, followed by the main interests of the brand, and other elements or colors can not steal its thunder. But assuming that the enterprise does not cultivate the understanding of the brand, the brand is just a code for convenience expression, usually there is no future also do not want it to lend a hand, then the cosmetic tube supplier of the above elements of the primary and secondary needs to rethink. I once saw some off-brand products in the supermarket, wtube product benefits are bigger than the brand title. Such intact and non-conformable design is the most correct choice for the brand, which helps to maximize sales. As for consumers, the temptation of a new brand without any background is zero. At this time, sales rely on product benefits rather than the brand.

What is more, some resources, especially the lack of talent enterprises, no sales force and refined sales tactics, relying on the traditional circulation channel thrust, for the low level of specialization of low-end consumer groups, there is no need to innovate in the product cosmetics tube, "imitation" or "near" type to take the ism is their best choice. A customer's mistake is their best chance of making a sale. This is also a positional survival tactic.

Sun Tzu said, "Soldiers are fickle; water is fickle." Cosmetic tube design is also the same, there is no absolute yardstick, only the adaptability of the situation.

3, according to the channel difference and price positioning to create a moderate added value, sense of quality, beauty of cosmetics tube.

The added value of cosmetic tube with the aesthetic feeling of design, sense of quality, brand interests and cosmetic tube materials are complementary to each other, according to the differences in the channel to create a moderate added value, sense of quality and beauty of cosmetic tube has more ideal significance. Different channel orientation determines the cosmetic tube shape, color, material and many other aspects of emphasis and difference. For example, high-end cosmetics brands are displayed in the image cabinet or other specific environment, comprehensive marketing tricks, the product itself does not need to jump out to speak, so in the design of the focus on the pursuit of aesthetics and cosmetics tube material, can reach a high degree of unity of aesthetics and sales force. High-end cosmetics brand in the cosmetics tube simple content, slim picture, bright personality, simple but elegant color, excellent material, outstanding but not group. But if you put them on the shelf, they might not be the easiest to spot. Even if it is found that they are difficult to be recognized by consumers as a high-end brand, that is to say, it is difficult to complete its high value-added function. However, the supermarket channel oriented shelf brand focuses more on brand positioning, brand interests and cosmetic tube visual effect to create brand added value.

4, pay attention to balance, in order to reach the planning and harmony of each element.

Cosmetic tube design also needs to plan and harmonize, which begs cosmetic tube suppliers to pay attention to balance when dealing with various design elements. Too much emphasis on one aspect, paranoia to extremes is a wrong approach. Cosmetics tube supplier emphasized the aesthetic elements that doesn't mean you can ignore the aesthetics or exclude aesthetics, aesthetics is still an important foundation for design, cosmetics tube suppliers only on the basis of the aesthetic elements involved in more market, let the external cause play its proper role, assuming that can at the same time as a whole, then the ideal result.

The importance of the cosmetic tube is reflected in the fact that it is called the fifth P parallel to the four Ps of marketing. As the designer of cosmetic tube, we should realize that the design of cosmetic tube must take a broad view of the market. Therefore, from the perspective of marketing, sales is really "beautiful". Please design masters in the suspension of design to comprehensively consider the enterprise or brand development stage, brand purpose, sales environment and other elements beyond aesthetics, to become a marketing designer. Also please brand managers can overall aesthetic, so that the product cosmetics tube at the same time with sales force and beauty.

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