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The characteristics and thinking of modern cosmetic tubes


With the rapid development of the wholesale cosmetic tubes economy, cosmetic products are no longer untouchable luxuries, and this fashionable consumer goods has gradually become the mainstream product in people's life. "Perfumes and cosmetics marketers are increasingly focusing on innovating and differentiating their products with cosmetic tubes in order to attract consumers' attention and enhance their competitiveness. Many of them believe that the design of their products with cosmetic tubes is more important than ever. Smart businesses know that tubes can turn boring chemicals into elixirs. You can make products come alive through tubes, and design enables you to meet customers' psychological, spiritual, and cultural needs to drive sales. "It's usually covered tubes rather than the products on them," is especially clear here. Therefore, in the production of modern cosmetics, the investment of many high-end cosmetics tubes is as high as 70% of the cost of the whole product. In the cosmetics market, the birth of a new brand needs to establish its market position through the appropriate product tubes. Decent tubes not only stimulate the consumer's senses directly, but also reflect the taste of the brand to the fullest. At this time, the tubes have developed from static storage in ancient times to circulation media in modern times, which has gone far beyond the value of the cosmetic tubes themselves for goods.


I. Features of Modern Cosmetics Tubes In modern social life, cosmetics not only beautify our life, but also form a consumer market which contains huge business opportunities and cannot be ignored. Cosmetics tubes are not only updated fast and avant-garde in design, but also require higher and higher level of processing technology. First of all, cosmetics tubes should not have any chemical or biological reaction with the contents. Secondly, it should be convenient to use and have a certain durability. Another is to have a very good marketing effect. So many products sell not only efficacy, but also fashion and culture. Usually, cosmetic tubes attract consumers with exquisite and changeable series bottles made of elegant materials, especially perfume products, which seize the market with their own unique perfume bottles. Because this is abroad always famous taste perfume appears on the market can ask a famous division to design, go up in an attempt to perfect from modelling, qualitative material, adornment, in order to ensure the product can cause strong echo on the market, in order to ensure its brand position.

Cosmetics tubes and tonal, generally according to the product sales objects to determine, positioning is more and more thin, products for women with warm, gentle, noble and elegant in the middle of the color, the color is mostly women's favorite color, can reflect the elegant temperament of women supplies at the same time, of course, some cosmetics a wacky with strong color contrast, such as kan cosmetics Just use red, pure black and golden tubes. The whole series of tubes are elegant and passionate, and the exotic atmosphere emanating from the tubes makes its products stand out from many cosmetics tubes. For men, black, dark blue, silver and other large colors are often used to show the strength and mystery of men.

The children's cosmetics tubes are made of tender pink, which matches the image of the child. As for the graphic selection of the tubes, the cosmetics tubes are decorated with exquisite and simple patterns or non-realistic and abstract graphics to show the product information, making it more general, simple, novel and modern. It can give people rich associations, which is in line with the psychology of modern women to pursue fashion and lead fashion. At present, with the advent of the trend of restoring ancient ways, the nationalized tubes in cosmetics began to lead the trend, the graphics to the traditional folk decoration or traditional modeling as the main tone, the corresponding addition of modern block element, so that the cosmetics tubes are rich in traditional cultural connotation and have a smart external performance.


In the last two years, some new products' tubes are worth mentioning. For example, the appearance of the "collectable" tubes has strong local characteristics. It adopts indigo blue tone, color association comes from blue printed cloth, and small freehand painting technique. The text on the cosmetics tubes is always simple and clear, mainly based on the brand name. The text shape has been carefully designed, which can fully reflect the individual style of the product. The illustrative text is usually attached to the tubes box for reference.

2. Personalized tubes of modern cosmetics

Innovative cosmetic tubes enhance the impact of a product on the customer, and innovative cosmetic tubes can add luster and appeal to a very ordinary product. Among high-end cosmetics, personalized fashion design is particularly prominent. They are not just a cosmetic, but more like a fashion item and a work of art, and its tubes are just the carrier to convey this information. On this front, Frenchman Jean Paul's Tubes of Summer is a century-old classic. His perfect combination of fashion and perfume has won him and his perfume unprecedented acclaim. His perfume bottle was an elegant bust of a female nude, and he creatively incorporated the most popular fashion patterns of the year, as if it were a close-fitting garment. He also had a whim to put the glass perfume bottle into a food jar and use a pattern similar to the one on the metal jar. This "elegant, skin-like perfume bottle placed in a traditional food tube" has become a lasting gift for women, and this design idea has formed a whole set of brand marketing strategy. Since 1997, they've updated their tubes each year to match the fashion trends on their tubes. Every time a fabric pattern is chosen, JeanPaul replicates it strictly on glass bottles and cans to create his perfume, each year with a corresponding theme, such as: Asia, Polynesia, and the Flower Tubes in 2001 are the best examples of personalized tubes. It is not hard to find that the shape and structure of the new generation of cosmetics are more and more anti-traditional, and the design is ingenious and full of individuality. The diversification of the structure and shape design of the container tubes is gradually going out of the previous rigid model. Lisson, China Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer's latest 70-gram hand cream has a refreshing outer tube with a "little swallow" shape and a special dovetail shaped end seal instead of the traditional flat end seal in the domestic market. In addition, moisturizing hand cream is also based on different flavors, the bottle body is printed as pink, blue, yellow and purple, and the fresh and lovely little swallow falls on the ordinary shelf, which immediately grabs the eye in the supermarket and is especially loved by young girls. Some cosmetics such as mousse, perfume and other products adopt the form of spray tubes to facilitate the use of consumers. Cosmetics tubes pay more and more attention to the structure design and accessory design of the container, so that consumers are easy to hold, easy to use and easy to quantitative in various environments.

In modern society, the continuous emergence of new type of materials and technologies provides abundant resources for diversified cosmetics tubes, of which glass cosmetic bottle, plastic cosmetic tube and metal cosmetic tube are the main ones currently used. Glass, due to its special bright effect and satisfactory weight, permeates the sense of natural delicacy, and becomes the main material of high-end cosmetics. For high-end cosmetics or cosmetics that are volatile and easy to lose fragrance, such as perfume, it is generally made of glass bottles on the tubes. In recent years, plastic instead of glass has become a big innovation in cosmetic tubes. In recent years, plastic products have gained the transparent characteristics that only glass had before. It can handle all kinds of chemicals. Its appearance is just like glass products, so plastic products have won the favor of more and more famous brands. Skin care products at present the most popular tube is hose, hose production is economical and convenient, easy to carry, suitable for holding lotion and gum body. Aluminum tubes in the metal tubes are now becoming popular, and are used for vitamin tubes, anti-wrinkle creams, anti-oxidation eye creams and so on. Of course, today's aluminum tube products are more consistent in color and pay more attention to decorative appearance. This is another magic weapon to win the market. In addition, vacuum tubes are also popular in the cosmetic industry. Its advantages are strong protection, high elastic recovery and convenient use of high viscosity skin care products. International brands such as Clarins are using the new material. In a way, new materials are breathing new life into the world of cosmetics tubes. Throughout the modern cosmetics tubes, it is not difficult to find that innovation is the focus of modern cosmetics tubes, and innovation is the main means to improve the charm of the tubes. No matter from the pursuit of personality, fashion taste, new material research and development, are in the grasp of the basic properties of the basis of bold design and innovation.

At present, most of the domestic high-end cosmetics market is dominated by international brands, and private brands can only struggle in the middle and low market. There are many reasons for this, but the flaws in the design of the tubes are also obvious. In Europe, personalized design has become the mainstream. It is not only different brands that need to be distinguished by design, but also different types of products of the same brand that must be distinguished by design. Design has become one of the means to interpret the subtle and unique characteristics of a product. In contrast, the product brand boundaries and product segmentation are not clear, and even the design of different brand products tends to be similar. Moreover, products that can represent the design style of our own nation are rare and generally lack of individuality and personalized design. In a word, how to rapidly improve the national cosmetics industry through innovative tubes with high artistic value is a problem faced by every one of us, the Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer.

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