Plastic injection molding products processing three basic principles

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Plastic injection molding products processing has to do the following three basic principles: 1, the processing, testing equipment complete swift horse is a swift horse, because a bole recognition, gold is gold, because in mining. Xin yun made precision mold parts are high quality, efficient fast, because the processing equipment, equipped with high-end British LK three coordinates, nikon projector, sanfeng tool microscope, 2. Five yuan and so on a full range of testing equipment, precision accuracy, strict quality inspection, a ring by ring. 2, choice of raw materials has a stable of formal material suppliers is a start, select material selection is one of the advantages and disadvantages of the results. Formal mold material as parts of mould processing, plastic injection molding products processing need wear resistance, impact resistance. Xin yun precision mold material selection from the formal raw material manufacturers, 100% quality guarantee, the hardness of HRC88. 3, processing way to correct plastic injection molding products processing process in different ways, different processing technique, for different material, different shape and requirement of mold parts directly affect the service life. Precision mold parts processing because of the particularity of the material itself, the requirements of the precision is higher, so take special attention in the process of machining.
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