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Here is everything you need to know about airless cosmetic tubes


Have you ever wondered how to make sure your makeup products are protected from air, light and bacteria?

The answer is to use airless cosmetic tubes.

In the makeup and skincare industry, high-end product packaging is a must. Many cosmetic tubes manufacturers are choosing to use airless tubes cosmetic as part of their packaging strategy. Not only do they look good, but they also keep your formula fresh, protect it from contamination, and prevent bacterial growth.

Airless cosmetic tubes are a kind of container that are used in the cosmetics industry to store and dispense products. It is called an "airless" pump because it does not allow air to enter the tube when the product is being dispensed, preventing oxidation and bacterial contamination.

Structure of airless cosmetic tubes:

An airless pump tube, also known as an airless dispenser and a vacuum dispenser, is a packaging system that uses a vacuum to push product out of the package. Unlike standard containers that use pressure to dispense products, an airless pump tube uses no pressure. Instead, the pump uses vacuum technology to move product to the top and dispense it.

These airless cosmetic tubes are made of ABS, AS and PP. They are available in 1 oz to 5 oz sizes. They have a clear dome, full-color printed matte label, and clear body. The process of making these tubes is simple. The machines work by heating up the plastic material and then injecting them into the mold. Once the tube cools down, it's ready to be used.

How does an airless tube work?

Airless tube packaging uses a sealed, vacuum-like system to dispense lotions and creams. Based on the same principles as a typical syringe, the tube contains a rod that, when pumped, draws up the product from the bottom of the tube. The pump is then sealed, keeping out contaminants and allowing for more even dispensation.

Airless pump tubes are typically composed of two separate parts: the product container itself, and the pump mechanism. The container is made of a material such as glass, PETG plastic, or acrylic, while the pump mechanism fits over the container's opening and serves to both dispense product and protect it from outside contamination.

The pump mechanism works by creating a vacuum seal between the inner wall of the cosmetic tube container and an outer sleeve that fits over the opening. When you depress the pump top, it forces out product from the bottom of the container through a small tube. As you release pressure on the top, a spring-loaded piston returns to its original position with suction to refill the tube. This suction creates a vacuum seal that protects against contaminants like bacteria and dust from getting into your product.

Advantages of airless tubes cosmetic:

Airless tubes cosmetic from cosmetic tube manufacturers are a great choice for your cosmetic line because they allow you to keep your products fresher for longer periods of time. In addition, they allow customers to get exactly what they need on each pump, and they are less likely to waste product by accidentally dispensing too much.

These airless cosmetic tubes have an advantage in that they can keep your products fresh for a longer period of time than other types of packaging. They also provide an excellent barrier against UV rays which can damage some cosmetics products over time.

As a cosmetic tubes manufacturer, we Lisson can't explain all of the benefits of airless tubes cosmetic in a single sitting. However, some notable advantages of them are given below:

●Airless cosmetic tubes provide a better shelf life for more sensitive products.

●The absence of air prevents bacteria from entering the product as well.

●Fully dispensing the product means there's no waste.

●They use less raw material, so are cost-effective.

●They can be manufactured in different shapes and materials for aesthetic appeal.

●Products stay fresher longer because they are not exposed to oxygen and contaminants in the air.

●Products stay within the package until they are dispensed, so they are easier to transport.

●The vacuum technology never clogs or gets stuck.

●They can be used with thicker products that can't be used in standard dispensers.

●Ability to dispense exact amounts without waste.

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