Plastic component analysis reuse value

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
In daily life, plastic bottles can be seen everywhere, drinks, mineral water, liquid food, the cosmetics have plastic bottles as a carrier for people to use. After we finished the products, plastic is often directly discarded. According to statistics, China's production of plastic more than thirty million tons a year, more than two thousand ten thousand tons of recycled. Therefore, the plastic component analysis found that both the economic value and environmental value, the plastic loop secondary use has much room to improve plastic recycling the biggest difficulty is the process. Because it is already used a plastic products, so for all kinds of problems in the processing. Now's approach is the material comminution, separation. And then to density separation. It can be processed into the form, and then rolling forming. Is usually made masterbatch traits. Plastic reprocessing technology abroad is very early development, but want to take full advantage of plastic resource to reproduce in our country, a certain amount of research is needed. Shanghai icas certification testing group after many years of plastic component analysis found that some of the plastic in the second, three times after molding, color, texture, melt the boiling point will significantly change. Although the recycled plastic to environmental protection, economic purpose. But its quality needs to be improved. In this case, the existing plastic component analysis, and study improve their properties, let recycled plastic can have more play space. Is not just a plastic bottles and other plastic waste material such as plastic bags, plastic products, etc. , can be secondary development. To plastic component analysis can be used to expand its breadth, and protect the environment, avoid the white pollution to the environment.
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