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Three core positioning of cosmetic packaging materials


Focusing on generation processing of cosmetics and daily chemicals, "product development" has always been the top priority in the process of processing plants. The development of cosmetic packaging materials determines the quality of cosmetics. From the perspective of product development, cosmetic packaging materials can be described as stylists competing for the market, not only to ensure the excellent quality of OEM products, but also to have innovation. So, what factors should be considered in the development of cosmetic packaging materials? The positioning problem of cosmetic packaging material product development is mainly considered from three aspects: conceptual positioning, emotional positioning and profit positioning.


1. Conceptual positioning of cosmetic packaging material product development

Conceptual positioning is also a commonly used positioning method in the development of cosmetic packaging materials. It is believed that a special concept is given to the product, which distinguishes it from the same competitive product. For example, essential oil-added products, polar skin care products, imported raw materials, and non-additive products are all classic cases of successful concepts.

2. Emotional positioning of the development of cosmetic packaging materials

Emotional positioning is most used in the development of cosmetic packaging materials. Because the main consumer groups in the cosmetics industry are female consumers, they are naturally sensitive and emotional. In other words, they are more emotional than rational.

Therefore, we are developing a purely functional product, and its positioning should be rational positioning. However, in addition to its own efficacy, cosmetics also have the role of maintenance. It reflects the effect while maintaining, so it is necessary to communicate with female consumers through emotional positioning for cosmetics. The most commonly used technique is to shape the brand story, as well as some sensational words, beautiful packaging, and a good skin feel. After all, most skin care products are not the kind of products that produce immediate results. Consumers must be happy to use them to show the effect. Emotional positioning cannot be underestimated.

Third, the profit positioning of the development of cosmetic packaging materials

Profit positioning should actually be the basis of cosmetic products. As cosmetics, it is not purely for viewing, so it is not enough to look good and have a feminine flavor. It must have basic functions. The moisturizer must be able to moisturize, and the whitening agent must have the whitening effect.

Attention should be paid to cosmetic packaging materials

A cosmetic can be divided into two parts: material body and packaging material. The quality of the composition determines the quality of the material, and the quality of the packaging material affects the product positioning. Some products often have high-quality materials, but due to the inappropriate selection of packaging materials, they give people a cheap feeling, which directly affects product positioning and later sales.

In the cosmetics OEM processing process, packaging materials are part of the problem, which is more prone to problems. Based on the production experience of OEM processing plants, some common problems of cosmetic packaging materials have been summarized. Problems with cosmetic packaging materials may delay the production of the product and even lead to waste materials being discarded. Usually when the packaging materials are purchased back, there will be professionals to test these problems to ensure the smooth completion of the production.

Then in the production process, what problems should be paid attention to in packaging? Let's take a look!

1. The naming of the product name complies with the naming rules of cosmetics.

2. The use of language is forbidden, in accordance with the requirements of Order No. 100, and no national forbidden words are allowed.

3. The entrusting party and the entrusting party need to mark the full name and address.

4. Two correct shelf life labeling methods, production date + shelf life; b production batch number + limited date.

5. The composition of the label complies with the regulations of GB5296.3.

Time is life, efficiency is money! Avoid common problems, improve production efficiency, and make investment costs more competitive!

The above is what we should pay attention to for the cosmetic packaging materials we introduced for you. We hope that our introduction can be helpful to you. If you want to know more related content, you can browse our website and we will provide you with more professional information.

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