Nantong pet plastic bottle printing process

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Nantong PP bottle pet plastic bottle printing process ( All small injection PP) Shandong liaocheng city in shandong province environmental protection bureau, said at a news conference on April 21, in view of the provincial environmental protection supervision designated by the case involved pollution sources, the implementation of administrative punishment 70, close to ban, 133, 194, administrative order rectification nine people; To verify, the accountability, questioning 62 had 16 people. 6, acrylic: material is hard, in shape, color and white. X and acrylic in order to maintain the simple sense of the handiest spray bottle, or in injection for coloring. On the premise of open because of this, our country in through information dissemination channels, let more people know more efforts on the chosen degree. For example in waste incineration power generation 'adjacent' avoidance of prominent problems, first proposed the 'tree' requirements, guide enterprises to carry out the data real-time monitoring and fixed point of the public, accept the people and the environmental protection department. Especially for atmospheric governance, more should be 'three years to prepare the implementation of win the blue sky battle battle plan, ensure that play to win. '' resolutely fight the sky defense is the key of the pollution to be completed. 'On air pollution levels, one of the measures is borrowed from the atmosphere of article 10, and puts forward a new countermeasure for the new problem, namely the highlighted four key the key pollution factors, prevention and control of key areas and key industries, key time. Advance is a two step method of bottle blowing blowing very important one step, it is to point to in the blow molding in tensile rod falling at the same time began to blow, make the bottle preform begun to take shape. Position of the process of blowing, blowing blowing pressure and flow rate are three important technological factors. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 In pollution control, driven by the sleeping already a long time of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is awakened, and will usher in a new round of development. In view of the lack of innovation, low technique level, low excess, the lack of the status quo, such as enterprise urgently needed from the technology and brand power. Enhance PET melting point 260 ℃, in order to prevent the nozzle blocking, power larger heater should be installed. In addition, the nozzle hole processed into figure - The inverse cone type 1, make the flow channel and the nozzle in the molten material can be easily cut. 4, cream bottle, cover, cover, inside outside the bottle, the tank. On the market generally divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic bottle blowing machine. Automatic bottle blowing machine through the operation of the manipulator will bottle blowing two operations together to complete, from the middle of artificial will be preheated bottle embryo into the mould. Greatly speed up the production rate, and of course the price also is higher than semi-automatic. The way to make overall consideration: there are four main categories: clear focus. Highlight the risk control. Strengthen the information disclosure. Land use rights, the soil pollution responsible, professional organizations and third party liability. Impact: provide support for strengthening the protection of pollution plots, working for the soil pollution legislation, helps to prevent pollution plots, ensuring the reuse of risk, and strengthening the protection of the pollution plot, the vital interests. For nearly 30 years, with the rapid development of social economy and the degree of human activity, because of the pollution in our country growing, constantly expanding the scope of the number of soil degradation, soil pollution is entering focus on Tuesday. 'Parts of the overall situation is grim, of China's soil pollution is more serious. 'Recently, vice minister of environmental protection Zhao Yingmin seminar about in ten. Through customized service solutions, make the segmentation quality. Through technical advantage, on the other hand, involved in many fields, DaTiLiang projects, ''. In addition, the environmental protection enterprises should pay attention to the development of the 'region', well ahead of manpower, mechanism, choosing the right, and the target market, 'One Belt And One Road' strategic opportunities. 3, aluminum foil bag and shrinkable film material characteristics: good for keeping fresh, with good quality and shelf life of high barrier plastic packaging materials, has low cost, light weight, impact resistance, can be, microwave heating, convenient and packaging design options, etc. 2, mold fee: bottle blowing mold for 1500 yuan, 8000 yuan 4000 yuan, the injection mould for - 20000 yuan, the mold with stainless steel material more expensive than alloy material, but durable, die a few at a time, see the demand of production, such as production is bigger, can choose one out of four or six of the mold, the client may decide. D, PETG ( Environmental protection material) Flocking high frequency and the thickness of 0. 2mm— 0. 8mm
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