What is a collapsible tube?

Collapsible tubes are flexible synthesized containers used for product packaging to store and dispense the content that usually has pasty formulation. These tubes can be of metal or plastic.

You can see most cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food items are being packed in aluminium collapsible tubes. Why is it so? That's because of its eco-friendliness and other advantages that we will discuss later on.             

Where are these kinds of tubes used?

To list all the sector using aluminum collapsible tube might take a while, let us go through some industries using it widely-

· Cosmetic packaging

· Pharmaceuticals

· Food product packaging

· Lubricants

· Adhesives

· Toiletry

· Ointments


  • Aluminum Collapsible Tube

  • The aluminum collapsible tube keeps the product's content separated from the inner coating so that it does not react with the content, change its properties or cause harm! Aluminum collapsible tubes have properties like light-weighted, easy to clean and protects from micro-organisms, has good strength. It's because of these properties they are compatible with cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical formulations, ointment packaging, etc. Aluminum due to its non-fragile character, is easy to produce, and because it is lightweight, it's suitable for long-distance transportation.


  • Advantages of the aluminum collapsible tube

  • Aluminium is the most extensively used metal on this planet, and one of the main reasons is its sustainability. Because of this, Aluminum is considered noble out of all the metals. The distinctive properties of Aluminum give it a good market share in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic packaging. Let's look into its advantages-

  • 1.Resistance to corrosion and rust.

  • 2.Non-toxic oxide

  • 3.Aluminum shields the product from being exposed to Light

  • 4.Aluminum isolates the content of the product from gas and moisture.

  • 5.Aluminum flexibility proves it suitable for extrusion.

  • 6.Aluminum collapsible tubes have better sealing.

  • 7.Prevent material from easy leakage.

  • 8.Aluminum collapsible tubes help protect the content well after opened. It is possible because these tubes have a no-spring defect in use.

  • 9.Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and environmentally friendly. More than 80% of the Aluminum has been recycled and put back into use.

  • 10.Hygienic, as unwanted dispense cannot be sucked back and prevent it from being contaminated.

  • 11.It is unscented, odorless, and non-absorbent.

  • 12.The different dispensing option is available like a pump, spray, pointy neck, etc.

Five reasons why you should choose Aluminum cosmetic packaging-

With time being advance, there are so many packaging options available to choose from, and it can be challenging to opt which type of packaging will suit your product best. There are safety concerns attached to each type of material, cost of materials, customer demand, and corporate social responsibility to fulfill. While plastic being a prominent material, Aluminum is also making its way. Ahead, we will read about five reasons to use aluminum tubes cosmetic packaging-

Safety measures of Aluminum-

There were some concerns about the packaging material leeching and being in contact with the product, and making them dangerous to use. Research and studies are being done to identify the presence of different elements in the product. However, Aluminum comes out clean on safety standards and marks itself safe to use for cosmetic packaging. If using aluminum packaging, the safety guideline should be provided to the customers and used precedes for manufacturing containers.

  • Benefit over plastic

  • Some cosmetic companies are noticing the benefit of aluminum packaging over plastic-like-

  • · Aluminum is light weighted and preferred by many customers and manufacturers for easy transportation 

  • · Aluminum is compatible with modern designs and makes the product look stylish.

  • · Aluminum packaging can increase the shelf-life of the product.

  • · Customization in designs is possible in Aluminum

  • · The lining in Aluminum is a safe and effective option for products to protect from an outside element and make the product last longer.


  • Sustainable option

  • One of the best features of Aluminum that make it surpass plastic is its sustainability and eco-friendliness. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and is suitable for manufacturers who are looking for a way to go green. Conscious customers also choose the brand that follows corporate social responsibility. Choosing Aluminum for cosmetic packaging is a great way to earn environmentally conscious customers and help the environment.


  • Simplified packaging

  • Choosing Aluminum for cosmetic packaging eliminates a step in the design process. Aluminum allows inline printing. Inline printing enables you to embed information directly into your packaging, avoiding any other additional material to print at. This process helps to save the cost and reduce the waste material and thus chosen by many manufacturers.


  • Get the look

  • Aluminum as a material is easy to work with. Many manufacturers choose Aluminum because it can be manipulated easily to create various designs and have advantages like changing color, give different shapes, the durability of the product. All of this can be achieved while making the product look high-end by using Aluminum as packaging. How a product looks also affects its sales on a grander scale.


  • Some interesting facts about Aluminum

  • 1.Aluminum once was precious than silver and gold. Napoleon III used Aluminum as a dinner plate as a sign of royalty.

  • 2.It is the youngest metal that has been in use for around 150 years onlycomparing it to copper that was in use around 9000 years ago!

  • 3.Aluminum is strong but weighs only 1/3 of the steel.

  • 4.Aluminum is considered a noble and green metal. The fact that it only takes 5% of the energy to extract new Aluminum from the ore makes it the greatest when it comes to sustainability and renewability.

  • 5.Aluminum is highly reflective due to which is used in tubing for telescope manufacturing.

  • 6.Aluminum is highly flexible, which makes it strong and resilient to shock and impact. That is the reason it is often used in how to structures and automobiles.

  • 7.Aluminum provides unequaled barrier properties and can block moisture, bacteria, Light, oxygen, micro-organisms, and other gases. This fact supports the logic behind using aluminum foil for packing food products.

  • 8.NASA's spacecraft will be built with Aluminum which is prepared to send the first woman and man to the moon before 2024.

  • 9.75% of the Aluminum produced is still in use.

  • 10.The aluminum industry secures around dollar 71 billion per year.

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