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Lightweight drinks the hose

by:Lisson     2021-01-20
The first one is a beverage hose lightweight, this is the trend of the development of the beverage hose, but there are very few companies can make progress in this field, although light can significantly reduce resources, is the production cost savings for enterprises, for social resources saving, however, lightweight to implement but very difficult, because the soft tube wall is easy to blasting hose is too thin, to master the technology there are many technical difficulties. The second is natural beverage hose packaging safety. Beverage hose has been deeply plasticizer and other problems. How to guarantee the safety of beverage hose packaging and harmless to human body, it is very important. The third is the new demand of beverage packaging, such as tea drink production packing beverage hose guarantee the security of hot filling the beverage hose will not deformation at high temperature, the hose will need to drink hot filling technology continuously improve.
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