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Top cosmetic needs cosmetic tube manufacturer with fine craftsmanship


But if you want to make this cosmetic tube product have a good production process, it also needs many conditions, so how can this cosmetic tube manufacturer improve its own production process? First of all, it needs to have good conditions in production. The so-called production process is the performance of comprehensive strength. If a manufacturer does not have better equipment strength or better technology in production, it is precisely because of the decline in strength conditions that they want to have a good The production process is also impossible. For cosmetic plastic tubes, the quality is not only determined by the internal quality of the product, but also by observation from the outside. Therefore, the coloring process is very important. In order to be able to control the color of the plastic tube of cosmetics, we have to consider from multiple sides, because it is restricted by a variety of conditions, from raw material quality, raw material ratio to melting, each link will have a certain effect on the color formation. Impact. ?Pure environmentally friendly imported raw materials, workmanship, medical glass material, meet the standards, from design, production, processing, packaging, every link is meticulous, and each product is a high-quality product. The craftsmanship keeps improving, the quality is rigorous, meticulous, and the symbol of high quality! The tube paint film hardness exceeds 4H, 95% alcohol soaks for 48 hours, and the frame does not fall off. Tube coating has uniform thickness, good gloss, strong adhesion, high hardness, high density, alcohol resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent wear resistance.


Plastic packaging such as silk-screen printing and matte spraying and bronzing using ink has been introduced. Spray paint: provide a variety of including transparent, frosted, opaque, shiny, multicolored, metalized pearlescent and metallic light. Then put the plastic tube in a drying oven and bake at a high temperature of 650°. Brush-used to add names and patterns on the plastic tube. Spray a layer of (spray) varnish. After this treatment, the plastic tube is sprayed on the whole or part. Then put the plastic tube in a drying oven and bake at a high temperature of 650°. Scrub: (Acid treatment) Produce the scrub effect of the plastic tube in an acid bath. Hot stamping: plate a name logo or pattern on the plastic tube. Then put the plastic tube in a drying oven and bake at a high temperature of 650°. Sandblasting: provide a frosted name or image for the plastic tube part. In conjunction with product promotion, a new red and amber dark blue plastic tube product color: purple, black, red, white and orange paint has a complete effect For cosmetics, if the product is positioned at the level of the plastic tube, it will often become the priority packaging container. The plastic tube is due to its visual impact and texture. Compared with other packaging materials of plastic tube, plastic tube has more texture and heaviness

Due to the limited size of cosmetic bottles, the resulting benefits are relatively small, which dilutes the enthusiasm of manufacturers. Therefore, many multinational cosmetic manufacturers with many product lines first consider redesigning packaging for non-cosmetic applications. Other packaging manufacturers are also trying to increase the recycled resin content of their packaging. The increasingly stringent global regulations on cosmetic bottles are one of the driving forces. Cosmetic brands want to attract customers by creating luxury and dreams. They mainly sell ‘elegant luxury style’ products. They don’t want to change the brand image casually. For all packaging suppliers, there is an opportunity to produce packaging plastic tubes that are environmentally friendly, environmentally conscious, and can meet the needs of the market. The quality of the packaging plastic tube is improving, the weight is reducing, and the transparency and surface finish are also further enhanced. In terms of post-processing, the plastic surface can be frosted, painted, printed (up to 7-8 colors), engraved, etc., which greatly improves the added value of the plastic tube. In view of the unique advantages of plastic products, many cosmetic plastic packaging manufacturers have expressed that they are optimistic about the prospects of plastic packaging, and they are constantly developing new products and improving quality to meet the higher requirements of different cosmetics manufacturers for plastic packaging. Although the cosmetic bottle market is affected by the economic environment, the impact of cosmetic bottle orders from China Packaging Bottle Network data is not significant. For example, orders for products such as crystal perfume bottles have risen instead of falling. Therefore, the foreign cosmetic bottle market needs to take care of it.

Latest cosmetic tube product introduction: The product is processed and produced on an imported plastic tube production line, with strong quality and barrier properties, suitable for packaging various essential oils, oils and other cosmetic products. The wall thickness is uniform, the luster is bright, the transparency is high, the mouth is smooth and rounded, the surface is flat, and the bottle body has no pitting, no bubbles, and no wrinkles. Qualified thermal shock resistance, water resistance, internal stress, and impact resistance, clean and free of dirt and odor. We can provide various quality and style accessories according to the activity of the products filled by customers to ensure that they will not leak or crack.

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