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by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Jinhua shampoo bottle how to do the stand or fall of production also has great influence for technology, constant temperature conditions to maintain process and product. PET bottle blow molding generally at room temperature and low humidity conditions is preferred. In resources exploitation, resource tax, cultivated land usage tax resource usage cost; In the production process, use value added tax, enterprise income tax preferential policies to encourage energy conservation and environmental protection; In the circulation, perfect ', high-energy-consuming and resource-dependent 'product import and export tax policy support of the industrial structure; Keep link in consumption and property, the use of consumption tax, car guide rational consumption demand - — In recent years, our country covering each link of production circulation consumption 'green taxation' system is to speed up the building. 2. 2 heating, however, still faces a serious problem of air pollution, and needs to be more strict policy to accelerate the speed of the air. According to take effect in January 2016 the new atmospheric pollution act ( Under the new atmosphere act) , substandard cities need to prepare the atmosphere within a standard urban planning of the city. And open from a news conference at the beginning of 2018, at the same time of resolving industry overcapacity, the environmental protection industry will become the new focus of state-owned enterprises restructuring. Industry analysis widely pointed out that the path is not only based on tighter environmental emissions annotation, also accord with supply change, look for the inner demand of high earnings growth. Subject container usually have: plastic bottle, glass bottle, hose, vacuum bottle. Auxiliary materials usually include: color box, box, box, as long as strict playing table in believe only GDP 'era will become history. Research center researcher Hu Chi said the policy suggests that from the local level of economic development. 'Once upon a time is only GDP theory, the negative effect is larger in the long run. Assessment of GDP index has limitations, the green indicator is a welcome development, future all localities to ensure more, rather than just the pursuit of economic growth. 3, craft for the circular tube, oval tube, flat pipe, flat tube. Flat tube, flat pipe complicated than other pipe process, is also the new pipe in recent years, so the price is relatively expensive. 2. 2 heating 6, in order to ensure design effect, and color printing you have samples than documentary, can undertake computer first proofing when output film, charge according to the color and size, usually 75 yuan/P adjust measures to local conditions to build the soil system escort ecological environmental protection with the rapid development of social economy, promote people's life continuously, our country's comprehensive national strength enhanced. In this paper, according to the current situation of soil pollution in China and its causing reasons, effective control measures of soil pollution in China is studied. As people rely on natural resources, soil on the surface of the land is not only effective supporting all kinds of plant growth, also provides the plants need to grow growth factors such as water, gas and heat, is an important part in people's life, production is inseparable from the natural resources. In addition, one of the goals of the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is to form a number of strong impetus effect, distinctive industrial clusters, this also is 'small but beautiful' enterprise, with integration of core resources, and other enterprises to bring a new round of development opportunities. Many market research firm believes that increasingly growing requirements of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, large-scale enterprises and capital of all stripes have begun to this layout. In the future, headed by article 10 of 'soil' top-level design become drive business innovation potential power in the short term, while technological progress the cost of the long-term driving force will become commercially viable. Summary from the perspective of the industry status quo of soil restoration, urban pollution sites can give priority to governance, source of funds to a large extent depends on the land value increment and earnings, once the expectations, the existing dominated by drive will be unsustainable. 7 second, packaging bottles, glass thickness will be easy to damage, or in cold conditions are easily content crowded broken, is to be reasonable with filling capacity, on the transport application paper and single separated, on the product should be equipped with color box, and inside of the box can take to prevent vibration. PET bottle embryo general use of hot runner molding, mold and injection molding machine template have the insulation board, its thickness is about 12 mm, and heat insulation board must be able to bear high pressure. Exhaust must be sufficient to avoid local overheating or fracture, but its vent depth generally not more than 0. 3 mm, otherwise prone to flash.
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