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Cosmetics companies "focus on" green, sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging


In recent years, with the popularity of the beauty economy, the demand for beauty products has risen sharply. Beauty and environmental protection must be taken into account. According to data from cosmetic tube manufacturers' Research, the global cosmetics market has reached 75.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, and it is estimated that by 2025, the global cosmetics market will reach 169.67 billion U.S. dollars.

In today's period when cosmetics and skin care products are widely used, environmental issues have become the main issue considered by every consumer and user, which poses a challenge to the environmental sustainability of beauty and cosmetics brands.

As a fashionable consumer product, cosmetics represent fashion, avant-garde and trend. In addition to having a certain use effect, it is also a manifestation of a culture. It is a combination of use function and spiritual culture to satisfy consumers' psychological pursuit of beauty. Cosmetic tube packaging is an extremely important Link. Appropriate cosmetic tube packaging from cosmetic tube packaging suppliers can not only attract the attention of consumers, but also reflect the brand's taste to the fullest.

It is understood that the outer cosmetic tube packaging of beauty products accounts for 30%-50% of the cost. The excessive cosmetic tube packaging behind the economy not only increases the economic cost of consumers, but also burdens the environment.

In the past two years, competition in the cosmetics industry has intensified. In addition, the momentum of environmental protection has become stronger. Many companies have actively or passively joined the environmental protection cause by cooperating with eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers or cosmetic tube manufacturers who supplies cosmetic sugarcane tubes, pcr cosmetic tubes, aluminium cosmetic tubes etc.

More and more beauty brands are paying more attention to the environment while pursuing product sales for sustainable development. While seeking a way out for its own sustainable development, it also contributes to the environment.

Environmental protection is also the most discussed topic today.

A large number of young consumers have become more and more aware of environmental protection, and they prefer to buy cosmetics with eco friendly packaging for skincare or aluminum collapsible tubes. Choosing environmentally friendly cosmetics is not only a manifestation of environmental protection, but also a manifestation of refusing to pay for excessive cosmetic tube packaging of luxury goods. The truth is biodegradable packaging for cosmetics can be a luxury cosmetic packaging tube, such as sugarcane tubes, PCR cosmetic tubes, metal cosmetic tubes and more.

In addition, more and more brands have begun to recognize the environmental protection guidelines of cosmetics, which are mainly reflected in the three aspects of "using organic ingredients", "using recyclable cosmetic packaging materials or post customer recycle material" and "not doing animal experiments."

At present, consumers' environmental awareness of the packaging of beauty products is still in the growth stage compared to European and American countries with stronger awareness, and more investment is needed to educate the market and consumers.

Environmentally-friendly cosmetic tube packaging is an inevitable trend in the development of cosmetic tube packaging, and it is also an important technology for cosmetic brands to enhance their competitiveness through skincare sustainable packaging from eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers. 

At the same time, the pursuit of nature and green in the production and use of cosmetics has become a hot topic in the cosmetics industry, and it has also become the highlight of the brand's biggest publicity. In the future, environmental protection will play a huge role in the competitiveness of cosmetics brands, and eco friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers will shoulder more responsibility.

"Environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging" that uses recyclable materials and reduces waste is favored by the cosmetics industry. Changing plastic, sugarcane, metal cosmetic packaging materials and other materials into easily decomposable cosmetic sugarcane tube, cosmetic pcr tube is the most representative.

According to analysis, this is due to the sharp increase in online shopping due to the new crown epidemic. Before purchasing products, consumers will also consider whether it is environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging.

According to a survey conducted by the Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology, 3 out of every 5 consumers "have used environmentally-certified products."

While reducing the guilt of customers for environmental pollution, cosmetics companies have also successively introduced environmentally friendly packaging that can be liberated from tedious waste sorting.

Cosmetic brands increasingly recognize that the environmental attributes of packaging are a key selling point for consumer product packaging. Sustainable development of cosmetic packaging materials is identified as the biggest trend of cosmetics in 2021. In this trend, cosmetic sustainable packaging has increasingly become an indispensable part of brand consumer relations.

A consumer survey in 2021 found that 38% of consumers want to know the impact of their cosmetic products on the planet. Most interviewees said that this information makes them feel more connected with the brand.

Therefore, brands large and small are more transparent and informative in terms of cosmetic tube packaging carbon footprint, life cycle processing, and certification of no plastic and renewable materials, and use more detailed and eye-catching cosmetic tube packaging information to convey this information.

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