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How to select the Cosmetic Tube packing material


The daily chemical packaging materials include polyethylene, polypropylene, masterbatch, isolation resin, oil ink, varnish, etc. The selection of daily chemical packaging materials and quality is the key to ensure the quality of the tube. This directly affects the fabrication and final use of the Cosmetic Tube.

Now, the Cosmetcic tube packer -- talk to you about the advantages of the plastic Cosmetcic tube packer.

The selection of daily chemical packaging materials and quality is the key to ensure the quality of the tube, which directly affects the processing and final use of the tube. The daily chemical packaging tube material includes polyethylene, polypropylene, masterbatch, isolation resin, oil ink, varnish, etc., so the selection of material will directly affect the quality of the tube. Tube Packaging Directions: Isolation, Material Stiffness, Chemical Resistance, Material Weather Resistance, Varnish Type and Properties.

Hose head requirements:


1, the surface of the tube body should be smooth, without stripes and scratches. The wall thickness of the elbow should be uniform without shortening. The length and diameter of the small tube wall should be within the regular range;

2. Tube head body is strongly connected, wiring is neat and beautiful, with uniform width.

3, the pipe head and cover cooperation is outstanding, screw in, screw out smoothly, no skid phenomenon in the rule torque range, no water leakage, leakage phenomenon between the tube and the tube cover: printing requirements: offset printing is generally used for rubber processing, oiling the most commonly used ink is ultraviolet drying, the general requirements of ink with strong adhesion and color resistance. The printing color is within the regular depth range, the overprint bearing is accurate, the deviation is within 0.2mm, and the font is complete and clear. Plastic cover requirements: plastic cover generally choose polypropylene (PP) injection molding. High quality plastic covers must have no significant shortening lines and sharp edges. Clamping line should be flat, precise size, excellent cooperation pipe head stability, normal use without brittleness and other structural damage. For example, when the opening force is in the range, the lid should be able to withstand more than 300 RPM without breaking.

Analyze the cosmetic packaging market

In today's society with more and more obvious economic integration, globalization has become an important strategy for enterprises to carry out international competition. Problems such as brand development, brand education and brand innovation have also been paid more and more attention by domestic enterprises. Although there is no international brand, rich experience in brand management, also the lack of successful brand operation management methods, but China's domestic enterprises is still in the exploration way, from learning foreign enterprises advanced technology and management experience, to learn foreign enterprises successful publicity and marketing mode, and tried to innovation, drive development. This is no exception in the cosmetic packaging industry.

For many consumers, the impression of "Great Friendship" snow cream with green iron cover in white porcelain bottles, antique and economical is still in their minds. However, this old brand, which has been famous all over the country and has hundreds of millions of customers in the 1980s, Now it has to rely on a shrinking consumer base to maintain its meagre sales. In sharp contrast, many foreign brands with new technology and new products appear in China with dazzling, elegant and exquisite packaging, followed by overwhelming packaging and publicity, and its ultimate purpose is only one -- to compete for every possible customer. Cosmetics as a fashion consumer goods, it needs high-quality cosmetics packaging container materials, in order to enhance its value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetics packaging, and glass, plastic, metal three materials are currently the main use of cosmetics packaging container materials, paper box is commonly used for cosmetics packaging. "The continuous development of new materials and new processing technology, the pursuit of new modeling, has been the industry's focus in the development of cosmetics packaging containers." An insider explains.

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