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Sustainability and cosmetic packaging


The rapid economic development has deepened the degree of environmental degradation. As people pay more and more attention to the environment, the focus is on green cosmetics packaging materials, cosmetic packaging, issues that should be paid attention to in the process of developing green cosmetics packaging, and the necessity and significance of developing green cosmetics packaging to analyze how to promote the implementation of green cosmetics packaging. And promote the sustainable development of the entire environment, and realize an environmentally friendly and low-carbon life. 


1. Concept explanation   

Green cosmetics packaging (Green Package) can also be called pollution-free cosmetics packaging and environmental friendly cosmetics packaging (Environmental Friendly Package), which is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and regenerated, and is consistent with sustainable development. . Its concept has two meanings: one is to protect the environment, and the other is to save resources. The two complement each other and are inseparable. The protection of the environment is the core, and resource conservation is closely related to the protection of the environment, because saving resources can reduce waste, which is actually the protection of the environment from the source.  


From a technical point of view, green cosmetics packaging refers to a kind of environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging that is developed from natural plants and related minerals as raw materials that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, is conducive to recycling, is easy to degrade, and is sustainable. That is to say, the entire life cycle of its cosmetic packaging products, from raw material selection, product manufacturing to use and disposal, should meet the requirements of ecological and environmental protection, and should be from three aspects of green cosmetics packaging materials, cosmetics packaging design and vigorous development of the green cosmetics packaging industry. Start with the realization of green cosmetics packaging.  


Second, cosmetic packaging materials, the main means of green cosmetics packaging   

1. Reusable and recycled cosmetic packaging materials   

2. The land and forests are the foundation of human ecological balance, and the disaster caused by the wanton logging of timber to human society is immeasurable. In view of this situation, people can consider the use of reusable and recyclable cosmetic packaging materials. Cosmetic packaging uses glass bottles for repeated use, and polyester bottles can be recycled in some ways after recycling. Recycling cosmetic packaging can be regenerated in two ways. The physical method refers to directly purifying and pulverizing without any pollutant residues. The treated plastic is then directly used in recycled cosmetic packaging containers. The chemical method means that after the recycled PET (polyester film) is crushed and washed, under the action of a catalyst, the PET is completely depolymerized into monomers or partially depolymerized, and then the monomers are repolymerized into renewable cosmetic packaging materials after purification. The reuse and regeneration of cosmetic packaging materials only prolongs the service life of plastics and other polymer materials as cosmetic packaging materials. When their service life is reached, they still face the problems of waste disposal and environmental pollution.  


3. Food grade cosmetic packaging materials    


This is a good way to solve the contradiction between cosmetic packaging waste and environmental protection. In the design of part of the cosmetic packaging, it can be made into a non-influenced food-grade cosmetic packaging.


The familiar glutinous rice paper used on cosmetic packaging and the corn baking cosmetic packaging cup for ice cream in cosmetic packaging are all typical food-grade cosmetic packaging. Among the synthetic food grade cosmetic packaging films, the more mature ones are transparent, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, tough, and highly oil-resistant films, which are edible and can be used for cosmetic packaging. Its gloss, strength, and folding resistance are relatively good. Has been developed into a variety of functional properties, with obvious water resistance and a certain degree of optional breathability.  


4. Biodegradable materials  

Degradable material refers to a plastic whose chemical structure changes in a specific environment that causes performance loss within a specific period of time. Degradable plastic cosmetic packaging materials not only have the functions and characteristics of traditional plastics, but also can split, degrade and reduce in the natural environment through the action of ultraviolet light in the sun or the action of microorganisms in the soil and water after the service life is completed. The poisonous form re-enters the ecological environment and returns to nature.


5. Paper material   

The raw material of paper is mainly natural plant fiber, which will decay quickly in nature and will not cause environmental pollution, and it can also be recycled and remade into paper. Therefore, many large international companies use recyclable paper for the production of annual reports and publicity materials, and use recycled paper to make letterhead and letter paper to reflect their green purpose of paying attention to the environment, and at the same time establish a good corporate image. Paper materials are also used for many purposes, such as pulp injection molding parts, composite materials, and building materials. In addition to the advantages of light weight, low price, and shock resistance, pulp molded products also have good air permeability, which is conducive to the preservation of fresh goods. In international commodity circulation, glass products and other fragile, fragile, and squeezable items turnover on cosmetic packaging.  

In addition, cosmetic packaging designers can use pure and natural materials to improve the cosmetic packaging design. For example, a bowl-shaped container designed using coconut shells can be cleverly designed into cosmetic packaging.  

The problems that should be paid attention to in the process of developing green cosmetics packaging   

1. The development of green cosmetics packaging should not be limited to the treatment of "white pollution", so that the disposal of cosmetics packaging will not cause harm to the natural environment, which is a prerequisite for the development of green cosmetics packaging. The development of green cosmetics packaging must conduct serious research on the entire "life cycle" of cosmetics packaging, and eliminate the hazards of cosmetics packaging to the natural environment and humans during its entire "life cycle". Green cosmetics packaging to achieve sustainable development.  

2. Regarding the recycling of cosmetic packaging waste. There are many problems in the recycling of cosmetic packaging waste. The recycling of cosmetic packaging waste reduces the pollution of cosmetic packaging waste to the environment. The pollution of cosmetic packaging waste to the environment may even be even worse. This method of recycling waste at the expense of the environment is not advisable.  

3. Develop green cosmetics packaging and actively break trade barriers. Trade barriers between countries will gradually decrease. In order to protect their domestic markets, industrialized countries often restrict the entry of our products by raising thresholds such as green cosmetics packaging standards. In order to meet the needs of exporting commodities, we must also vigorously develop the green cosmetics packaging industry to adapt to the development of foreign economic and trade. The necessity and significance of developing green cosmetics packaging   

1. Develop green cosmetics packaging, reduce circulation pollution, and optimize the living environment. Green cosmetics packaging has the characteristics of saving materials, rational use of materials, and recyclable reproduction. Green cosmetics packaging has clear regulations on the recycling of cosmetic packaging materials. The connotation requirements of green cosmetics packaging are: the reduction of cosmetics packaging emphasizes the least waste, structural optimization, and the reduction of material consumption; the renewable or degradable cosmetics packaging reflects the ease of recycling and reuse; the cosmetic packaging waste highlights no re-pollution ; Regarding cosmetic packaging materials, try to use natural materials or renewable resources as much as possible. The role of these requirements in reducing pollution and optimizing the living environment is obvious.  

2. Speed up the green construction of cosmetic packaging and improve international competitiveness. The development of green cosmetics packaging will bring huge economic benefits to enterprises. Green barriers gradually replaced traditional tariff barriers and emerged. ISO14000, the passport for companies to enter the international market, requires companies to establish and improve an environmental management system to minimize the impact of all aspects of their business activities on the environment.  

3. Implement green cosmetics packaging to promote the development of export trade. Green cosmetics packaging conforms to the concept of environmental protection of the people of all countries. When exporting products, it will not be restricted by the importing country. This saves the cost of export products and enhances the competitiveness of the international market. At the same time, it can also reduce friction and promote the development of export trade.  

4. Green cosmetics packaging strategy is conducive to promoting the implementation of sustainable development strategy. Because every aspect of cosmetic packaging inevitably uses resources, it will inevitably cause certain environmental pollution. Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable development, active measures should be taken to maintain the natural ecological environment. Green cosmetics packaging emphasizes the development concept of saving resources and protecting the environment. The implementation of green cosmetics packaging is essentially a measure to promote sustainable social and economic development. The development of green cosmetics packaging will better protect the natural environment, bring more obvious economic and social benefits, and promote the implementation of sustainable development strategies.

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