How to help customers quickly find want to cosmetics hoses?

by:Lisson     2020-05-14
How to help customers quickly find want to cosmetics hoses? There are a lot of customers, when purchasing cosmetics hoses, actually don't know which one you need the hose, only know their own cosmetics paste properties, find some appropriate cosmetics packaging in tentatively. In this process, we found that customers would waste a lot of time, is there any way to help customers quickly find what they want the hose? Managers today is to share it with relevant experience, hope to help peers. General situation is this: the customer to find us, said to do cosmetic packaging, such as hose, with cleansing milk, 100 ml. Then according to these information, our agent to find similar here, take pictures, sometimes Courier to the customer. But the problem is that the customer is always not satisfied, always feel we are looking for hose packaging does not conform to his product positioning? So where is the problem? By rights, we are also quite fit, here also is optional according to customer's requirements, should conform to the meaning of the customer. If you always can't find the customer want to here, so, the customer will be easily lost, know the seriousness of the problem. If you can do the following three points, you can really 'understand' customer! ! ! First, be familiar with hose technology, give customers more choice in consulting, we can provide the information is very vague, such as described above example: '100 ml, cleansing milk hose'. Similar hose like this very much, if you grab a 100 ml hose to give him, you are right, but you just meet the basic needs of customers, so does not provide comprehensive information to the customer, you should do it: if the customer is only provided 100 ml capacity of this concept, we must expand the similar hose of other process, according to the process can be divided into the following kinds: 1, 100 ml of hose, hose size can be used: 35 * 140 mm long diameter, diameter 40 * 120 mm long, 45 * 110 mm long diameter, diameter of 50 * 100 mm long, several of the specifications of the mainstream, this lovely type hose hose from slender to stout, from soup to nuts. 2, printing process, before the customer does not provide a specific printing design, at least can tell customers, cleanser on the hose can light, frosted surface, and reverse the UV of the three process, provide reference material to the customer. 3, cover type choosing the lid of the hose kit have high-grade dumb acrylic cover, gold-plated silver screw cap, as well as ordinary roof cover. To provide relevant cover type is introduced, as well as functional differences. 3, basic offer customers choose hose, there will be a basis of hose price, if the customer is simple and cheap hose, then no need to recommend master files of hose to him. As a qualified salesman, cosmetics hose above foundation of knowledge is a must to grasp, only by understanding the hose, hose can help customers find what they want, in a word, give customers more choice, and together they can find the best here in the heart, thus provides the efficiency, save the customer time. Second, don't put the customer wants to too professional customers products generally do, don't know hose packaging technology, their purpose is only one: 'find beautiful hose packaging'. According to our experience, customers do not understand the hose technology, seen hose is less, so the world goes something like this: we gave him the pipe, he said, give him a different art of hose, he also said good-looking. 。 。 。 。 。 Or the opposite. ' So don't think too professional customers, but they do not understand, we have to do is keep enough patience, in addition, according to the above mentioned, to provide customers with more choices, make them want to quickly find the hose products. A real example on November 30, 3 PM, our alibaba thousands of cattle above pop up a message: 'hello, please pack, do you have about 800 ml of the hose to the soft, convenient squeeze. 'I received the news, the first reaction is: 800 ml hose, capacity is too big, hose hold so much, I in deep hose industry for so many years, natural clear, how to do, the customer may just be easy to squeeze the large capacity packing. I guess so, so given the following response: boss, about the hose request, the following set of solution for reference: 1, the maximum capacity of the hose on the market at present is 400 ml, suggest your product can partial shipments in two hose. 2, you can also choose to 800 ml of soft PVC plastic bottle, this bottle is soft, can squeeze, but there is no spot, need to open mold, and high cost, you can choose to spot 1000 ml bottle and prices. Three on this side, I also can be customized according to your request, we welcome itu communication. Sure enough, the customer give me a call, chat some hose technology, finally settled on a bottle, place an order for 10000 a bottle, the whole process took only eight minutes, for the results, customers save time, we also received the order. Imagine, every day will receive a lot of consulting, if you can't help customer to choose the appropriate product quickly, that is how much of a loss, understand the customer, is even more important than the product itself. Share the hose production from 13 years and above sales experience, deficiency, welcome your guidance. If you order a hose and design demand, welcome to the website of the above phone contact, we sincerely service for you!
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