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Popular empty cosmetic tubes



Squeezable tubes are much more noticeable in almost every business today because of their versatility to hold and manage a wide variety of products. It is more comfortable and less costly to make, fill and cap over other boxes like bottles and jars. The cosmetics and personal care manufacturers have considerably improved their plastic squeeze tubes for the above goals. Better stability increased immunity to breach, airtightness, and longer product shelf life. There are many empty cosmetic tubes for your brand.

As squeeze tubes are progressing exceptionally, there are many kinds of empty cosmetic tubes prepared, like plastic tubes, laminate tubes, extruded and inject moldered tubes, and metal tubes. Of course, that implies several more selections to make when determining which kind of squeeze tube is best for your product line.

To make more suitable decisions for your product or products, you should understand some basics about the benefits the distinct varieties of squeeze tubes deliver.

Empty cosmetics tubes and aluminium cosmetic tubes arrive in all forms and sizes, varying from flexible tubes to lip balm boxes and long, narrow tubes typically utilized for lip glosses and mascaras. They are utilized to hold a mixture of products, including liquids, gels, and pastes. At many Packaging companies, they give a vast selection of quality cosmetics tubes that can be fulfilled by beauty brands themselves, assisting in keeping services on-site and in-house.

But what is the simplest way to fill our cosmetics tubes?

The solution depends on the type of tube. Flexible empty cosmetic tubes for lotions and gels are best filled utilizing an automated machine that assures a strong seal. These filling machines typically fill product from the tube's bottom, rather than the dispensing end, using a device that drives the product up towards the end. The end is then heat-sealed, and excess element is trimmed to create an engaging tube design.

Other types of products, and other types of tubes, can be filled manually if desired. You can fill lip balm tubes by blending the product (this works for oil-based liquids) and emitting directly into the tube. As the product will not extend, it is essential to fill it to the end. Once the stock has cooled and set, the tube can be capped and closed.

You can use the syringe method for thicker substances, substances that do not melt, or tubes with narrow openings, such as lip gloss tubes and mascara tubes designed for wand insertion. For a cleaner fill, the syringe's length can be increased using a trimmed pipette if required, securing the tube is well filled and free of excess product.

One of the fundamental pieces of advice to grasp when filling a cosmetics tube is every tube's full capability. At big packaging companies, they make a wide range of bottles with varying fill capacities, supporting our brands to ensure that they can securely and quickly deliver the expected product quantity to their end-users.

Some useful empty cosmetic tubes

There are some empty cosmetic tubes which can be very useful for you.


Lisson Empty Plastic Squeeze Tubes

· Made of plastic, soft but reliable; Color: clear; Size: 20ml/30ml/50ml/100ml, each dimension has five.

· Long-lasting, washable, and recyclable plastic products. No toxic chemicals and very reliable to use.

· This transparent small clear tube can stock cosmetic specimens, and you can view the left portion in the tube directly. Weightless and closed designs are appropriate for travel and business movements.

· Free 2 pieces 32ml Syringe, which makes swift operation of empty loading tubes. This tube will assist you with your brand.

· Stocking some of your favorite Cream Lotion in a smaller container. Fit for loading with serums, lotions, creams, skincare things, moisturizers, and many more. You can keep one in the kit for your daily use; Soft to squeeze, your cosmetic or lotions will drop out.

Empty Clear Refillable Cosmetic Soft Tube


· Lightweight, portable, reusable. These bottles size enough for applying legible labels.

· The soft tube bottles are leakproof. Don't be upset; your makeup or lotions will drop out.

· They are excellent stocking vessels, mineralized powder, eye shadows, body lotion, lip balms, toners, face beautifiers, ointments, acrylic cosmetics, and other beauty treatments.

· It is ready for customer product specimens, trading your DIY products online, art rooms, classrooms, or keeping small treasures prepared at home or the office.

· Product Material: PP; HDPE; Color: clear/transparent; Capacity:4 varieties for option; Size:32ML :80mmx30mm / 3"X1.2"; 60ML :113mmx30mm / 4.5"X1.2"; 110ML :135mmx35mm / 5.3"X1.4";150ML :145mmx47mm / 5.7"X1.85";(Total Height x Diameter); Product include: custom pcs.


  • Clear Plastic Cosmetic Soft Tubes


  • · Material: PP&HDPE; Color: Clear; Capacity: 150ml; Size: 146mm*48mm/5.6*1.84 (Total Height*Diameter); Package: custom pieces.

  • · The travel jar is pretty firm yet somewhat elastic, leakproof, which is great for trip goals. These empty cosmetic tubes are perfect for your daily routine.

  • · When the lid is unscrewed, because the opening is large, it is easy to refill, and it is easy to squeeze out the last beauty product to ensure that it is not wasted.

  • · These smooth tubes are precise for saving cleanser, makeup, eye shadows, foundation cream, lip balms, toners, face lotions, ointments, and other beauty treatments.

  • · These squeezable tour vessels are excellent for travel shampoo, conditioner, body washing.

  • Lip Gloss Empty Tubes


  • · Including 80pcs10ml empty tubes. This kit is sufficient to satisfy your daily usage and replacement requirements.

  • · The lip gloss clear tube is built of PVC material, which is smooth, odorless and non-toxic, long-lasting, and watertight, can serve for long-time usage.

  • · Light and practical, easy to carry, reusable, environmentally friendly, the empty lip gloss container is leakproof, don't worry about your cosmetics or lotion overflowing; you will find it very convenient for daily use and replacement. These empty cosmetic tubes are made by PCR cosmetic packaging option.

  • · Soft tube is simple to squeeze, fit for a wide variety of items, such as lip shimmer, lip balm, moisturizer, cream, soap, aloe vera gel, dispensing lubricants, ointment, toothpaste, sunscreen, and other goods. Also, you can combine some labels to identify the liquid by yourself.

  • · 5-star customer service. If you are not happy with the merchandise due to any condition problem, they will give you a full return. Quality promise and worry-free! Act NOW!

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