Fluoride plastic bottles used in the correct way of using the coating packaging

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
It is well known that the coating can be divided into oil and water two kinds. In real life, quite a proportion usage of oily coating. However, many oil paint additives ( Such as diluent, curing agent, printing ink, etc. ) Or primer in plastic drum with normal after a period of time, there will be a number decreased significantly or all of the phenomenon of 'run away'. 。 This is due to the common plastic blocking performance is poor, content of solvent through the barrel wall ( Molecular gap) 'Run'. As a result, many manufacturers use alternative plastic metal pail to cheng fang, but the barrel wall and bottom juncture office that surveys metal pail easy leakage and iron material itself is easy to rust and other weaknesses and become a headache problem. How to successfully solve the problem of oily coating additives of packaging, many paint factory is a worry. Fluoride bottle as a kind of new solution, Dr Since 1998 by jiangsu dragon lantern 'Dr Packaging materials co. , LTD. , from the parent company of British' packaging materials co. , LTD. , the introduction of 'online fluoride' patent technology, and kunshan in jiangsu since the formal production, has been used widely in coating industry. The effect from Nippon, Levis, paint and other famous international brands in the first to start the batch used to test and verify. Fluoride bottle, the new products from Europe and the United States, new concepts, new packaging has become China's coating additives products. 2 bottles of fluoride compared with ordinary plastic bottles of osmosis: oily coating contains a large number of organic solvent, benzene, xylene is the most common varieties of organic solvent. Dr Dragon lantern of the packaging materials co. , LTD in jiangsu technicians who specially done fluoride bottle with ordinary bottle of xylene contrast test. Experimental results show that compared with ordinary bottle, bottle of fluoride can effectively prevent the infiltration of xylene and degradation products. Of course, different solvent permeability of the products is not the same. 3 bottles of fluoride fluoride mechanism: simply put, the production of bottle of fluoride is increased in the ordinary course of PE plastic manufacturing a mixed process with fluoride, fluoride nitrogen gas blowing on the special blow molding equipment, has treated with fluoride container than untreated on the inner wall of the container with a layer of fluoropolymer materials more layer, the poly fluorine material layer can minimize solvent penetration. 4 bottles of other features: fluoride fluoride bottle is a patent product, Dr By jiangsu dragon lantern packing material co. , LTD. , is made of high quality imported raw materials, advanced blow molding equipment in the world sole production in the asia-pacific region. Fluoride bottle has a unique high separation effect not only, its products are also very beautiful, bottle leakage effect is very obvious; Especially fluoride effect is measurable, others can't fake, so has the security function, good impact, risk aversion and distinguish responsibility. In addition, the bottle has obtained the UN (fluoride The UN transport organization) Certification, export packaging are exempted from inspection, it will be for the coating of paint products export, participate in international competition to provide strong support. 5 bottles of fluoride compared with ordinary bottle price performance ratio: the white emulsioni paint of titanium dioxide content % add 911 covering the m2 paste color preserving time ( Month) Pure acrylic emulsion % do paste cost (around Kg) 0 to 9. 4 12 and 14 30 8%. 55 yuan 5 to 14. 5% 6. May 18 to 35 21. 50 RMB 10 of 19. 8 6%. 40 29 May 24. RMB 10 bottles of fluoride must adopt high quality imported raw materials production, the use of special equipment, and configure the automatic control system and cost have to fluoride fluorine high purity nitrogen mixture gas imported from abroad, the blocking performance is superior to common plastic bottles, but the manufacturing cost is 30% higher than ordinary plastic bottles 50%. 。 But compared with other packaging may result in a loss, the increased cost of this packing is valuable. From this perspective, fluoride bottle has a good performance/cost ratio. Conclusion: fluoride bottle with its superior performance has been got more and more applications in coating industry in China, many paint thinner, curing agent, color paste, primer, and other products are the use of fluoride to packaging bottle. There is reason to believe that the arrival of the time with China's entry into WTO, fluoride bottles used in the coatings industry will help Chinese coatings enterprises to improve the competitiveness of the products.
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