Design and 3 big medicinal plastic bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
1 point: medicinal plastic bottles to accept certain essentials in the design and principle of design, design according to certain principles, with the effective application of suit design concept, guaranteeing performance advantages in application. Medicinal plastic bottle at the bottom of the majority to accept the bottom of the flat or convex double fillet layout situation, because among convex bottom of the bottle to bottle inside bump, forming arch acupuncture point, can increase the body resistance to internal pressure ability, stability and guaranteeing the bottle factory. Can be restrained when injection molding plastic collapse and make bottle bottom thickness symmetry, and flat double round shape at the bottom of the layout is most used in big volume of medicinal plastic bottles, it better to suffer from the pressure inside the bottle. The growth trend of injection blow molding shape size small and medium-sized medical plastic bottle neck in the thread form mountain is trapezoidal thread (original Single head) To the semicircle long fine thread. This bottle of thread situation important is a good match each other with the bottle cap, because drug packaging is the performance depends largely on the bottle and the cap of the precision of the common, here is whether the reaction bottle sealed performance is good and bad important parts. 2 points: a majority of manufacturers are in medicinal plastic bottles U pick sichuan aluminum foil gasket sealed electromagnetic feel, greatly increase the medical plastic bottle sealing performance. Out of round medicinal plastic bottles and bottles of shoulders profile, the bottle neck and shoulder is composed of two tangent circle radius, and from the point of tangency dispose into two segments of frustum of a cone body of revolution. And the important factors influencing the intensity of bottle shoulder is bottle shoulder slope Angle, when the shoulders too flat bottles produce ten BieXian easily. If the bottle shoulder to 10 mm long, shoulder slope Angle should be more than 15 degrees, this part should not be less than 1 mm thickness ( The small bottles) 。 Three main points: the medicinal plastic bottles should be accepted after loading can modulation torque screw cap machine to the size of the screw cap, torque can be in accordance with relevant scale according to the diameter of the bottle cap extraction. The size of the bottle and cover the mouth together is the important premise of resistance moisture vapor barrier, and screw cap if precision is the result of the key is. For guaranteeing the drug safety, to improve bottle parts of the sealing at first, the results of growth. Bottle wall is difficult to blow molding is too thin and low intensity, is usually required in addition to bottle stiffener and threaded parts in is greater than the thickness of the bottles, other parts of the wall thickness should be symmetrical uniform. 5 ~ 2 mm, the thickness of the current to the thickening trend growth.
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