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Packaging material testing helps cosmetic companies


What items need to be tested for cosmetic packaging? Cosmetic packaging needs to be tested mainly in two parts: one is the strength test of the packaging material, and the other is the test of the sealing performance.

Strength testing includes packaging material tensile strength, composite film peel strength, heat seal strength, tear strength, puncture resistance and other indicators. Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress that the material can withstand before it breaks. Testing can effectively solve the packaging damage and fracture caused by external force due to insufficient mechanical strength of the selected packaging material. Peel strength is also called composite strength, which is to detect the bond strength between layers in the composite film. If the bond strength is too low, problems such as leakage caused by separation of the layers will easily occur during packaging use. Heat seal strength is to detect the strength of the seal. During the storage and transportation of the product, if the heat seal strength is too low, it will cause problems such as cracking of the heat seal and leakage of the contents. Puncture resistance is an index for evaluating the puncture resistance of packaging against hard objects.


The corresponding testing instrument information is as follows:

1. Intelligent electronic tensile testing machine: peeling, tensile testing, heat sealing strength testing, tearing performance professional testing of films, composite films, adhesives, adhesive tapes, etc.

2. Electronic peeling tester: peeling, tensile test, heat sealing strength test for films, composite films, adhesives, adhesive tapes, etc.; standard specifications 200n (100n, 50n, 30n), micro-printing, computer communication interface.

3. Heat sealing tester: sample preparation for film heat sealing strength test, pressure, temperature and time are adjustable. It adopts single-chip control and intelligent operation; temperature adopts pid high-precision components to ensure accurate and reliable temperature.

4. Heat-sealing gradient meter: It can prepare samples of plastic film, flexible packaging composite film and other materials at 5 groups of independent temperatures at one time, and heat-seal 5 groups of samples at a time, with high efficiency.

Three, cosmetic packaging sealing performance test

The sealing performance test can ensure that the sealing of the entire product package is intact, and prevent the leakage of the product from causing deterioration of the packaged product due to the poor sealing performance.

1. Sealing tester: vacuum chamber is used to test the reliability of packaging and sealing. Microcomputer control, panel operation, digital setting test parameters, fully automatic test

2. Leakage and sealing strength tester: heat sealing strength and sealing integrity test of packaging bags, plastic bottles, packaging containers, intelligent test process, liquid crystal display, statistical communication; positive pressure principle

Under the guidance of the National Medical Products Administration, an initiative has been issued for the majority of retail companies to adhere to the concept of environmental protection in cosmetics business activities and carry out green operations. According to the company's own situation, establish channels and systems for the recycling of waste packaging materials for cosmetics, and effectively recycle and properly dispose of waste packaging materials. Guide consumers to establish a green environmental protection concept, through online and offline integration, encourage consumers to actively participate in the recycling of waste packaging materials through diversified feedback methods, and reduce the waste rate of packaging materials.

Through the promotion and popularization of cosmetics safety knowledge, consumers' product discrimination will be improved, consumers' awareness of anti-counterfeiting and rights protection will be enhanced, and brand cosmetics packaging materials will be blocked from being recycled into counterfeit production channels from the source. At the same time, conduct popular science education on circular economy and green development, as well as knowledge training on environmental protection, packaging material recycling, etc., to give full play to the effective actions of employees in guiding green consumption.

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