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An insight about squeeze tube packaging wholesale



Do you know that a cosmetic squeeze tube is way better than any cosmetic jar or pump bottle? There are multiple reasons for it. It's convenient as well as less expensive. Believe it or not but it also provides more quantity at the same price as a jar or a bottle of the same product. 

Most renowned companies have to produce their cosmetic products in bulk. They need to find a cost-effective way, so many wholesalers provide these squeeze tube packaging reasonably and with better quality.

Moreover, a squeeze tube is more reliable and has a stable shelf-life. A cosmetic tube is also easy to use. It comes in many sizes, and you can quickly put a squeeze tube in your makeup bag. 

Countries like China have the biggest plastic squeeze tube supplier. They are also the cheapest and most durable ones. 

Here, you will find all the necessary things you need to know about squeeze tube wholesale.

How many kinds of cosmetic squeeze tubes are available?

It is essential to buy the right kind of Plastic tube for your cosmetic brand. Different products require different types of Cosmetic tubes. There success rate of your brand merely depends on the type of material you use for the squeeze tubes of your product. 

Plastic packaging for a cream provides protection hence prolonging the lifespan of the cream. The material should be so good that printing and labelling become easy. 

  • Here are three different types of squeeze tubes you should know about before buying them for your brand.


  • 1.Polyethylene tube:


  • There are various densities of polyethylene. They range from high to low. The polyethylene used in cosmetic squeeze tubes should be a multilayer. These cosmetic tubes are usually used for products that don't have a longer life span. The safety package coating makes them suitable for thick products. These tubes can be used for:


  • · Shaving creams

  • · Pharmaceutical creams

  • · High-end products such as expensive night creams and lipgloss 

  • · Hot stamping

  • · Liposomal delivery products


  • 2.Aluminium tubes


  • Aluminium tubes are known to provide extra protection to any cosmetic products it has stored. These kinds of squeeze tubes don't offer a long shelf-life as well.  

  • These cosmetic tubes are more aesthetically pleasing as compared to others. Because of the metal, the packaging colours look more vibrant, having a great metallic look. This aspect also increases the sale of a product making it look high-end. 

  • You'll notice that once you squeeze an aluminium tube, the shape will be distorted forever, but this doesn't harm the cream or lotion in it; instead, the heavier gauge material provides excessive protection to the product.

  • These products are perfect for aluminium packaging:


  • · Medical ointments

  • · Lotions

  • · Facewash

  • · Lipbalm

  • · Cleansers


  • 3.Laminated tube

  • A laminated tube is just a simple polyethylene tube with an extra cover. The extra laminated layer provides the protection needed to prolong the shelf-life of a product. Usually, creams that are volatile or have less stable ingredients should be packed in these squeeze tubes. 

  • Laminated tubes are a bit expensive due to the extra effort done on their packaging. Laminated tubes also come with additional components such as a screw cap, a brush tip or a lotion product. These things make the product look high-end. These products should be packed in these laminated tubes: 

  • · Toothpaste

  • · sunscreens

  • · Body and oral products

  • · Pharmaceutical products

  • · Lotions

What are the advantages of buying squeeze tube packaging wholesale?

A company can never flourish without people who think smartly because intelligent people always find a way to spend less money and get better products.

Squeeze tube manufacturers and squeeze tube suppliers have made things easier for you. They provide you with the best products in your marked budget. 

Buying at a wholesale price can save a lot of money. Technically shipping or custom cost is less when sending in bulk as compared to sending each product individually. It's the best method to start up a company at a lower price.

When you go to a wholesale market, you get various products that you'll never find in a regular market. The plastic squeeze tube suppliers have all kinds of shapes, sizes and qualities for different brands. Before you check a retail store, check a wholesale supplier for squeeze tube packaging. 

  • Conclusion:

  • After reading this detailed post on Squeeze tube packaging, we are sure you will find a supplier first thing in the morning—best of luck with your business. 

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