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Why aluminum cosmetic tubes cost more than plastic cosmetic tubes


Aluminum collapsible tubes are more expensive than plastic cosmetic tubes.

 Aluminum is an expensive material to make and it costs more than other materials that are used in making cosmetic tubes. The reason why aluminum cosmetic tubes cost more than plastic cosmetic tubes is because of a few reasons

Aluminum cosmetic tubes are heavier than their plastic counterparts and are therefore more costly to ship, but they also hold 100 percent of their contents once they’ve been filled with product. Plastic cosmetic tubes, on the other hand, can leak and degrade over time if not properly handled..

Aluminum cosmetic tubes are heavier than plastic cosmetic tubes, so it costs more to build the machine that makes them. Aluminum squeeze tube packaging also has a higher melting point than plastic cosmetic tubes, so it means that it requires more energy and resources to produce them.

The manufacturing process for making aluminum cosmetic tube involves many steps which can take up to 8 hours whereas for plastic cosmetic tube it takes only 1 hour or less. Following are the reasons why Aluminum cosmetic tubes cost more but still squeeze tube manufacturers recommend it.

What are the differences between aluminum and plastic cosmetic tubes?

Aluminum collapsible tubes are stronger and more durable than plastic cosmetic tubes. The main difference is that they are thicker, which makes them heavier and more expensive. They also have a better shelf life than plastic cosmetic tubes.

Aluminum squeeze tube packaging is also more opaque, which means that it's harder for your products to leak out of it and make a mess. Plastic cosmetic tubes tend to be translucent so you can see what's inside them.

The thickness of the aluminum tubes makes them much harder to bend or break, which is helpful if you're using them for long-term storage or shipping purposes. Plastic cosmetic tubes are typically thinner than their aluminum counterparts and can be bent without breaking easily.

Aluminum squeeze tube packaging can be used for any type of product you can think of, such as deodorant, sunscreen, or even medicine. They also have a lower risk of contamination than plastic tubes. 

Plastic cosmetic tubes are cheaper than aluminum ones because they don't require much labor to produce and they are less expensive to transport. However, this comes at the cost of their durability and longevity. Plastic cosmetic tubes will break down over time due to oxidation and exposure to the elements (sunlight included).

Aluminum cosmetic tubes can be recycled completely, whereas plastic cosmetic tubes are only recyclable if they have been cleaned up and their labels removed.

Why do squeeze tube manufacturers prefer aluminum collapsible tubes?

Aluminum is also a more difficult metal to work with, so squeeze tube manufacturers need to use more powerful machines in order to produce the same amount of product as they could with plastic. However, aluminum collapsible tubes are still loved by them. If you are wondering why such is the case, keep reading!


With the increasing awareness of health and environmental protection, people have begun to choose healthy and non-toxic products. Nowadays, many squeeze tube manufacturers focus on making environmentally friendly products that can be recycled easily. 

Aluminum cosmetic tubes are made from an alloy of aluminum, zinc and magnesium. This alloy can be recycled over and over again, which reduces the pollution generated by plastic production. Aluminum cosmetic tube is also easy to clean because it has a smooth surface, unlike plastic cosmetic tubes that have sharp edges that can make cleaning and recycling difficult.


Aluminum collapsible tubes have the advantage of being lightweight, which is a popular choice for many companies, especially for cosmetics with a high-quality price.

Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, which is hard to get. The color and surface treatment of aluminum cosmetic tubes are different from other materials such as plastic and paper. Aluminum cosmetic tubes are more expensive than other types of cosmetics packaging, but they have unique advantages in some aspects.

Aluminum squeeze tube packaging can be used for a long time without any damage to the product quality. Alumina powder coating is applied to the surface of the tube, which makes it easy to wipe clean. Aluminum cosmetic tubes are resistant to oxidation, high temperature resistance and acid corrosion resistance. Aluminum cosmetic tubes have good thermal conductivity, so they can have good performance even under high pressure and temperature conditions.

They are also very easy to handle, so it is easy to use during production or transportation. It has low weight (about 1/3 that of other packaging materials), so it is convenient for handling by machines such as forklifts or robots during transportation or storage.

Aluminum cosmetic tube is mainly made from aluminum alloy with different thicknesses and colors. The main function is to protect the product from damage during transportation or storage. The aluminum tube also has other advantages, namely:

●Long-term stability

●Can be processed by automatic extrusion machine

●Strong acid resistance

●Light weight

●Easy to transport

    Hygiene and safety:

    The metal cosmetic tube can be used as a container for cosmetics, skin care products and other products. The aluminum tube has a better barrier to gas, light, moisture and bacteria than the plastic tube.

    The aluminum cosmetic tube is more expensive than the plastic cosmetic tube because it is more durable, resistant to corrosion and easy to clean.

    It is because of the fact that aluminum cosmetic tubes are more durable, strong and stable. The design of the metal tube will not be affected by the weight loss. In addition, it is easy to clean, which makes this product more hygienic and safe. Following are a few other reasons why Aluminum is far better than plastic.

    ●Aluminum cosmetics tubes are light, easy to use and convenient

    ●Aluminum cosmetics tubes have a low price

    ●It can be recycled easily through recycling processes

    ●Aluminum collapsible tubes can be processed by simple machines with high efficiency

    ●Aluminum squeeze tube packaging can be used throughout their lifetime without affecting the quality or appearance of the product inside

    ●It has good chemical stability, it can protect its original purity after processing and storage for a long time.

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