Toothpaste packaging hose

by:Lisson     2020-11-11

toothpaste, is essential in our daily life! Although they are so small, they may have a lot of friends never noticed the packing. But in fact from toothpaste packaging material, composition and color design on collocation, can see the appearance of the toothpaste packaging is very important!

China toothpaste aluminum tube packing, after a long lead, tin, aluminum, plastic and composite transition. But in use process, it was found that metallic elements such as lead, tin, great harm to people's health, tangible intangible causing heavy metal poisoning, and accelerate the aging. Especially the corrosion resistance of paste, not more. So the lead, tin and other metal hose will be eliminated early. In the seventy s, the production of polyethylene plastic tube of toothpaste, put on the market. But shortly after the production, the fragrance of toothpaste disappeared, so it was eliminated by the market.

but aluminum tube packing of toothpaste, is still active in the market. Why toothpaste aluminum tube can stand the test of the market and standing? This cannot leave the aluminium material has the advantages of itself. Aluminum has good ductility, sealing, with sufficient protection. Therefore, aluminum is the most commonly used metal packaging material.

in the appearance of the toothpaste tube aluminum packaging, besides some toothpaste consistent vertical packaging, a lot of toothpaste are on the left side of the brand name, the right side of the function model of such cooperation. And on the outer packing design is give a person a sense of refreshing, off-dry. Tonal give priority to with blue or green, more gentle color supplement, to try and impress the consumers' attention and love.

if, toothpaste is the most humble in our daily life daily necessities; So used in toothpaste packaging aluminum tube, more difficult to arouse people's attention; Not to mention to pay attention to the packaging design. But as in selling goods on the shelf, how to let consumers in a wide variety of goods, select the outstanding products, the appearance of packaging design is particularly important.
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