Plastic containers for holding white wine

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Small amounts of plastic bottled liquor on the market, because the price is cheap, this wine has been in the low-income people's favorite. So, the plastic container, react with alcohol will affect human body health? Plastic material is very much, most plastic containers will add plasticizer, liquor contact these plastic containers, can lead to plasticizer in plastic components migrated to the wine, and the contact time is long will gradually increase the amount of migration, the flavor of the wine will become worse, content of plasticizer will increase. If liquor alcohol content high, the migration amount will increase sharply. Using polyethylene material plastic container holding liquor, over time, much of polyethylene can dissolve in alcohol, when people drink the drink, can cause skin irritation, serious can lead to anemia. Even without the risk of plasticizer plastic containers for liquor, not easily also after the storage time is too long, alcohol can gradually evaporate, the taste will change too. That plastic container is not easy to store wine. Because do not belong to mandatory labeling content, a lot of bottled liquor did not indicate the material used in the packaging barrels, which makes the consumers cannot recognize. So you can't rule out some manufacturer in the cost consideration, dressed up liquor by cheap polyethylene plastic bucket. So, advised consumers to stop buying plastic bottled liquor, in order to avoid adverse consequences brought by the plastic cheng fang.
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