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Plastic squeeze tube uses lightweight PET material for cosmetic plastic packaging


At present, large cosmetics factories all use PET plastic squeeze tube as cosmetic plastic packaging from cosmetic tube manufacturer. With the continuous improvement of packaging materials, the lightweight PET plastic material is much lighter than the original PET material, and the grade is improved to ensure quality and safety. The manufacture of cosmetic plastic squeeze tubes is convenient for people to carry, and it also greatly reduces the shipping cost of cosmetic tube manufacturers.

The plastic squeeze tube uses light PET material for cosmetic plastic packaging, which is safer, and does not produce any chemical reaction with most cosmetics, and does not affect the stability of the cosmetics; the plastic squeeze tube of this material has high transparency The squeeze tube is comparable to the cosmetic glass bottle, allowing users to clearly see the quality of the cosmetics. The high air-permeability characteristics keep the cosmetics optimal; the squeeze tube has high toughness, can withstand impacts and is not easily broken, which is safer and more reliable, and reduces transportation and loss in the process.


At present, most cosmetics packaging has been switched to PET squeeze tube, while the lightweight PET squeeze tube adopts a threaded squeeze tube injection molding design, with an anti-theft cap to improve sealing, which is leak-proof and can ensure the safety of cosmetics packaging.

The air-tightness of cosmetic plastic squeeze tube is very important for the cosmetics to not be dampened or deteriorated during the validity period, and it is also an important medium to prevent the influence of light, heat, oxygen, etc. on the cosmetics. Therefore, as a cosmetic plastic squeeze tube manufacturer, Jinchang attaches great importance to its air tightness testing.

What is the air tightness of cosmetic plastic squeeze tube? Simply speaking, it is tested according to relevant national standards. For example, to test the reliability of plastic squeeze tube sealing is carried out by taking a certain number of plastic squeeze tubes, putting an appropriate amount of glass balls in each squeeze tube, and tightening the cap of the squeeze tube. Then put it in a container with a suction device, immerse it in water, evacuate it to a vacuum of 27kpa, and maintain it for 2 minutes. There should be no water or bubbles in the squeeze tube. Of course, to ensure the air tightness of the plastic squeeze tube capsule through the index, some other economic indicators, such as resistance, moisture resistance and oxygen control, are needed to ensure the quality of the shelf life product.


There are also machines on the market that have introduced a sealing tester. Using the principle chamber vacuum of a vacuum cleaner, the pressure difference between the internal and external pressures of the cosmetic plastic squeeze tube submerged in water is produced, and the gas escape inside the sample is observed to determine the sealing performance. : Or through the vacuum chamber, make the sample production internal and external pressure difference, observe the inflation of the sample and the recovery of the sample shape after releasing the vacuum, in order to determine the sealing performance.

Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer specializes in producing all kinds of cosmetic plastic squeeze tube

At present, the output of polyester is increasing at a double-digit rate in the world, and polyester is still the main raw material of cosmetic plastic squeeze tube. Regardless of such parameters as appearance and gloss, it is still the ideal packaging at present. One of the products. The packaging products of cosmetics mainly use technology to process polyester raw materials, and then use the method of squeeze tube body blow molding to complete the saturated linear thermoplastic polyester, which can control its intrinsic viscosity, so that the blow molded squeeze tube has higher mechanical strength and Transparency.

PET plastic squeeze tube uses English some relatively large volume squeeze tube body, its annual existence has a range, for some small volume squeeze tube body, it is better to select materials with higher intrinsic viscosity index for production. Therefore, in the production of cosmetic PETsqueeze tubes, process data such as intrinsic viscosity, crystallization temperature, cooling rate, and orientation effect of the raw materials are particularly important.

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