PETG cosmetic plastic packaging bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Some products are a spot, or please press the number of the cover or the pump head shower or spray gun and other products, the number of the whole case so that we can guarantee the quality of products, quantity, etc. , our pump head, and lid are made of wave plate line box, split open a case is in bulk, more easily scratched, etc. I plant all the products are customized, can be customized according to customer's color, 10000 minimum per color for each style. Requirements of small customers can spell a single production with other customers. Because of the raw materials of floating is bigger, and peers on the network of vicious price competition, make our each product prices can not be very accurately show in front of customers, so we just marked a symbolic price, if you are very interested in our products, please give us a message or WeChat, we will give you a quotation in the first place. Product name: JP40ml, JP60ml JP80ml, JP100ml, JP120ml, JP160ml; Product specifications: 40 ml, 60 ml, 80 ml, 100 ml, 120 ml, 160 ml; Craft: blow molding materials: PETG packing: bottle small bag big plastic bags line box, lid row carton transport mode: trucks payment: general color bottle 30% deposit, colored printing 50% deposit, pay off the balance before shipment, or use the alipay payment in full.
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